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Sean McDermott | “A Lot of Work to Do”

Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott addresses the media. Topics include: recovering from key injuries, the challenge of facing New England, and keeping the team focused.

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Buffalo Fan716 Reply

This team should bring back and let Josh Allen run the no huddle offense

C P Reply

You need to figure out how to play the whole game and that is a coaching issue 3-0 against yesterdays news This team could be 3-13 with the way you are coaching

    Top Streams Reply

    Your an idiot

    leo demers Reply

    Youre delusional lmao

    Nomo Screen Reply

    CP stands for cream puff

    G.V. Reply

    Umm if they hadn’t played the whole game then they would’ve lost. Playing the whole game is the reason why they beat Cinci and the Jets. Learn the game of football before you comment next time. Bah-bye now πŸ™„

    Steven J. Trump 2020 Reply

    Not necessarily, you are most likely 100% wrong about that!!!

Michael Caywood Reply

I hope 🀞 The Buffalo Bills loses this year and every year for life. Let’s go New England Patriots! Let’s go New England Patriots! Let’s go New England Patriots! WIN! WIN! WIN!

matthew moore Reply

Mcdermott is such a great coach, you can tell how passionate he is and cares about his players like a father figure.
Get well Harrison you will be dominant next year after a full off season to rehab and get bigger and stronger!!!

heck cee Reply

So much negativity towards this team makes me sick. damn can you guys enjoy this team and the heart they show?its always the negative ya focus on.

    Hank Hill Reply

    That’s just the internet

    Nate Raymond Reply

    Yeah bro it’s just the internet. Almost everyone I’ve talked to that are not bills fans know the bills will be a good team. They just don’t believe they are ready at the moment. We aren’t unnoticed by any means. We are just a young and growing team.

    Joe Reply

    People are morons they had us pegged as a 4-6 win team and her we are 3-0. This is the first year after killing the dead cap money issues and it’s all up from here. We are a year or 2 from being a badass team. Props to the GM because his draft picks have been great …It s all up from here..

    Steven J. Trump 2020 Reply

    Exactly. Sports media people are so dishonorable. All they do is put Buffalo down… It is false, fake news!

729Drew Reply

Sucks about H Phillips

dotatough Reply

“Can you hear the questions?”

A) No
B) Nope
D) There’s questions?

    Top Streams Reply

    I can hear them

    xBoVx Clan Reply

    A) no

dotatough Reply

He seems pissed about how badly they played yesterday

    Steven J. Trump 2020 Reply

    Go take a walk bud! Delusional anti Buffalo Bills Pig!

Mark Mckinney Reply

Boy with the media, even winning does nothing to stop the negativity.

    John Marlow Reply

    We can win the Super Bowl and the media would not be satisfied! Lol!

    christopher sharr Reply

    They are horrible. Other media outlets keep pointing out the fact that they’re 3-0 against 3 teams with a combined record of 1-8. Then on the other hand, they say the “other” team has destroyed everyone, but neglect to point out that the 3 teams they’ve played are 0-9 combined. I hope we pull it off and win again.

    Steven J. Trump 2020 Reply

    This is why I call the sports media false fake news. No better than CNN!

dotatough Reply

Josh Allen has started 14 games in his career

eircification Reply

So sad to hear about HP, he was my favorite Bill. He is an amazing human. Happy we have Coach though, he is unreal. I can’t get over how great he is . Coaching matters, look at the Bills. Thoughts and prayers for 99

Mike Reply

Who is typing so damn loud?

UFO 51 Reply

We have everything to get to win against the Patriots

Zachary Madden Reply

I think the biggest thing between this team and years past: Their is a true team mentality on all 3 phases. All the guys (at least it seems like) want to play for Buffalo and have embraced the culture/community. That is a problem we’ve had in years past with our star players. Also, our offense and defense can pick each other up, when either one struggles. The Jets game, and against the Bengals we were resilient and fought back. In years past, we probably end up losing both those games.

    Steven J. Trump 2020 Reply

    Not really, it’s primarily due to the hiring of Bill’s new general manager! FYI,

Cosmic Jerry Reply


Steven J. Trump 2020 Reply

Why is coach McDermott putting his own team down so badly?

Kenneth Jackson Reply

Circle them wagon boys, its time we take the AFC away from the Patriots!

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