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Sean McDermott | “You Win With Heart”

Head Coach Sean McDermott addressed the media following the 21-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals topics included; the game winning fourth quarter drive, running the football when they needed to, and starting 3-0 for the season.

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Justin Freitag Reply


AGK927 Reply

Made a video a month about this team that aged very well. Go Bills

    In CogNito Reply

    I watched it about a month back. Good eye

    AGK927 Reply

    @In CogNito yea dude. I’m a pack fan but I always root for the bills

astro ivro Reply

Another game almost gave me a heart attack

    Terrr Schmittty Reply

    astro ivro IKR we were up by 14 then we were losing my heart was beating to fast but we got the TD at the last two minutes

    Grooth Reply

    We would lose these games 2 years ago though. Usually its a heart attack with no payoff. I’d much rather have a close win than getting btfo.

    Nick Lepsch Reply

    astro ivro I know!…it’s great isn’t it…lol

Anthony Holliday Reply

Bills Mob

Mike Gloss Reply

Great job coaches and players, I forgot how much fun it is to win.

Sonya Capotblanc Reply

What a great. Game.
Always enjoy watching you. 3 0
All the way. Way togo. Bills. 🏈

Mryrhodesian Reply

The most encouraging thing to me is they won and even though they are 3-0 they realize there is still room for improvement. Love my guys. Hope Singletary is back soon.

eircification Reply

Sean is just incredible. I haven’t felt this way since Marv. LETS GO BUFFALO!!!

Zachary Madden Reply

Allen just has to put us fans through every emotion in the book through out games, sometimes just on one drive. He can’t help himself, it’s like he’s still playing in the backyard. Love how resilient he is though, showed that on that last drive for our offense and in that comeback vs the Jets. Just please, learn it is okay to throw it away and slide with your legs (not head first). Guy is giving me HBP. GO BILLS!

Tommy Schemes Reply

He doesn’t wear the hat with the rope

KryptoKonvict Reply


Paul Hilburger Reply

Suffer New England Suffer

dantaniondb Reply

Viva Los Bills…Cardiac Kids!!

Greatop top_op Reply

Sean was pissed about the offense man 😂

& Reply

Gosh, what a bunch of negative reporter questions and comments – Immaturity, almost giving the game away, a letdown.etc Bills are 3-0, what more do you noodleheads want?

    Pj Sebadoh Reply

    @& … I know right, they media will never be happy, seems they WANT a “let down” …. Yes parts of the game were nerve racking, but the BILLS got the W!!!

jerry millett Reply

Good Win Coach!

Zachary Frey Reply

I’m loyal baby lays go bills mafia

ScottKinmartinTV Reply

We’re on to New England.

Johnnyukulele Reply

Remember the Giants-Bills Super Bowl? That’s what the Bills need to do next week. Rely on their great D’fence and control the ball on the ground and keep pounding away. It works!

Blade BlazerLazer Reply

GREAT coach. I still feel sorry for the Bills from the ’90s, so go Bills!

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