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Sean McDermott | “It Was A Hard Fought Win For Us”

Head Coach, addressed the media after the ' 28-14 win over the .

Topics included: players stepping up to fill their roles, multiple touchdown drives in the game, and preparing for home field advantage next week.

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soliid shadow

Let’s we can go 3-0 next week

soliid shadow

Good job josh making good plays out there

Dream Girls Daily

With our light schedule, if we beat NE, we’ll have a cakewalk the rest of the games! I’m super impressed by John Brown and SIngletary needs more touches.

    Dream Girls Daily

    @Paul Sweet Stay positive. #BillsMafia has been so abused by bad teams for so long, that it’s hard not to be negative, but I am done thinking the worst.

    Dream Girls Daily

    @samantha smith I’m just _so_ ecstatic that Allen actually has _real_ receivers to throw to this year! No more Benjamin or Clay! The revamped offensive line is stellar as well and Josh is being protected and given enough time to think back there.

    Paul Sweet

    @Dream Girls Daily I’m thinking with reason I hope they do to and take no team lightly and feel like a team is an easy win especially with a developing QB. I am positive and happy for our start but looking at teams saying their an easy win coming off 6 wins is a silly move

    Karo French

    Easy schedule? We cant beat NE thats for sure or Dallas will be hard too. I say we go 10-6 at best.

    ll S N A R L ll

    No such thing as an easy schedule… 2 v pats … bal.. philly … at tenn at dal at pitt at cle… idk thatd id call that a cakewalk in any event… cincy gives em fits too & havent exactly dominated div foes every yr … 1 at a x…to quote the evil genius… we’re on to Cincinnati

Matthew Harman

I REALLY think we FINALLY have a formula for the team and organization… Man,makes shivers go down my spine to see the team playing ALL 3 phases and WINNING… Above all, THANK YOU THANK YOU to Mr and Mrs Pegula for EVERYTHING they have done and put into this team!!! And coach McDermott and Beane for the culture change, responsible team handling and player decisions…ABOUT TIME!!!!

    samantha smith

    And to think, we don’t even have Roberts yet

Timothy Sherry

Let’s go buffalo πŸ’― πŸ’ͺπŸ’― πŸ’ͺ this is the year πŸ’―

Huey Oblongata

Hungry and humble.

Onto Cincinnati.

Paul C Bentley

Go Bills

Good News

Sean “Ron Howard” “McProcess” McDermott! Do we FINALLY have our first franchise QB/HC duo since Kelly/Levy???? Let’s hope! GO BILLS!!

    Bill Perez

    I think you hit the nail on the head w/your comment…..Yes it’s been that long….at last good football is back in Buffalo…GO BILLS !!!

creezbee s.

Big win guys. Let’s go Buffalo!


Finally Buffalo has a promising hungry talented team.


Amazing coach , we are blessed to have him leading us

Anthony John

Melvin Gordon and were unbeatable

Deron Redding

Thank you Coach McDermott! Keep up the AWESOME work!!


One Purpose, mixed hybrid density of talent on both defense and offense equals good quality execution. Buffalo is a legitimate force!!!


TEAM looks AWESOME! 2-0 ON THE ROAD! COACH has team playing tough & smart! No RA-RA bs, just good football. HOME OPENER will be one helluva party! GO BILLS!!!

Cosmic Jerry



This season feels different. I think we’re on to something with this 53 man roster. Let’s Go Buffalo!

Kenneth Jackson

Team as a whole well done. Congrats Coaches and Team!

Mike Gloss

Finally a real coach, not another big mouth with out a clue


If we beat the patriots and the cowboys this year I’m going to really be stoked. This is a really good team and we have a great defense to keep us in games. I think it’s a playoff team this year.

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