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Sean McDermott | “We Want to be Solution Oriented”

Bills HC Sean McDermott spoke to the media on Monday, September 9th following the Bills' victory over the Jets during Week 1. Topics included: Compliments to the protection up front during the game, OT Ty Nsekhe's leadership on the sideline, and the rookie class' contribution.

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GamingwithNarrow Reply

Wait who runs this channel?

jeff yinyang Reply

is youtube going through a mentle breakdown 15 views 6 likes 1 comment

Michael Caywood Reply

I hope 🤞 The Buffalo Bills loses this year & every year for life. Let’s go New England Patriots! Let’s go New England Patriots! Let’s go New England Patriots! WIN! WIN!WIN!

In CogNito Reply

Money walks, bullshit talks. Quit talking

Trey Knott Reply

not even worth watching. give those reporters a mic, or at least do something for the audio feed. off chance they will play this interview tomorrow during on bills live…do better with your media coverage geeze

    Meistro Shine Reply

    Trey Knott damn straight. Reporters not having a mic is broken

    Mike Jones Reply

    Trey Knott You give me Boner

    Mike Jones Reply

    Meistro Shine Make the two girls in your profile pic kiss!

eircification Reply

Love Sean, love the management, love the team. GO BILLS!!!

spin0481 Reply

they could at least put the reporters questions in subtitles. wouldn’t take that long to do.

Peter No Reply

whered the mics go 😭😭😭😭😭… the post game sounded so good😢😢

Meistro Shine Reply

2:26 He is just FIGHTING to hold back the biggest smile in the world.

Meistro Shine Reply

Obviously they don’t want the reporters to be heard

bull moose Reply

1st thing, going through tests, who got injured?

dotatough Reply




Good News Reply

Sean “Ron Howard” McProcess! The third-year is always so critical for any HC and considering he is our first since Chan Gailey, there is a lot riding on this season. I truly hope he does well the rest of the season; it would be nice to have some long-term consistency. Every great football team has similar characteristics and a solid HC/QB combo is one of them. Here’s to hoping McDermott and Allen are FINALLY our combo!

Viufifhffu Gofichchcuf Reply

Bills are gonna get whacked next week.

    Adam Reply

    Viufifhffu Gofichchcuf ????? you can see into the future? pipe down buddy it’s tuesday not sunday

    Viufifhffu Gofichchcuf Reply

    @Adam I need a reload on my foodstamp card, adam. Can I crash on your couch?

GamingwithNarrow Reply

Wait I Know who Lisa Guerrero for inside Edition 😉

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