Scouting the Colts, Chargers Mic’d Up for Thrilling OT Win, & More! | Backstage: Chargers 2019 Ch. 2 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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BadAssBard Reply

Hype ⚡️⚡️🤟🏼

greg ross Reply

Jackboyz gonna tighten up the D soon

    Bashar Al-Assad Reply

    Hard when half of them are sidelined 🤒🤒

Toxic_Rick _YT Reply

Love this team

David Reda Reply

I love Backstage Chargers. It would have been nice to have a couple more offseason episodes

JDNord Reply

And now AP is injured 🙁

Philip Harrison Reply

Love backstage CHARGERS it bring you closer to the TEAM.

TMD6194LIFE Jesus Reply

I love my team! They may of left San Diego, but they didn’t leave my 💙💛! The only team I get excited to watch is my CHARGERS!! We always have players hurt. One of these years we will get lucky & no one will get hurt!

QuackyWarfare Reply

Did anyone else notice that AP left Melvin Ingram hanging 8:26

Lowkey asab Reply

Life long SD charger fan the year they win the SB is the day I can finally get my chargers tattoo

    Sh3rd Jordan Reply

    Got mine the day after the Jets Playoff loss…don’t wait, just get it⚡

Kristian Delacruz Reply

Difference with with the Chargers and other teams is that other teams play as a team. Chargers play as a family.

Legend__ 21 Reply

Please come back soon derwin…we miss you bro🙏🏾💯⚡

Andrew Tamez Reply

Brother we need hour long eps please. I don’t care if 15mins is hits grass. I love the team and the culture Anthony Lynn has made in La

Andrew Dang Reply

It’s ok fellas, we have a better chance this coming week against Houston. : D

Christopher Johnson Reply

Ekeler… You are sealed in Chager lore dude… you Won this game!

greg³ Reply

i think the bolts come out way pissed on sunday. they know they should’ve had the lions game and they let it get away. coach lynn’s not gonna let them forget it until they win a chip. go bolts.

David The Kid Reply

I was at this game bro crowd was LIVE

JoelRichardson Reply

Man coach Lynn is a great coach. Love that guy!

Mr AM Reply

Jackboyz, go get’em! ⚡🏈⚡

Fernando Meza Reply

We were missing 8 starters week 2 😭 I thought the injuries were behind us…buh….buh….bolt up ⚡✊🏼

Josh Reply

Once this team gets healthy again it’s over for the rest of the league

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