Seattle Seahawks vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Week 2 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Vicente jr Baldovinos

They better release ifedi

    Brian Adam

    Agree 100

    Wyatt Earb

    I feel like Fant played that position better


    I hate that they are so commited to him after EVERYTHING!!!!

    Rowdy Jr.

    Idk about you guys, but me and four other fellow Seahawks fans have been noticing ifedi’s lack of protection since last year’s preseason.


the hawks are taking the W

    Leeedy 1

    On the coin toss

    Rowdy Jr.

    @Leeedy 1 Yo momma

Ryan Maliek

Someone needs to teach the defense how to actually TACKLE, and not just throw their bodies into the general direction of the ball carrier & hope they fall over. There were SOOOOOO MANY Pats plays that should have been 3-4 yard gains that turned into 20 yards because no one could tackle. It was beyond pathetic.

Rico Alexander

Too tough to call but I predict both teams play better than last week.


Saints better beat the rams for us cause I don’t trust our secondaryz, o line, and offensive play calling

    Gabriel Guzman

    They should let wilson make all the play calls you saw what happened we he did


    @Jacob Santeria uh do I need to remind you why it is we lost to the cowboys in the wild card in the first place? And to the rams when we were in a position to win the game? It’s been happening for a while now

    Jacob Santeria

    @ENT-TALK BY MJP you are thinking about last year. Calm down its a new year.


    @Jacob Santeria yes I am. Because nothing’s changed and I’m predicting it to be our weakness and downfall. Never conform!


    The homers are coming at you but you’re right. The Seahawks haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 6 years and haven’t won a playoff game in 2 years. Getting a wildcard spot in the playoffs is nice but it’s meaningless when you don’t win. Play calling has definitely been a problem.

Tuna Cat

Seahawks for the win!

    Leeedy 1

    Tuna Cat the only thing they’re winning this week is the coin toss

Ross Luton

Two good teams who really underperformed last week. The difference I think is that Big Ben is regressing and Russell Wilson is in his prime. I take the inclining team over the declining team, regardless of home field advantage. Seahawks take it in a rough game 27-24

    Leeedy 1

    Oh my God… people say this about Ben EVERY YEAR. “He’s washed up”, “he needs to retire” this, this and that!

Liberal Rod

This will be a close game, but this is taking place at Heinz Field, not CenturyLink and the Steelers are just as resilient as the Seahawks are in the 2nd half at home. Seattle will need to play the perfect game to win this one.


    Assuming Steelers are on point…

    Jason D

    They were nowhere near perfect last week and won lol at least the Bengals put up more than 3

    Liberal Rod

    @Jason D the Bengals didn’t play the Patriots


Seahawks: 26

Steelers: 23

Eli the Tuber

I’ll admit Juju gone have a good day but the Hawks getting the dub

Gabriel Guzman

They need to find a earl thomas replacement they will be fine then


    Regooddevil yeah he’s amazing. but my guy has to get healthy


    After this week we’re looking LOL

    Did Jen

    Easier said then done

    Gabriel Guzman

    @DARRENCAMPBELL 3 how long is blair out for?

    Volka Deus

    So glad Thomas is a Raven

Yeseung Lee

Swahawks gonna smash steelers🤙😂🔥 I guess 33 to 10 W seahawks👌👌

    Orlgln NoVa

    Nah ik the Steelers are finna win

Tbone Steak

If this guy actually watched the game then he should know that the running was not the key at all

Jags Nation

Steelers 23-17


I wana pick the Steelers But I cant see them Winning


    Leeedy 1

    Bc ur drunk that’s why. Jeez, everybody thinks we suck just because we had ONE bad game which came in Foxborough where MANY teams have bad games.

Corner Click

I’d argue this is a must win for Seattle to. I’m already looking ahead to next week against the Saints. You’d rather go into that game with a 2-0 instead of fighting a team that perhaps should’ve been a super bowl team last season for a winning record. I say the pressure should already be on.


I predict Russ’s arm gets unleashed… 🙏😇 go Hawks!

Timothy Gathings

It should be Carson and Prosise

Stan ezen

Gonna be a good game. Both great teams, seasoned QBs & impressive reciever cores. My take?:



Steelers are home so they have an advantage to win!!!🔥

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