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Emmanuel Tatarsky Reply

Rise up, also pray for Keanu Neal.

    softcaramel53 jab Reply

    Yes that poor baby🙏

    John Smith Reply

    I noticed how slow keanu looked when Cook ran by him untouched for a TD in week1. Hitting people is his strength but the NFL has taken that away. I see no strength that he has on the field,, & now the injury bug

    whodatnation5o4 Reply

    mr glass

I'm That Guy Eddie Reply

35 Likes To Fire The Defense Coach😡…

    Eurei Tate Reply

    I’m That Guy Eddie hell yes

    Mohamed Kanneh Reply

    Fire Dan Quinn?

    Mohamed Kanneh Reply

    Whatchu mean

Eurei Tate Reply

We got this next week

    Good Looking Honkey Reply

    Lmao 😭😭😭😭 give me a hit too

Stan ezen Reply

Smh so disappointed in my falcons

Raymond Elder Reply

Insert your Fire Dan Quinn comments here

    Jose Caro Reply

    Right now…mr bla bla bla time is over…heyyy Arthur save your money creating deon sanders videos and focus to bring a Head coach with balls and leadership and players that want to play with soul and heart…

    Traveling Charlie Reply

    Fire Dan Quinn.

Chicken Cutlet Reply

We gotta have an all game come up. I’ve gotten tired of the procrastinated comebacks that we’ve had for the past 3/4 years

Glenn Nesmith,RHIT Reply

I hate when we lose and these “fans” so get rid of this and that one., you can’t win them all but lets fix the issues and handle the Titans next week #riseup

    dunny44able Reply

    I’m 100% with you. Last week they love everybody, now its fire him and cut them. Like Deion sanders said ” they call em fans cuz they only blow on you when you hot”

    Glenn Nesmith,RHIT Reply

    dunny44able wow yea so true !!! I was disappointed but I think it’s real chilidish for fans to do that

    Brazilian Guy Reply

    i wish i had your confidence

Gary Turbo Reply

They have Jones, Freeman, Sanu and Hooper and can’t beat Indianapolis? All you have to do is pass to them

    GGG Reply

    you make it sound so easy…

    Jesse Lovera Reply

    They did? Defense and discipline were the biggest reasons we lost.

    Ann Murdock Reply

    The OL is still “struggling”!! Get rid of these WHITE BOYS and you will see a change!!!

    Michael Anthony Reply

    But where’s the defense?

Falcons/Hawks/Braves Fan Extraordinaire Reply

all I can say is… thank the sports gods for the Braves and ATL United 🤐

    Justin Webb Reply

    And Bulldogs

StarKiller 5iveOh Reply

Koetter made all the right calls and these dudes couldn’t execute. And I’m gonna say it, cause no one else has the guts to. THIS IS NOT THE 2016-17 DEVONTA FREEMAN…and there are no signs that it ever will be.
The first half was so bad, it looked intentional. Who are ya’ll trying to get fired?
The second looked rigged because, as soon as the Falcons made ANY PROGRESS, here the frigging flags. When Neal went out, it wasnt too bad but, when Grady Jarrett went out, you could immediately see the difference.
You all put some warm garbage on the field and squandered the WHOLE FIRST HALF. DQ’s reputation with AFC teams continues.
#hotgarbageperformance #1-2subpar #fundamentals&discipline #whosdacoachhere

Good Looking Honkey Reply


Mr. Ditkovich Reply

Worst defensive coordinator in the league

    Mohamed Kanneh Reply

    I hope u realize he created the legion of boom and today’s game wasn’t because he was making the wrong calls it was because the players werent doing there part

John Smith Reply

3 redzone interceptions already? He’s a career 2TD/1int ratio QB. As he declines accuracy will get worse, pass rush wont get slower, that ratio will get worse & his arm will get weaker. If no Superbowl this year maybe time to trade him while he’s worth something

Nick bagnulo Reply


Volve Reply

Ryan Made a great job .I had some hope back in the 3rd .BUT THE DAMN PENALTIES .

CM thaGod Reply


jord9308 Reply

Not ready to play in the first half, plain vanilla zone with no blitz- made it easy for the Colts

Brazilian Guy Reply

Jan 2020 Atlanta fire Dan Quinn

Feb 2020 Atlanta hire Mike Smith

Courtland Griffith Reply


Samuel Davis Reply

Got to play better way too many penalties. Players got to hold each other accountable.

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