Sean Murphy-Bunting on Intercepting Teddy Bridgewater | Bucs vs. Saints Postgame Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Ted Sinvil Reply

He play way better than VH3

    I Will Rock Your Face! Reply

    Ted Sinvil that’s not saying much. He will still get burned as a rookie by top receivers. We have to go get a true #1 corner and get the rest of the defense healthy or we will be a dumpster fire. Dean, White, JPP, and Evans is to many key pieces out.

    Ted Sinvil Reply

    We need big tall DB that can hit hard

    I Will Rock Your Face! Reply

    Ted Sinvil yep and the can play man down the field and press

brenda pryce Reply

Congrats on 1st pick and good job on 1st game

Golden Ages Reply

He was burnt on the INT play and got lucky the pass was tipped right to him.
This kid sucks at football.

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