Shaq Barrett on Teddy Bridgewater’s Performance vs. the Defense | Bucs vs. Saints Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
darknight307 Pagán

It’s alright man! Your still going to get dpoy

I Will Rock Your Face!

Can we please cut Dotson and move Smith to right tackle and see if Vea or Suh want to play left tackle when JPP comes back. Also our starting safeties should be Jamal Dean and Justin Evans. Where are they!!!! Put Carlton Davis at number 2 corner and VH3 at slot and go get Patrick Peterson or Jalen Ramsey!!! Last when is JPP and Devin White coming back!?!?!? Bench MJ, Bunting, and Edwards until they are ready. Either do this or just tank the season and we get what we need in 2020 and come out swinging….


    And i agree we should trade for ramsey

    brenda pryce

    And jameal Dean is not saftey and I think our safteys are good just our vh3

    I Will Rock Your Face!

    brenda pryce we still need a number one Corner. No one on the roster has that skill set. Put VH3 at slot and if he can’t even do that then tell him ByeBye.

    Nate Pitts

    This. Team. Will. Not. Trade. For. Ramsey.

    Not gonna happen.

    Buc Wild

    DW not even ready🙄


emotions are so high after a loss…why is the media allowed interview players and coaches after a loss? hats off to shaq for his professionalism

andrew d

key word “passing yards” FIX THE SECONDARY

Nate Pitts

No one knew you were there today Shaq. Come on now.

Beautiful Mindfulness

It was challenging for y’all…. Y’all came in the Dome and faced a Beast of a O-line and beat y’all….


It’s either shaq or bust…. nobody else gets pressure. Where’s suh, nassib, vea???!!

John Holman



Their coach won. Our players are great. They had a better plan. Season isn’t over. Let’s GO



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