Shaq Barrett on 4 Sacks Against QB Daniel Jones | Bucs vs. Giants Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Eli Navy Reply

Are you telling me we have this guy and JPP?!?! We might not claim the division this year, but man we got a solid foundation for 2020

    christopher starr Reply

    Dude , JPP has one hand , . You have to get him a hook .

    Calvert Williamson Reply

    christopher starr That is so funny; I will have to go to the doctor to and get a shot to stop laughing.

    Bryce Hatley Reply

    @Tom I do agree; however, looking at this situation objectively (predicting what the Bucs will do)…if Jameis continues to perform near the level he has these past two games — he will be back next year whether via contract or tag. Most likely person to be cut will be JPP, who is due $12.5 million in 2020. If Shaq continues to perform, he will get north of that figure, but we shouldn’t have much issue getting him signed (as long as he is willing to play for us, and not just use us as his “coming out” team).

    Buc Wild Reply

    brenda pryce, we got JPP, Vea, Nassib, Marpet, Evans, Whitehead list goes on now Barrett cause of GM. And y’all want to get rid of him🤷🏽‍♂️

    Tom Reply

    @Bryce Hatley i agree. I just wish there were better options because with jameis its always 50/50. he’ll either shine or he’ll bomb, as in throw a pick at the worst time cuz of bad decision making. dreadful. I love JPP on the team =( but shaq already deserves a long term contract with tampa. Haven’t seen pressure from a player like that in years.

Vandall Harris Reply

The only player that showed up on defense for Bucs today! Sign him to contract extension now!!

    brenda pryce Reply

    He deserves it

    King Sol Om Om Reply


andrew d Reply

its time to hold the players accountable. when someone does bad players need to tell them

Thomas Ortense, Sr. Reply

What’s up with the volume? Any micophones?

    Tom Reply

    its been like that since 2002

Big Shorts Reply

Extend this man immediately. Relentless effort should be rewarded everyone needs to take a page from his book

Christopher Do44 Reply

Shaq come back to the Broncos Baby!

    Buc Wild Reply

    Christopher Do44, y’all didn’t know what ya had even when he was there lol I know the feeling though. We did the same with Bennett, and a few other guys that went on to other teams and won a SB ring😢

Jose Hernandez Reply

When Shaq left the Broncos he took von Miller with him and the #58. Damm son why you do that son lol

phat James Reply

Once again can’t hear what he is saying!!!!

Bucs Dive in the pool Reply

What home crowd ?

Jimmy Cendejas Reply

He’s got that Aaron Donald move down… If you watch he jumps up in the air and in mid air swim move past his blocker!

After Asteroid Survivor Reply

We’ll be a 5-11 team with a bunch of sacks. At the end of the day, still a bottom feeder but with better stats.

David Smith Reply

Start planning for next year, sign this guy up

The2ndHoles MyBackyard33 Reply

A whole bunch of stats and a headband that say “can’t be stopped” meanwhile where were you on that final drive?…Im sorry Von Miller would of provided some sort of pressure on the last drive instead of letting a rookie get off the way he did…

    Logan Malone Reply

    This guy showed up all game blame others who didn’t

Skullcandy TV Reply

8 Sacks in three games and constantly generating pressure he’s looking like a pro bowler and he’s on place to beat Micheal Strahan record


miss this man as a bronco

Ipeter747 Reply

Shaq you are a beast and keep going hard and you will get your recognition and money. I want you to be a buc but know this team will not keep you.

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