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Sean McDermott Update on Josh Allen and Recaps Loss to Patriots

Bills Head Coach, Sean McDermott addressed the media following the 16-10 loss to the New England Patriots, topics included: an update of Bills QB, Josh Allen, the Bills defensive efforts, and Bills backup QB, Matt Barkley's play.

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quigleyPLAYZ Reply

Hope to see Josh better for after the Bye-Week

    Terrr Schmittty Reply

    quigleyPLAYZ your fifth

    Pats KO'd Josh Allen Reply

    After the titans loss? LOL

    quigleyPLAYZ Reply

    Pats KO’d Josh Allen. Yeah you would make your name that wouldn’t you?

    quigleyPLAYZ Reply

    Hector Moreno he just needs improvement. Just like every other 2nd year QB. He isn’t Tom Brady, and he isn’t Patrick Mahomes, but with improvement I think he could be a damn good QB

    shigsho Reply

    Barkley almost matched Josh in yard thrown and only played 13 minutes. Josh is a couple of years away from maybe making it.

Timothy Storrs Reply

Bill’s defense really showed up. For once Brady looked like every other QB in the league thanks to them. Buffalo gives up 4 interceptions and the game was that close.

    Timothy Storrs Reply

    @Natasha cutie pie that’s what I was saying. I think I counted 4 interceptions including the 3 from Allen, and still the game was that close. Defense is top notch. If the offense could just match the defense performance……if only

    JT Nelson Reply

    Brady hasn’t looked elite in several years he’s a pretty good QB at this point playing on a great offense….he threw for 29/11 last year those aren’t numbers by an elite QB in any sense at this era in football.

    JeSko TV Reply

    He won MVP year before lol

    Shannon Whyte Reply

    @AK74 only stat I care about is Bradys win total vs the bills, 29 wins an losing THREE times. Respect the bills and always have but I dont care if Brady looks below average in every stat but the win Collum. Fantasy football and yards arent as important as staying alive out there especially against the bills front it’s scary

    shigsho Reply

    True but Brady is in his third game with three (!) third string waiver wire O line castoffs. He has been getting nailed. Edelman is injured and used as a decoy.

DaBeast Games Reply

They can’t be too hard on themselves. We could have won the game easily but there is a long season ahead. I still see playoffs this year.

    R. William Comm Reply

    DaBeast Games Yes you guys are solid this year. Pats barely got by. Pats seem to make a living off of right games so I was hoping Bills could pull it off but it’s not a horrible loss. Bills are for real again.

    OG Bazz Reply

    They faced the weakest Pat’s team of the season injury wise at HOME (3/5 starting linemen out, 2 major offensive players on IR with Harry and Devilin, and Edelman at way less than 100%, no Donta hightower) if they couldn’t get a decisive victory now, it’s not likely to happen later in the year @NE.

    Gabe Bear Zilla 99 Reply

    That’s the spirit! This lost won’t affect us it will gain us and motivate us.

    Noah Woolston Reply


    Bryant Moreland Reply

    We will definitely make playoffs.

Zao Medong Reply

Our D is fearsome as they come
Our QB play not so much
Irregardless close winnable FUGLY game that I hope we see as the glass half full

    Biggie Scooby Reply

    Zao Medong just say regardless.

    Joshua Galdys Reply

    “irregardless” 😂

Jean Gill Reply

Allen gotta stop turning the ball over we got a very good defense we beat ourselves

    William Hardy Reply

    Breaon ur a lamar fanboy. Show allens rushing yards too..

    Breon Mitchell Reply

    @William Hardy ALLEN GOT BAPTIZED💀😂😂💀💀😂😂

    Breon Mitchell Reply

    @Freakhead X Patriots played 3 teams loosing records…Ravens still got #1offense

    Breon Mitchell Reply

    @Mike Miller ALLEN Got Arm he not Accurate

    J. Kol34 Reply

    Breon Mitchell lol you know the chiefs exist right?

James Jacobsen Reply

if the bills weren’t motivated before. they sure are now.

    Pats KO'd Josh Allen Reply


    Sean McDonald Reply

    Hahaha and you’re still not going to make the playoffs. Maybe when bill and Brady both retire you might have a small chance at winning.

Graham Walker Reply

Time to let Zay Jones go. The roster spot would be better off given to Duke Williams- better hands and a bigger target.

    Freakhead X Reply

    @Tom Gillotti He might be doing lots of good stuff, but his highlight reel is pretty short. The Bills need receivers that can make ALL the easy catches and some of the really hard ones, not receivers who make most of the easy ones.

    Mike Miller Reply

    Graham Walker I don’t think josh Allen makes the best passes

    MaddenFootball Talk Reply

    Fully Zay drops to much and he refuses to go up and snatch it away from a defender

    DrunkNugget Reply

    Lil Red force the ball to Zay Jones? Dude has like 15 targets in 4 games lol

ProudCanadianEh Reply

Obvs we shot ourselves in the foot. rn just hope allen is okay… If hes alright, we good! Onto the titans.

    Mike Miller Reply

    ProudCanadianEh then the almighty dolphins

Natasha cutie pie Reply

Good Defensive game on both sides. Bills will represent the AFC East well against the NFC East teams. Good job.

    Steven Bern Reply

    Great game. Defensive slugfest. Divisional war. Was a dog fight

MrPcoz Reply

Sure would have been nice to have Singletary and a decoy kroft.

gtr1952 Reply

Huge congrats to Coach McDermott for standing there and being kind answering stupid questions when that was the last place he wanted to be at the time.!!

    Pats KO'd Josh Allen Reply

    He’s salty! If they couldn’t beat a badly injured patriots offense @HOME they wont later in season.

    Doug Helsley Reply

    Come on man all teams have injuries.

    gtr1952 Reply

    @OG Bazz Just like Marv Levy did, and I take that as a good thing! 8)

    gtr1952 Reply

    @Doug Helsley I agree 100%! I was referring to the ‘media’ trying to provoke an emotional response to print, something the Coach may regret saying later. He contained himself though and gave ‘canned’, safe answers. Good for him! Hard to do in the heat of the moment after a big loss. 8)

    Doug Helsley Reply

    @gtr1952 agreed 😁

Dave M Reply

As a Bills fan, that was one of the most frustrating games I’ve ever seen. The Bills Defense I’m sure feels the same. Pathetic offence.

    ableasdale2000 Reply

    Pats defense is legit too. Maybe better than the Bill’s.

    Freakhead X Reply

    @OG Bazz Yes, every team is always more healthy at the end of the season, because that is how reality and logic works.

    Freakhead X Reply

    @Pats KO’d Josh Allen Did you watch the game? They held the Pats feared offense to 9 points. That they would only win four more matches out of twelve is ridiculous. Two of them are against the Dolphins, damn it!

    Mike Miller Reply

    Dave M like always

    William Hardy Reply

    Patriots fans… Imagine bragging about a dirty hit on a defenseless QB. Low life.

Jonathan Biller Reply

We lost bc of a blockd punt something that shold of never happened

    S M Reply

    You’re one of those people right now… full of constant excuses

    Bryan Petrillo Reply

    Jonathan Biller that and we should of punched it in on the 4h down conversion

    drbjr Reply

    @Bryan Petrillo i think we had 2 of those actually, and more points left on the board with bad decisions, allen taking the sack to lose yards out of field goal range. ints, fumbles etc. with win that game with any of these converting to even FGs.

    Mike Miller Reply

    Jonathan Biller and josh Allen

Tesseract Comics Reply

Bring in Duuuuuuuuke ! Drop Smith or Jones.

Pretzals Pretzals Reply

Duke Williams should play over Zay Jones.

eircification Reply

Regardless of the loss, this is such an amazing coach and we are so lucky to have him. Lets go Bills!

Adubizon Reply

Pats fan – great game on both sides – McDermott is legit mad respect to him

    Shawn Reply

    Pats fan lol. Fairy more like it, not a true Pats fan

    shigsho Reply

    NE fan? Yeah sure.

    Adubizon Reply

    @shigsho LMAO y’all still mad? See you in Foxboro pussies

wowhead1 Reply

ALLEN IS YOUNG!!! When “the light comes on” in year 3-ish like every other great QB, he will make less of the types of mistakes we are seeing now. Research it people, all kinds of them talk about late year 2 or sometime in year 3 they figure out what they are seeing more than they have before. When Allen learns WHEN to do WHAT instead of “just play football” with the gifts he has been given physically, he will be an MVP level passer….wait and see!

ableasdale2000 Reply

Josh run like a running back, Josh get hit like a running back.

    Peter Aldrich Reply

    William Hardy watch the hit, Allen was the one leading with his helmet

V T Reply

No room in football for that😂😂

If you look at the vid closely, the defender had his feet planted and Allen lowered his head and ran into him. If this was basketball, Allen would have been fouled. It’s the NFL, not flag football.

    Rob M Reply

    exactly hit was 100% clean…

    V T Reply

    William Hardy Sore and bitter loss. We get it. Maybe the Bills need to take up flag football instead.

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