Shaq Barrett Mic’d Up vs. New Orleans | Bucs vs. Saints Week 5 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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King Bucs Reply

Shaq attack went up against 2 of the best tackles In the NFL hope Barrett gets 2-3 sacks wk6

    AJ C Reply

    King Bucs shaq attack got completely erased from the lineup. Did he even have a tackle?

    King Bucs Reply

    @AJ C Idk but next week is the team he had 3 – 4 sacks against Idk so I hope that happens again

attyatlong Reply

As a Saints fan I really enjoyed seeing Armstead dominate and probably the most boring mic’d up ever! LOL!

    Von Tae Reply


    Curtis Hayes Reply

    On Madden I to use Armstead as my fullback.

    poohweezyify Reply

    @Curtis Hayes lol what

    Curtis Hayes Reply

    @poohweezyify 300lbs runs a 4.7 sounds right to me.

    poohweezyify Reply

    U crazy lol but I like it

Moose Knuckle Reply

He had to be double and triple(rare) teamed to be taken out of the picture. Sadly no one else on the line did their jobs.

    Sam Starr Reply

    Moose Knuckle he was mostly one on one

    R. Maida Reply

    Double? Triple? Watch the film. 90% 1on 1

    Jose Sanchez Reply

    He was 1on 1

Pablo Wilkano Reply

Dude got 1 tackle..

rocko17171717 Reply

Dude went Casper….str8 ghost!

jerry robinson Reply

How did Devin White do?

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