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Kyle Sloter

william plourde

thielen’s cleats are sick

    Owen Raefield

    Like Teddy Bridgewater

    Jordan Mendiola

    They are fresh af. I wanna get some low key and I don’t even play lol

    Unimpressed Alchemist

    So is his game, so it fits.

    Breakglass Dawkins

    Sound like a woman

    Ken Martin

    @Jordan Mendiola I know right! I’m ready to wear them to the office tomorrow morning.

Minnesota Vikings Man 28

The Thielen of Regular Season football keeps getting stronger by every passing week.

    Straw Man

    @Chris K47 yeah, he shows up drunk at every party.

    Game - Red

    Brandon Myers

    Dilly yes. If you’re 1-5 on the board, you could do worse than Thielen as your 1. Especially since you would have a top rb 1. Even late picks ive been going julio/thomas then Thielen rd 2 (ppr obviously) then rd 3-4 some combo of Carson, Jacobs or Ingram.

Shortest SB Champion QB

DeShawn Shead with that pick 6 👌 Great to have him back. Also Poona Ford is a BEAST #GoHawks

    Chad Alpha

    @GamesWithDSM our record is 0-0 I guess once you get a ring you’ll understand

    A Fucking Bird


    Devi Lisa

    I’m still shocked how the refs actually missed the Seattle defensive holding on that play. I’m watching one player grabbed the jersey of a guy running past him.

    Too much Salt

    Good game looking forward to week 14 vikes and seahawks always play a good game

    A Fucking Bird

    @Person XD Preseason. Don’t forget what we did to you guys last season 21-7.


gg Vikings, your offense looked pretty good, especially on run game, hope my hawks defense gets better, looked promising, we couldn’t stop the run sadly. Good luck, and see you guys in week 14 I believe

    Mark Mowery

    its hip you are oblivious

    Peso Edison

    Not sure what you watched the oline looked terrible

    The Everything Channel

    Jake Tollgaard not best

    Jeff Campbell

    but i mean you guys should’ve ran the ball

    Thomas the tank engine

    Aye thx man I’m a Vikings fan and thx for being a good sport you guys are looking like your Super Bowl team good luck to the vikes and Seahawks see you in week 14

Diego Flores

Yo Kyle Slater is actually really really good his potential is out the roof cant wait to see his future

    Marcus Herbold

    Marty Gras but facing a starting defense?

    Marty Gras

    @Marcus Herbold Yes, and destroy them ! We didn’t know how Kurt Warner or Tom Brady was going to do against a starting defense until they got their chance. And against backups, they, like Sloter, showed some good signs.

    Scott Baldock

    How good would Cousins be against scrubs?

    Marty Gras

    @Scott Baldock Throwing with scrubs like Treadwell and other scrubs, Cousins would probably look worse.

    Max Robbins

    @Tony Avila For real, I was pissed when they let him go.


Didn’t even show the hit that took Lynch out of the game…

    Alexander Jones

    Are you surprised the NFL removes helmet to helmet hits aka bad concussions from their uploads?

    The Twister

    When he didn’t call a fair catch ugo Amadi killed that dude.


    I think in general they dont show plays where injuries occurred to the ball carrier.

    Mo Pie

    #24 Hill got EJECTED from the game. Most likely they will kick him off the team so they dont want to show footage of him

    Too much Salt

    Its highlights not lowlights and unsporting plays

Bradley Woolard

So Paxton Lynch has his head separated from his neck from that hit he took. He’ll be out for a while

    Seargent Pickles

    kalel33 your one of those


    rippetoe 38

    Ouch. He’s probably out for the season.


    rippetoe 38: Carrol said Lynch got his bell rung and was out for concussion protocol.

    A Minecraft OG since 2010


    Zach Dragon

    Bradley Woolard not that you need him with Wilson, plus he’s pretty bad.

gary cobiak

Treadwell plays well against the 3rd string defense.

    Zach Dragon

    SKOL Bears lol, that would be a miracle if that ever came true.

    Marty Gras

    When “Slotergoater” [tm] is throwing to him, yes.

    Marc Pilotte

    0-5…are you out of your mind…you will certainly be surprised by the bears finishing 3rd in the NFC North..oh and one more thing the 7- 9 bears miss the playoffs

    Game - Red

blisterypoet Estrada

Our regular season game against minesota is gana be a good one I can feel it

    Skoldier 19 Vikings

    @Legendary King I’m about to be in EDP445 mode this year


    🏈Vikings always a fun time🏈

    Zach Dragon

    blisterypoet Estrada unlike the last one

    XXX JuicWrld

    Skoldier 19 Vikings lmfaooo watch Dan Bailey carry the whole Viking in his cleats and break Paxton’s ankle

    Too much Salt

    Played wilson and you guys tough last year defense carried us but it was bound to bite us considering we couldn’t do anything on offense should be a good one

Tim Schnell

Sloter is a heckuva backup QB 😮

    Bronco Rob

    I was sad after we put him on our practice squad and the Vikings picked him up. He was our best QB that time.

    Zac Couch Vlogs

    Bronco Rob Facts

    Charlie Brantner

    Skoldier 19 Vikings sloter is play against backups dummie

    Ty Nao

    so is kirk cousins

    Mr McNada

    Vlad Laz And Chad Kelly 🙂

Joel Breh

Man this MiN offense looking amazing


    Joel Breh what about the pick 6 lol

    Joel Breh

    @HELI0_Z doesn’t matter, Seattle got ripped off giving this guy all that money. That’s Peyton Manning hall of fame money, Tom Brady esque, Seattle opened the game with a field goal that’s what you paid for? Jeez lol gonna be a long year for SEA FANs

    Jacob Bastian

    @ICE CREAM COW BOYZ lol no they didnt

    Pone Vongsouvan

    Every offense looks amazing in preseason.

Joel Breh

Kyle sloter need a boost in Madden 20.

    Jaden Hanson

    A fair overall would be like 72

    Jaden Hanson

    But if ever starter then 80

    Syngen Kanassatega

    I’m trying to convince my son he’s the real deal, but he keeps saying “nuh uh he sucks on Madden”!

    Jaden Hanson

    @Syngen Kanassatega the people who make the overalls in madden never really look at 2nd or 3rd string players in any position really

Blow' The Whistle

Boon is a nice two way player the man has hands speed hits the whole just makes plays anywhere on the field if he don’t make this team smh. Altho great win at home for my viks.

    Blow' The Whistle

    @Samm Sneed Abdullah cant stay healthy idk about him.

    KingA Kingz

    I know he’s underrated

    Ivory Scott

    Blow’ The Whistle Running Back’s Are Essential..He’s a Keeper..

Mango Kangaroo

I see the refs have their third string out as well.


    Like Tre gets PI and not Harrison Smith? Or “down by contact”?


    @MGB pete could’ve challenged cuz of new rule but he didn’t

    Zach Dragon

    Mango Kangaroo it’s called preseason

Jack Trippin777

QB play action for the Vikings is really impressive this game they’ve worked on selling the run, oline is blocking much better also , offensive playbooks looked similar in this one…

Eric Chacon

0:21 legend has it that number 58 is still waiting for the running back to appear.




    That situational awareness though

    Jedieel Benjamin Lopez Isidoro

    I’m not a football fan so I don’t get this

    Nick Nelson

    Jedieel Benjamin Lopez Isidoro the quarterback kept the ball. He was joking the guy on defense was so faked out he is still looking at the running back


Paxton Week 1: Turning heads
Paxton Week 2: Breaking necks

Alex Kasiri

Two fumbles in the first quarter. Seems the Vikings are playing madden 20


Poona Ford really ended the Vikings run game while he was in.

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