Shaq Barrett on 2021 Season Goals: ‘I Want to Be Defensive Player of the Year’ | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Maliq Flowers Reply

Can’t wait for preseason🏴‍☠️🏈💪🏿

J F Reply

Bmore’s own. Keep putting on for both cities.

Peter Sydow Reply

Thumb down from belicheap.

Rick Long Reply

Lot of respect for Wirfs from Shaq the sack master.💪

Rick Long Reply

Jenna wrong again, Derrick Thomas had 7 sacks.

    Peter Sydow Reply

    ESPN is wrong a lot of times.

Rick Long Reply

Straight from my doctor when I asked about the jab. “If you can wait to take it (he knows I work from home) then wait, because they are still in the first stages of testing.” People dying from blood clots after taking it. I’ll wait tyvm.

    David Smith Reply

    Best stay inside – 36,000 deaths in Florida alone. Had both jabs with no issues alongside millions of others

    Matt Clayton Reply

    I spent quite a bit of time in 2020 traveling and being in large groups of people in free states. Didn’t need a vaccine then, don’t need one now.

    David Smith Reply

    You have the freedom to choose . Telling people it’s not safe is different

Jonah Aadland Reply

I’m so excited for the next season

a_collection_of_cells Reply

Patrick Mahomes ran for his life the entire second half of the Super Bowl in large part $ack King Barrett .. Welcome Back Big Guy.



jeff goodrich Reply

hope the baby is good! everything else secondary

Melancholy Puppy Reply

Having Joe Tryon will allow Shaq and jpp to be fresh in between drives

Roar K Reply

We want deuce merch.

Snat Reply

Shark Barrett hungggry! Eating QBs

Anna Fraley Reply

It seems that Someone should be Asking jenna, “What QUESTIONS she’s going to ASK”
Before hand, before letting her participate in the intervi… Read more

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