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Seahawks Beneath The Ink: Tedric Thompson

Go beneath the ink of Tedric Thompson's to find out the meaning, stories, and inspiration behind some of his body .

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Chris M.

His tattoos tell the story of his life. Beautiful!

Takman Klan Killa 187

Hope you work on your tackling technique

alan junior

When i saw this kid i saw potential in him yo be the next earl thomas why? Well because hes fast and always flys to the football and that allows you to make plays on the football idk if yall remember but when esrl was a rookie and he was in his first year he mada alottt! Of ridiculous childish mistakes it wasnt probably untill his 4 year that ppl started to recognize his work and it wasnt until his 4th year approximatly that earl started to improve and become that great earl hof we all know right now so be patient with a guy as long as the potential is there. Dont expect a freakin great hof safety in a guy thats barely in his 2nd year cmonnnn fellas 🤦‍♂️🙄

Adnan Elalaoui

Never seen this guy do the cash thing bc he has never made a play with us.

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