Seahawks vs. Chargers Preseason Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

I still can’t believe “Colts fans” were booing Andrew Luck.

Smh man 🤦‍♂️

    California State

    Thats crazy


    @iAm DaRealGoat#2-3RingGang And you deserve nothing at all. Terrible human.

Jason Lucero

I love Easton Stick so much


    M Realzola lol


Great game chargers, scared me 4th quarter, we looked really sloppy that quarter, had me at the edge of my seat the whole game somehow (ik it’s preseason but I thought it was exciting, idk man), can’t wait for regular season. Good luck to you chargers, hope you do well


    DZsquid It’s almost always scary like that for us in the 4th quarter

    The Life Analyst

    Yeah good luck to you guys I hope you win your division I hate all those other cocky nfc west teams.

    TA Studios

    Preseason chargers is not real chargers. Lynn is smart by playing 3rd and 4th string. It also makes us look trash and give false hope to our opponents.

Ayeeddiee Gaming

Easton stick!!! Oh my lord I’d be so happy if he becomes our future I get so excited watching him! Let him learn from rivers and then take over. The dudes a natural winner 49-3 in college.

    C Ramirez


    Ayeeddiee Gaming

    C Ramirez in preseason lmaoooooooo if u take pre season u smokin the fattest pipe

    Ayeeddiee Gaming

    Sam Dogg The Infamous 253 exactly bro like rivers says he has a couple years left. If he works on his accuracy the dude will be a problem when he takes over. We’ve never had a mobile qb like him before.

    C Ramirez

    @Ayeeddiee Gaming sticks get chewd by dogs

    Ayeeddiee Gaming

    C Ramirez cringe af

Trail mixing

If Prosise could stay healthy…😳

    Eric Pearson

    @King Ortiz Jr. I’m still betting on Penny he is looking better.

    Chris Excellent

    We already got a beast running back in Chris Carson

    Eric Pearson

    @Chris Excellent till Carroll runs him in the ground and he gets hurt again

    Chris Excellent

    Carson is going to have another break out season last Year he was 5th in rushing yards out of nowhere

    Eric Pearson

    @Chris Excellent If Carroll runs him 20+ each game he will get hurt 100% facts

Wilmur Dikfit

Who thought that this overlay was a good idea? They need to be fired. Put it all the way at the bottom or not at all.

    C Ramirez

    @Christopher Riley die

    Connor Morvant

    Dude the overlay literally changes positions mid game

    Wilmur Dikfit

    @Connor Morvant i couldn’t watch beyond the first minute, it was just vomit enducing.

    Don Soulo

    I was frustrated not knowing what down it was




Chargers stadium but i heard more of Seahawks fans. Even heard the SEAHAWKS chant and saw advertisements for them as well lmaoo..

    Austin Roberts

    @HipHopR&BLover Jon I understand those teams have large fan bases but they don’t fill half of Seahawks stadium when they play?? Do they

    Austin Roberts

    @SEAtown Rider So true, Seahawk tickets so expensive. That’s why I go to 1 game every 3 seasons lol. But I like watching it at home I can see all replays and use bathroom lol


    The fact that every Charger game basically is a road game sucks. Do all these fans fly in for the games or are they people who live in So Cal but won’t change their allegiance or are they just front runners who jump on the Super Bowl bandwagon?

    Kuya C.J. Cap Guy

    I am a Los Angeles based Chargers fan and I love the fact that they’re here in Los Angeles!


    I hope that some day the stadium will be full of Charger fans, not half full of the opposing teams fans. Maybe when they get in the new digs

Shortest SB Champion QB

Just two more weeks until we face the Bengals! Can’t wait #GoHawks

    Big Fish

    C-Gal Y’all can’t beat any good team in the NFL 😂

    Big Fish

    Marco Lomeli y’all can’t beat our Cheifs tho 👀 and don’t say we lost to the Patriots because that’s the only argument anyone ever has

    Marco Lomeli

    Big Fish we did beat the chiefs, y’all lost to the PATRIOTS and saints and the bears. Doesn’t even matter about last year this year is a new year. This year y’all won’t even be a title contenders. ESPN and other sports things are biased y’all lost way to much and most of your key defenders are old asf.

    Big Fish

    Marco Lomeli Have you seen our defense! We are rebuilding don’t you know? Dee Ford we got rid of him because he cost us the superbowl. We have Tyrann, Eric Berry, Bashaud Breeland, Eric Fisher, Kendall Fuller, Justin Houston. Do I even have to mention our absolutely STACKED offense without Tyreek Hill? I’ll mention anyway because you don’t seem to get it. Travis Kelce (arguably best TE in the NFL now that Gronks gone) Damien Williams, Darryl Williams, Sammy freaking Watkins, MVP PATRICK MAHOMES, And our coach is Andy Reid. I predict our first meetup we when by atleast a td and a fg.

    Marco Lomeli

    Big Fish oh your a chiefs fan I thought you were a lambs fan. Eric berry got released bud. The chiefs defense isn’t good still y’all need to balance the money out

The Life Analyst

Easton stick should have played the entire game

    Gaming and friends 4 life

    Boi he couldnt

    Yo Mama

    He would’ve got an assswhoopin by our starters

crazyken productions

So nobody gonna talk about how Pete Carroll caught that punt.


    That was baller, show the rookies how it’s done lol.

    William Hanby

    Time stamp?

    crazyken productions

    @William Hanby it was only showed on TV I’m sure if you search it you’ll find it.

    Capo King

    he’s better than Devin Hester

    Evan Minner


Aj Giambra

The video quality looks like high school highlights

    Nikita Saunders


    Bobby Marr

    It was so weird watching without the line of scrimmage and first down line or having anything on the screen tell me the down and distance. Also a lot of mic pops and shaking cameras.


    Why is that important? Why do you care? Why talk about something so insignificant to anything to do with football or life for that matter?

    Nikita Saunders

    What u talking about?

    Toa Ninjis

    @RajunCajun34 because it’s true and an inconvenience. Thing is, the Seattle broadcast was way better than this garbage. If a company gave all of its workers Galaxy S2’s as their work phone, I think people would care.

That Random Person

I really hope Ursua makes the final 53

crnlsnts 4

Looks like Seahawks John Ursua going to steal the show.


    Ursua is a starter over Brown and Dk


    Ursua is going to be out starting slot receiver for sure.

    GD Ganymed3

    @KRuiz17 I like Lockett playing the slot but ursua can be in the slot on the other side in 4 wideout formations

    Tall Allen

    The 1st catch I seen him make in the preseason game, it looked like Baldwin. I as like ooooohhh sh……..t!!!!!. we got another steal!!!

Eddie Vee

Everytime Prosise gets the ball, I cringe. I keep thinking he’ll get hurt everytime he touches the ball.

    Joe Cool Berry

    I don’t know why we still have him honestly


    Eddie Vee he did at 5:17 minute mark, dude was twitching

    Eddie Vee

    @Toni for real… Luck retired. Prosise should hang up the cleats too. For the sake of his health. One wrong move, I feel like his whole body will shatter.

Jay Dee

Our fans even bring it to a road preseason game.


Damn NFL. l know this is the pre-season. But can you guys at least try to get the production values on par with the rest of the games. ffs


    This isn’t even on par with our third football(soccer for you) division. Neither production value, nor turf.


    scynapz they showed the game you should be greatful for that


    I love football when they don’t show the yellow line, but yeah the video quality, and camera angles in this are worse than the AAF

Cole Byre

Welcome to Seattle Geno! Good to know you have Russell’s back.

    Cole Byre

    Gabriel Guzman he was great. I’m comfortable with both.

    Rowdy Jr.

    Geno Smith bruh are you real? 😆💀 That dude is a scrub. He needs to retire.

    Cole Byre

    He’s younger than Russell Wilson. I think if he’s got his head on straight now he can develop. Paxton Lynch is great, but Geno has been through bad times so I trust his nerves.

    Rowdy Jr.

    @Cole Byre Idk about you, but I’m rooting for JT Barrett for 3rd string QB and then Paxton for 2nd string. I think JT will be good for us. Geno needs to find somewhere else to stay.

    Bobby Marr

    @Rowdy Jr. I doubt we keep a third string. I do find Smith’s far too inaccurate and Lynch is too inconsistent. I’ve been more impressed by the 3rd stringers on the opposing teams lately, so maybe we pick up someone that a team tries to sneak onto it’s practice squad?

O Stolcce

Video quality reminded me of South Park. “Who is screwing with the lights?”

    Itsthepurp Bu

    O Stolcce I think that’s how they celebrate touchdowns at the chargers stadium get it cause they are chargers… lol

D Augustine

Love that Penny catching the ball more out of the back field, just need him to set up his blocks better. Lockette looking good! Wish DK didn’t get hurt so fast. Go hawks.

Supreme RBX

I was at this game.. Go Chargers even tho they lost, btw the Seahawks fans were chanting Seahawks

    Jay Dee

    Supreme RBX ….because we bring it wherever we go. I wish your Chargers luck this season. They have a ton of talent and should challenge for AFC West title

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