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Joseph Mathew

Who ever thinks I WISH I SAID THAT

Sean Cartier

Hey Go HAWKS!!

    F4TE_winter YT

    Sean Cartier my uncle played for the seahawks

    Rowdy Jr.

    @F4TE_winter YT What is his name? I will look him up. 💪

    F4TE_winter YT

    Rowdy Jr. Charles Jordan look him up on google he was in a hawks jersey I think and the raiders he played for the


    Rowdy Jr.

    @F4TE_winter YT That’s awesome! 😇🙌

    Rico P

    Yo dawg pound here.. Much respect to russ wilson he is the mvp of the league right now.. This game is going to be very hard for my browns to win but i believe they can pull it off.. Browns 23 Hawks 21

Stan ezen

I like the browns but after that crushing loss on Monday they’re faaaar away from a playoff hope. My take?:



    The Browns are never gonna make the playoffs again, all this talent and they still can’t win

Da HonestPancake


    F4TE_winter YT

    Da HonestPancake we had the Same prediction but i said Browns 13


seahawks: 35
browns: 21

Jerry Junior

Cleveland is about to get humbled unless Baker can stop fooling around, Seahawks 24 Browns 20


    Large facts.


    Seahawks 30 browns 12

    DJ Grant

    Seattle 30+ Cleveland i have no idea lol


Go Hawks all the way from Denmark!!!!

    Kasra Estedadi

    Love from Toronto! Born in København, raised in Jyllinge, living in Canada now. Love to back home

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

I’ve learned from experience when ever teams add all these good players together, they never play well. The only team I can think of that actually did was the Rams.

    m m

    Yeah but they got only in SB because of the refs in the Conference game

    m m

    And theygotfucked up with 0 TD

    Boss Killa

    @m m score was 10-3 so at least Aaron D came to play that day

Impeach Pelosi

The Seahawks OWN the NFC West! The 49ers are more fake than Obama’s forged birth certificate.



    Rowdy Jr.

    LMAO!! 😆😂😆😭💀 Bruh, that’s one nice roast.

    Rowdy Jr.

    And the reason why nobody cares if the 49ers are undefeated because they still suck and they are doing it wrong.

    Vanquisher HD

    Impeach Pelosi Lmao ur gonna get dropped of by the Cleveland Browns. I’ll come back to this post after this game.


Seahawks: 34
Browns: 13

Yo Yo

This will be a MASSACRE!

    Rowdy Jr.

    Yup. Cleveland is about to get HAMMERED!

Jayy Mayne Harris

We’re seattle. We gon stick in the game too long. 30-28

Corner Click

This has necessary ingredients for a trap game. Seahawks win a tough primetime game. Browns humiliated by a team also in the NFC west. If I’m a browns fan, I’d want them to come out angry.
That said, I have the feeling that whoever is the most composed on Sunday will win.

Mike Brase

My man RW had the same amount of TD passes last game as Baker has had all season. Think about that for a second.

    Boston S

    And Baker has 8 interceptions as well. Wilson has yet to throw a single one.

    DJ Grant

    That’s all bad for baker


Hawks 42 – Browns 9

I think OBJ is going to get moved by the deadline. Once Kareem Hunt comes back his production is going to dip even more. They don’t need him lol.

The Generalist

If Seattle can run it will open up their passing game and Wilson’s running and playmaking. Seattle can beat you in so many ways. They just need to tighten up their defense and special teams a bit.

Evan Brown

Seahawks always make it close so I’m thinking
Seahawks: 24 Browns: 20

    DJ Grant

    Not this time bro. Seahawks will get better

New Jersey Smaaash

Seahawks always play to their opponents level.

I’ll say 24-20 Seahawks

    DJ Grant

    Not this time bro. Wilson is on another level right now

Boss Killa

Seahawks: 31
Browns: 14
Baker throws for 1 TD and 2 picks
Chubb has a 120 yard and 1 receiving TD

Wilson goes for all 4 scores with no picks

Drafty Galaxy

Seahawks: 29
Browns: 17

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