Shaun O’Hara Previews TOP Pending Free Agents | New York Giants – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Wally Dupes Reply

Bring back Core, Golden, Williams and Thomas.

    Samuel Alexander Reply


    Jeff Smith Reply

    I do not to overpay for Golden…

    Wally Dupes Reply

    Jeff Smith, who said anything about overpaying?

Mr. 2008 Reply

Cut Nate soldier trade Alec ogleetree And sign Brian Jones and van noyw

    Joe G Reply

    Yes I’m trying to explain ALL the moves they are doing right now to make the team better and I probably should’ve mentioned that in the first place but anyways, yes he was released and then those are what I predict to be the next upcoming moves

    Doug Baganz Reply

    @EnterNameHere seriously do people even have a clue?? uhhh no

    Doc Santoro Reply

    Mr. 2008

    Jeff Smith Reply

    Man, you have no clue…

    Mike Mercedes Reply

    Ogletree was released on Feb 26… just thought I’d let you know buds.

Jabbar Avila Reply

Mayo is the only guarantee. Everyone else is expendable.

EnterNameHere Reply

Cutting Remmers would be addition by subtraction.

    Jeff Smith Reply

    The guy was not that bad, to be honest. Can’t overpay for guys like him in fa though…same with Golden…

A Elezovic Reply

Make it splash in FA

EnterNameHere Reply

With a defense so putrid, I think you have to break the bank to get the best available pass-rusher on the market instead of bargain basement shopping. Sometimes, you get what you pay for.

    s1ck assassin Reply

    Might be the most stupid comment yet smh

    EnterNameHere Reply

    @s1ck assassin Cool story

    Jack Jay Reply

    Belechick Shops mid range players. Belechick didnt even pay Brady. Find guys that its team first.

WeylandYutani Reply

We have around $77M in cap space. Can we just buy another team’s entire defense?

    Jeffrey Abbey Reply

    Lol 😆

    PiCkLe 11 Reply

    WeylandYutani we should

    Mark Saraceno Reply


PiCkLe 11 Reply

I say we sign them all

juan Colon Reply

Please sign jack conklin. We missed out on him in the draft, and I loved him when he played at Michigan st. Well worth breaking the bank for him, and Littleton in free agency, then using our no.4 for Tristan wirfs.

    Jack Jay Reply

    You know what’s up. Great choices!

    Jeff Smith Reply

    The $ have to be right Juan…

    luis ortiz Reply

    That makes 2 much sense bro gettleman is an idiot. He prolly gonna try an sign William’s who I dont think is tht gd or worth tht much money atleast then he gonna overpay someone who also isn’t worth it. I can see it now smh

jsngerlach Reply

Is Clowney going to command much more money than Yannick?

    J- si Reply

    jsngerlach probably

    Jeff Smith Reply

    If D.G. signs Clowney, he should be fired…

    jsngerlach Reply

    @Jeff Smith say why

christian miranda Reply

Giants need to look at Arik Armstead

Justina Reply

Is it just me or did it seem like Bob Papa was a little impatient with O’Hara?

luis ortiz Reply

I would resign golden , Thomas, and mayo , also core and the rest of the guys can go

Theodore Moundo Reply

Jadeveon 😤

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