Sean McDermott: “We Have to do a Better Job” | Buffalo Bills – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Sean McDermott: “We Have to do a Better Job” | Buffalo Bills

Head Coach Sean McDermott addressed the media on Monday topics include; execution between the two halves, the potential of getting players back from the injured reserve list, and what needs improve in their run defense.

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Gamester Joe Reply


    Stosh 64 Reply


    Gamester Joe Reply

    Stosh 64 idk I got here first and didn’t know what to comment🤷‍♂️

    Sonya Capotblanc Reply

    Awesome play..

Robert DeMarco Reply

Defense needs to play at playoff caliber

Huseyin Karakas Reply

So nobody is gonna ask him what he thinks is considered a reception? The Tyler Kroft RECEPTION which was called AND reviewed and STILL called an interception was robbery of the rules!!!

    hail Kozakistan Reply

    It was definitely BS, but they asked him yesterday and he would probably just say, “we are focused on the Raiders”. Go Bills

    Huseyin Karakas Reply

    hail Kozakistan I listened to the interview yesterday n they didn’t ask him then either unless maybe I didn’t hear it…

    Joshua Philbert Reply

    He WAS asked about it, he said he didn’t agree with it but he had to respect their decision as they are referees of the NFL.

FlinchD Reply

I would say the speed of their O

hail Kozakistan Reply

I love these guys. Go Bills

Gabe Reply

Defense needs to play better on both pass rush and run attack. Right now our offense is carrying the team, we need both of them balanced

Michael Caywood Reply

I may not be the first dislike of The Buffalo Bills video, but I won’t be the last one.

Jonathan Wyman Reply

I think the defense misses Star more than we thought… they’re getting tired in second half and our tackling was looking weak

Juanell Webb Reply

The D line is having a tough time recognizing the pre snap reads of offenses so far this season. And we’re getting beat up at the defensive tackle position. These issues are having a domino effect on the rest of the defense . If the middle of the D line is consistently being mauled , our linebackers are at a disadvantage as far as their skillset is concerned. And our slot corner Taron Johnson has to play better ball immediately. If not, we may need to look into addressing that position before we get deeper into the season (Marlow is not the answer). Teams have seen the tapes! And the better teams are going to expose the hell out of our weaknesses. Time to earn that extension McDermott. Coach ’em up. Go Bills!

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