Sean McDermott | “We’ve Got A Big Week Ahead Of Us” – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jack Gold

I love McDermott! He’s very bottom-line and doesn’t get into the hype or take cheap shots at other teams/players. Incredible coach & leader!

Thomas Coburn

Lmao Doesn’t even want to talk about AB

    Jack Gold

    Why would he? There are 2 games before AB is in the focus of the Bills.

    Like I alluded to in my OP, I love McDermott because he lets all the tabloid BS fly right by him without a single glance. In that regard he’s similar to Bellichick (God that hurt to say).

    Give him a pertinent question about the team or the components of the opponent’s team, fine he’ll answer that quickly and thoughtfully.

    Ask him something about fluff and he ignores it. Just the kind of HC this Bills team needs right now and in the future.

    James Snee

    So because the media talks about the Patsys all the time, everybody is supposed to think about them all the time? What a bunch of sappy maroons.

creezbee 843

Coach McDee is pure class.

Dirty Randy

27 – 13 Buf

Rick Beam

That low hit will be taken care of in-house

Michael Caywood

I hope 🤞 The Buffalo Bills loses this year & every year for life. Let’s go New England Patriots! Let’s go New England Patriots! Let’s go New England Patriots! WIN! WIN! WIN!


That’s my coach!

j mk

Nice to finally have a focused coach and front office. Love how deflected Jerry’s irrelevant questions about who the 1 back is, seriously does that really matter?

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