Sean Payton Media Availability Ahead of Week 4 vs Cowboys | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Latasha Edwards

Let’s Go Saints We 💛 You Guys


Honestly Such a loving fan base! WHO DAT!

lance Kelley

Who dat

whodat Nola

#Whodat ⚜️⚜️⚜️🏈

Anthony Tran

Was that his daughter asking him questions about the QBs and their schedule?

    VB SaintsLady

    It had to be. He smiled.

Ramon Sayans

Please get this W, im in the middle of the big D wearing my Saints hat and jersey with pride and being smack talked to bc of it, ill take the taunting for my team please shut the Cowgirls down

    Live Laugh Love

    Ramon Sayans right! My fiancé is from Dallas and I’m from New Orleans. He’s talking a lot of smack but I will go down for my team🙌🏾🖤💛⚜️

Wolf Vision

23/20 Saints

andrew hager

Win or lose I Love You guys.
Trust Teddy, keep him humble until Brees returns and we going to the Bowl.


13-1 baby! WhoDat

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