Shaquill Griffin 2020 Week 3 Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Shaquill Griffin 2020 Week 3 Press Conference

Seahawks cornerback Shaquill Griffin speaks to the media during Week 3 of the Seahawks regular season.

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The Famous SJ Ticklebottom Reply

Ummm am I the first view? I’m not even a Seahawks fan.

Edit: LOL!!! I am the first view

    Thomas Marquez Reply

    Well why arnt you a fan if you subbed?

dk is da goat Reply

underrated what a great player

    Sulaiman Saadat Reply

    Tyler Lockett he’s been horrible for the first 2 games but he has potential

    A B Reply

    @Sulaiman Saadat No he was mediocre for one game. He only allowed 40 yards in the 2nd game smh.

    Sulaiman Saadat Reply

    @A B I’m tryna motivate him (shhhh)

    A B Reply

    @Sulaiman Saadat (oh I gotchu)

Rafael Ibarra Reply

I miss his brother in Seattle

    Liquid Swords Reply

    Rafael Ibarra he’s on the practice squad. Might get a role with Irvin injured.

    SpiderKing14 Reply

    Yup he’s still on the team

    Matthew Pettit Reply

    @Liquid Swords they need to give him more than only playing 3rd down.

    Fonzorelli 808 Reply

    Hopefully with Irvin out he will be back.

Liquid Swords Reply

Hope the secondary shows up. Cowboys have some offensive weapons.

    alexander avalos Reply

    D line*

    alexander avalos Reply

    We got the best secondary in the game but without qb pressure it’s impossible for even Deion sanders jalen Ramsey and Troy polamalu to cover for 5-8 seconds

    UNC FAN 1202 Reply

    I don’t think they’re gonna let any deep balls happen after last game lol. Jamal felt so bad for it 😂

Verified Mamba Reply

He needs to step up. Love shaq but he gets beaten by easy routes that pro bowl corners should have on locks.

    RGBLK Reply

    There’s only so much a secondary can when there is no pressure on the QB due to our d-line.

    alan armitige Reply

    You have a point.. I feel like they should switch Dundar left cb and shaq to right CB. ‘Again guys thats just my opinion’! Go Hawks 12

    A B Reply

    @alan armitige I have amnesia. Shaq should play on the right follow the best reciever. Jk I don’t have amnesia.

    alan armitige Reply

    @A B 😂 lol the best wide outs line up anywhere. Mostly on the left side though.

    Jordan E Reply

    Contract year. He needs some ints!

Andrew Nguyen Reply

What a good player!

Orry Huang Reply

Anyone like my pfp? Goal line stop on patriots lmao.

    Hippie Spongebob Reply

    Lookin fire

    Verified Mamba Reply

    Fire 🔥

Matthew Pettit Reply

Please please watch out for the zeke stiff arm. Bro ate the turf

Clorox Bleach Reply


Seahawksfan503 Reply

I wish we would have never got rid of his bro we need to get him back!!!

    alan armitige Reply

    I was also shocked he was put on the practice squad.. He generated a lot of pass rush last season!💯

    Peter Ryabiy Reply

    I’m thinking he’s coming back after losing Bruce and Blair!
    If not I want to see like Aaron Donald type of players brought in

alan armitige Reply

@Shaq agreed💯 We need to finish the same way we start # good point on the 1vs1 challenges!! Go Hawks 12

bonnie smith Reply

Can I be your housekeeper? That would be so wonderful .I charge my Dad 10 dollor and hour

The Pickle zone Reply

Go hawks! Let’s be 3-0 and destroy the cowboys!

dimy mwaura Reply

I like this guy but sometimes he get beat easy. I got high regard for our D especially the secondary hope it shows up this Sunday

Koba Kahn Reply

He is the most underrated cornerback out of the stacked 2017 draft class

Robert Smith Reply

Shaquille and Shaquem need to get a ring in Seattle.

Aquvious Lane Reply

Cornerbacks have to turn back and look at the ball on defense and get more physical and get better on defense

Derron Everest Reply

I think he needs to play more with a mentally like Sherm would have if he wants to improve.

popo caca Reply

I like him but I still have my doubts about this guy. Sometimes he is really bad and sometimes he is really bad.

Darylado _ Reply

Bro I met this guy before he signed my jersey as A rookie and now he is getting to the star level!!!!!

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