Sean Murphy-Bunting Looking Forward to His First Regular Season Game | Bucs Interview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE



    John Doe Sorry that the truth hurts.


    tallflguy dude, four preseason games don’t make a bust, we won’t know what he is for a couple years

    A A

    tallflguy so i guess we have a top 5 secondary in the league because according to you, pre season counts…

    Dolls Bill

    We could of had greedy Williams but he a buccaneers so I wish him the best


    Dolls Bill but what is greedy though? There’s a reason why they didn’t draft him

the impractical transhumanist

good sign that we have a good locker room . . The coaches and players both know that Murphy Bunting is just a rookie, and probably just dealing with a game going to fast for him right now. They know(and Sean knows) that eventually, the game will just slow down.

Tony G

According to the depth cahrt this guy won’t be playing much. #5 CB. Pretty dissapointing for a high 2nd round pick.

Golden Ages

He has that deer in the headlights look…

Lawrence Ashe

Seany B 💪

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