Seahawks vs. Browns Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Proppa Music Reply

*4th Quarter Russell Wilson is like 3rd Quarter 2019 GSW*

    Charles Pope Reply

    @Tristan Agosa Thks , its football season you know 😊

    jerzon pineda Reply

    My 2 favorite teams

    Lamur Cribb Reply

    @Erik Lerström lmfao do you not remember 2015 or 2016? You sound dumb

    The Ruiz Crime Family Reply

    What exactly did Russell Wilson do other than make a screen pass and hand the call off?

    Papa Dragon Reply

    Proppa Music 4th quarter Brady > every other QB in clutch time.

bruce lau Reply

Totally what a game for Russell Wilson , he’s having one of his best seasons of his career in the NFL

    ComaAlpha Reply

    It’s nice when he has extra teammates wearing stripes.

    Playboichris Reply

    bruce lau takes too many hits has no type of protection

    Chris Dexter Reply

    @Sea Hawks when did he get robbed? I saw him given a free TD on a pass interference on third down, where the receiver was untouched… but I definitely didn’t see him get robbed a TD…

    Angel Robles Reply

    @Zach Clanton You know… These aren’t your brother’s Browns. They’re a real Head Coach away from been contenders, but they’re loaded with talent…

    K O Reply

    Chiefs fan here saying Wilson is getting MVP. Wouldn’t be surprised if it were a Seahawks and patriots Super Bowl

Detective Butters Reply

Is it just me or are there more fumbles in 2019 season then any other season so far ……..

    Justin Pettit Reply

    @Jake Ayers Charles Tillman would be proud.

    SUPERZ0M6IES Reply

    Like madden 😂

    Kayla Pierce Reply

    I feel like there are more missed field goals and extra points than ever before…

    Dexter Lehmann Reply

    and if you watch all the games, everyone was dropping passes yesterday even deandre hopkins

    Jeffery Phillips Reply

    Detective Butters and dropped passes

38 rollaxk Reply

So far russ is playing like the best qb this yr

    Sloppy7778 Reply

    38 rollaxk yet he always gets snubbed for mvp ps no shade to Patrick

    shady shady Reply

    He is

    Trey Cotter Reply

    Only because brees has been out for injury tbh

    I say stupid shit Reply

    @Sloppy7778 Nah Patrick mahomes deserved the one last year he went crazy

Bryce Pancho Reply

Commentator: Throws it into the goal line and … INT-
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    Grateful aya Reply

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    Gold Standard Reply

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    Grateful aya Reply

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    Justin Pettit Reply

    I don’t remember what commercial I saw but that happened to me too. Lol

    Climax Vicious Reply

    I got premium lmao

David Williams Reply

Didn’t know that straight ahead of you was considered your “blind side.” IMMACULATE.

    StoopS Reply

    @Reitairue I’ll keep saying it even as a hawks fan officating this season is absoulute garbage

    Douglas Stephenson Reply

    These refs sucked, were hot garbage. Browns still lost it themselves

    For Real Reply

    Only if your a Cleveland Browns player or any player against the Patriots


Y’all need to start giving Chris Carson his respect, that’s a grown man running the ball

    FrankZx14. Reply

    Damn right. I haven’t really paid attention to Seattle this year other than Metcalf, that boy Carson a beast

    A Fucking Bird Reply

    He has been doing really good recently!Running hard and strong!

    Brandon Ohara Reply


    mike K Reply

    That’s his job
    He signed up for this. He can retire at anytime . So stop with b.s

    Irvin Mejia Reply

    Chubbs is better tho

Ezekiel Lager Reply

When you think they might win, but then you realize. It’s Cleveland.

    KM 5173 Reply

    Reitairue Yeah those 3 picks, a blocked punt, and a fumble are from the refs right?

    tribefanjames Reply

    Despite those turnovers the Browns lost by 4, but they had a touchdow taken away, a pass interference in the endzone that wasn’t, which if not for that call they browns hold them to a filed goal, and a terrible drive killing blindside block penalty….

    Deonte Wade Reply

    We actually look great this season better then we have ever looked in a long time I’m from Cleveland by the way this was actually a great game both teams did awesome 🙌 👌

    Naszarine Rivera Reply

    @Deonte Wade I didn’t even know the Browns had fans.

    Daniel Reply

    @Deonte Wade Seattle knows your pain as baseball fans. It was a good game, every game so far this year for Seattle is a nail biter lol

Bill Bright Reply

The Browns installed a revolving door on the head coach’s office.

    Bash Reply

    Bill Bright 😂

    Steel Here Reply

    There’s a Post-It Note with the headcoach’s name on the door of his office. No nameplate.

    Cisco SVP Reply

    They never should’ve let Gregg Williams go.. He actually earned that HC job last year with the dramatic turnaround the Browns did.. Typical Browns, if it’s not broke try to fix it anyway..

    Srihaun Pujari Reply

    I almost didnt get the joke but now I’m laughing so hard

    VMohdude - Reply

    Srihaun Pujari same hahaha

Fearless BLaZ Reply

14:27 So, Seahawks learned “that” lesson.

    Davin K. Reply

    I guess so 😭

    Siliziwe Ncanywa Reply

    Yes, especially when Chris Carson has not been stopped six times already in that spot. Please guys, start thinking for yourselves…

    Davin K. Reply

    Siliziwe Ncanywa we kno it just that L hangs over us

    Renan Quarterback 7 Reply

    14:23 not 14:27

    Brandon Smith Reply

    ??? I don’t know what do you mea- Ooooooh. I get it

Yoshi 808 Reply

As a Seahawks fan I can safely say that the refs really didn’t like the browns

    Marcos Arreguin Reply


    Meek Meek Reply

    Thank you for your honesty! I’ve never seen so many bad calls in a game.

    Meek Meek Reply

    Aric Goss agree immediately and he should be fined! These refs can just throw games now it’s unbelievable

    Chad Simmons Reply

    @Aric Goss i think the REF has Blind-Sight syndrome

RedBearNAaron Reply

So *2019s worst officiated NFL game.*

Got it 👍.

    Harvey Too Fresh Reply

    Every single one of them. Just saying

    HeplMeh Reply

    Didn’t watch the game and didn’t even watch the highlights, just came here for the comments. Let me guess Seattle had Pocket Refs?

    Brenden Riddle Reply

    187 Macabee The seahawks are one of the more penalized teams

    Brenden Riddle Reply

    187 Macabee And the browns suck

    Joey Kelly Reply

    Uhh…no. Not even close. Watch the Ravens-Steelers game, or the Packers-Cowboys game

Ian Harper Reply

Baker Mayfield: *throws 3 ints*

Colin Cowherd: “my time has come.”

    Diehard Christmas Movie Reply

    @Blacklight Productions i’m so tired of hearing “but the int wasn’t Bakers fault!!!” waaaaa If he put it in the bread basket, the receiver wouldn’t have to constantly stretch to catch the ball. It’s BAKERS fault EVERY time!!!!

    Blacklight Productions Reply

    @Diehard Christmas Movie Than I guess you need to say that about EVERY SINGLE QB and not just Baker… Every WR from high school to college to the NFL has made their money and their highlight tapes by stretching and making athletic catches from bad throws so I don’t wanna hear that BS… Try again bruh!!!

    michael srite Reply

    @Diehard Christmas Movie

    What about when he does put in right in the basket and they drop it? Or deflect it into a DBs hands?

    val johnson Reply

    @Itsme Forsure a backshoulder pass is if they are going up the field. running across the field and having it behind you is a much different thing

    Marc Galitski Reply

    He threw 1 INT. 2 were bobbled by his receivers, all of them catcheable.

MrTubs911 Reply

It’s not how you start, It’s how you finish.

-Pete Carroll

    NW Monk Reply

    Rocky Balboa

    Zane X2 Reply

    MrTubs911 literally everybody has said that 😂

    Zackain'tfair Reply

    Throw the ball at the 1-yard line..what a finish!!!

AJ Aurgemma Reply

I love how they are starting to put NFL rules analysts in the booths with the announcers, but not even they know wtf the refs are doing in these games! Honestly when you have legitimate NFL rules analysts disagreeing with your own referees on live TV than you need to make a serious change @NFL

Geoking1 Reply

I think Odell might be leading in dropped passes for wr’s this season.

    darmor85 Reply

    @Chris Paul a dude who plays wr for texans has the best hands in the league and the the guy who plays wr for the saints. Hopkins didnt drop a pass last yr and thomas had a 90 something catch percentage.

    Roxann Athey Reply

    @Daniel Gagnon u catch that same ball without gloves lmao u prob cant do it with gloves😂💀

    Chris Paul Reply

    Daniel Jones is 2 Tough yes, everyone drops the ball. I just saw DeAndre Hopkins drop a wide open pass yesterday. But Beckham never had hands like Hopkins, Mike Thomas, Doug Baldwin or Larry Fitzgerald

    V S Reply

    Hes worried he might break a fingernail

    Marc Galitski Reply

    @Daniel Gagnon “In my days” No one cares boomer

876Presto Reply

We had em in the first half I’m not gon lie- Cleveland Browns 2019

    Osman Reply

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 not many people get this reference

    Trains,Transformers&PATRIOTSFan1236 Reply

    Huzzah!!! A fellow man of culture we got here. Have a👍good sir

Grahamburglar Reply

It’s crazy how many INTs go on Baker’s record after bouncing off the hands of his receivers.

    J P Reply

    You get two hands on a ball there’s no excuse not to catch it…. Reassign him to defense…. If you can’t catch reassigned to defense.

    ComaAlpha Reply

    Well that endzone one was behind the receiver.

    ComaAlpha Reply

    @J P a drastic over simplification of being a wide receiver.

    Don’t ever go into coaching, you’ll suck at it.

    McCoy watz up Tuesday 4realradio Reply

    Guess what, he’s not the only QB that happens too🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    J S Reply

    Poorly passed balls in 2 of those ints results in receivers trying to make an effort. In my opinion any receiver should be able to adjust and catch behind them. It was a little both ends throw and receiver

Phi_ p Reply

Me: easy wins for Seahawks let’s go

Also me: forgets Odell, Landry are there

    Aubrey Watkins Reply

    Phi_ p um Chub and Odell?

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