Shaquil Barrett on His Three Sacks of Cam Newton | Bucs vs. Panthers Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Demontez Fisher

My favorite pickup this off season!!

Andre Johnson

SACK Barrett!!!! Add ’em up…. Road to 10 sacks!!!

Spec- Jones


The Chad

He better get a 88ovr in mut

    OG_Ryan Panther

    Man same, ive been messaging the devs and Kraelo lol



    Jay Els

    tick757 go ahead and extend him forreal

Buc Wild


OG_Ryan Panther

Thank you Broncos!

Uso Penitentiary

We miss you in Denver man. Glad you’re having success. Von taught you well.

Kenneth Sarvis

He’s my John Madden player u dig!πŸ†™πŸ’―πŸ‘ŠπŸΏ

Tanner Aitken

Broncos fan here being proud of Shaq

I Will Rock Your Face!

Shaq is a baaaaaaaaaaaaad man!

#1 Broncos fan!

I told you guys he’s a dawg! Hate we let him go but he learned from the best and is gonna be great for Tampa bay!

Cal Friedman

Incredible game. We’re gonna have to keep this dude around if he plays well.


Shaq attack!!! 🦈🦈🦈


Somebody owes Shaq some “Free Lunch” w that Wale quote, lol, DMV baby

gorams csu

Great Ram on and off the field.

Complete Chaos

I knew when Coach reached to get this guy, it meant something. The Commentators were right. “When playing behind Von Miller, etc. You can be an immense talent, just not getting the shine”. Well Shaq, you definitely shined Thursday night. The NFC South is on Notice of us now!

jamorris webber

So you smell in yourself nw cause you gt 3 sacks and quarterback our offensive line didnt change the protection all im saying dnt let it get to ya head bro now everyone is going to expect more

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