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Barkley was great during preseason so I hope he can do us good next week.

    Buffalo Fan716

    He’ll shred that Titans defense up

L.J. Wolf

I was left wondering why we never went back to the No Huddle/Hurry Up offense that seemed to work perfectly for us to start the 2nd half. It was fast paced, was filled with short/efficient passes for Josh Allen, and we punched it in there at the end to bring us within 3. After we got the ball back from there it was just a slow paced, methodical approach which seemed to work against us. I wondered why we never went back to the hurry-up considering how clearly it worked.

    Timothy Kearns

    L.J. Wolf my question too

    Sam Corona

    Yes speed up the game and play and not think so much. Makes no sense to me why they didn’t continue that!!!!

    Samuel Young

    The risk is high… If we do that multiple times in a row, but have less success ir short drives were giving brady more TOP and that is not good. With the ball coming out of half and a fresh defense we can risk it

Doug Grover

Keep Josh in he is a good quarter back! Needs more experience . He fights to win

Comedian Moe Brown

I love my coach

Toxic 585

We beat ourselfs we could’ve easily won this game..this is suppose to be the “best” team in the league and we made it hard for them..if we can do that i love our chances against anybody

joe smith



    joe smith honestly though over the years the Patriots-Bills games have always had biased officiating in coordination with the play by play callers. Its the NFL you are not supposed to dominate a team for twenty straight years unless there is a dirty hand behind it.

Me Me

Patriots fan here, I have great respect for the Bills and the coach. No drama , doesn’t feed into the press !! Great team and I can see an exciting season ahead for you guys , and I hate the fact that we have to play you guys in week 16. It will be another great game !!!

    Billsmafia84!!! Unit Unit

    Respect!! #mafia!!!!!!!

    Javyn Kealiinohomoku

    See your a respectful Pats fan and I like it, I will always respect all the Nice Pats fan. The other Pats fans I don’t like, the cocky know it all ones. Respect again ✊🏼

Nick Lepsch

Yeahhh…man I love this coach…great attitude…that’s how the good ones are…listen this loss was tough emotionally and physically obviously…sh/t I needed a nap after the game…but we lost so let’s grow learn and move forward…let’s get ready for the Titans…once again I can’t wait for Sunday…Go Bills!!

Edit: I want that hoodie coach has on…

    Javyn Kealiinohomoku

    Nick Lepsch same hoodie lookin 🔝👌🏻

Chris Gabrys

Zay jones has gotta go he stinks cant be dropping so many passes

John Marlow

I appreciate this coach but josh allen needs to calm down. And take what defense gives him. Big plays are orchestrated by finess and strategy, not force and might. Protect the ball Josh. McDermott take the blame for Josh’s mistakes. We are better then this, We are better the the Patriots for sure. They know we ate coming. Remember us in playoffs Patriots!!!

Sam Corona

When they came out after half and with the no huddle went right down and scored THATS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!! why would you stop that? Absolutely mind boggling why you would not do what works? Damn man!!! Dumb.

John Cencora

Yes I agree Zay Jones got to go that dude can’t play for s***

bull moose

They stole defeat from the jaws of victory.

bull moose

Allen will always react the same way. You can tell him to slide and he won’t. He needs to figure out what to do when the blitz is on.

    Samuel Young

    bull moose If it isnt a critical 3rd down i think he slides… We were driving on their side of the field, he didnt want to blow the opportunity. In hind sight it wasnt worth it, but he knew it was and important play and he sold out to make it work. Blitz critique I totally agree, gotta figure somethin out, running backwards and throwing lollipops is not good

moses duncan

I like what I see with this team, a new coach and new team what else could you ask for?

moses duncan

I think this team is going to be a GREAT ONE!…………………

Sheriff Miggz

Patriots fans here and I feel like we should have lost the game we couldn’t keep up your guys defense at all and that hit to josh Allen was dirty as hell. I did not like it at all it was horrible! Fouls should have not offset there they should have gave you guys the yards and eject our guy but good game can’t wait for week 16!

    Samuel Young

    Sheriff Miggz looking forward to week 16

California Dreaming

The Bills are on their way. They’re building a really good team that should begin to dominate their division starting in, oh, a couple years. Josh is a quick study and he will learn — quickly. Obviously he needs to make some changes and I think he will make them. Hey, I think he’s going to be terrific but to get there he needs to modify his game.

1. Josh’ time-to-throw (TT) number was over 3 last year. “Perfect” is considered 2.5, and Ben Roethlisberger and Carr were near that last year. But TT is important because, without seeing the numbers, I will write that QB hits and sacks go up as TT rises.
2. Josh has a tendency to try too hard. He wants every play to be a winner; the goal is to have fewer losers. It’s OK to throw it in the cheap seats occasionally.
3. Josh needs to throw more and run fewer times. The head injury is a prime example. I wouldn’t take away his running but I would temper it and have him learn to slide and get out of bounds sooner. Give up a yard or two to live another day — or down.
4. Josh has a tendency to hesitate before he throws. I’ve watched him — in both college and the NFL — a lot and he tends to hedge too long sometimes on pass plays. Make your pre-snap read, adjust on the fly, but throw early, not late. Late throws are bad for oh so many reasons.

I’ve already written ad nauseum why Josh has the potential for greatness. He will reach it but not without growing pains. And that’s alright by me. Just keep him healthy is all I ask.

Cosmic Jerry

Bring on the Titans🏈

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