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Eric Greaux

Unpopular opinion: this pick will age well when our defense is nasty in 2 years

    Joe Shmo

    @Dan Spriggs and that’s true for every other team in the league. There’s only about 10 solid QBs in the entire world at any given time.

    Gabe Sonawane

    @Dustin Barlow We got a slot guy in David Moore, but you’re totally right about needing an LT. I expect Sam Cosmi will be the pick today if he falls. Horn is not as safe as Surtain but he has a much higher ceiling as evidenced by his freak athletic skills and measurables. Don’t forget that we didn’t have CMC last year, and Teddy B was our QB. If we address LT, things are looking bright, to say the least.


    @Dan Spriggs right the 49ers made it to the Super Bowl because of Jimmy G

    Dan Spriggs

    @Haterzjusthate11 and they lost to the team with a better QB, and now they are replacing Jimmy G.

    Nice ghost Cookie

    It will look really good when another Ohio state QB is a bust🤣

Psycho _Christian

I didn’t like the pick right when I heard it but we will have a good defense

    American Brothers Reviews

    It’s a marathon not a sprint! As long as we get a need we really need that’s the most important thing, I think the reason they went corner over LT is because Sewel got picked right before and the O line class this year is a lot better and deeper than the Corner class this year so they’ll probably get O line in 2nd round!!!


    A good defense in the south division? You have Julio Jones, evans, brown, Lewis, Ridley all in that division why waste a high draft pick on a corner? Why not copy the foot print of Tampa bay by building your offense first. The days of “great” defense is over.

Ian Wheeler

Horn is insanely athletic and very physical for a Corner. We are going to absolutely fly around on defense!! Should be very fun to watch

    Don't DV8

    Great. We’ll hold teams to just enough points to beat us! We’ll average losing by 3 points this season. Sounds like fun 😱

    Drii 33

    @Don’t DV8 damn bruh have some faith 😭

    Andre' Easter

    And gives Donte chances to play much more press man

    Griffin Ellison

    @Don’t DV8 You’re one of those all things are always negative fans

    Jesse Pinkman

    @Drii 33 Casual that wanted overrated Fields I bet. This was a great pick. Cheers bro

d 2

Dude this is who I was hoping we would pick. Our d is gonna be NASTY. The pass rush with this secondary? OMG


    we are an overall better team this year. especially with the free agents signings, hopefully aj bouye stays healthy our defense is stacked

    Jerrick Cole

    Let pound all the offenses in our division!


I see alot of negative feedback on this pick. It seems he can handle himself among the best offensive talent, I saw a TON of disappointment when we drafted Kuechly too, let’s get him on the field and see what he’s got. #KeepPounding

    Phantom Hunter

    Facts !!

    kyle chang

    I can’t believe the negativity behind this pick. Corner was literally our weakest position last year and we made a huge upgrade. I thought this was near an A+ pick especially since the broncos went corner and prob would’ve taken Jaycee if we hadn’t

    Jerrick Cole

    @skillethead15 That why we pick Jaycee Horn to counter-attack Atlanta Falcons by them picking Kyle Pitts on #4.

    Joseph Paz NFL

    I like the pick but I think it’s to high and almost all his plays he made was because the quarterbacks he face threw bad balls

    Pears Fan Panthers fan from a Bears family

    @skillethead15 not to mention that New Orleans wanted to trade up for a corner in the top 10 so taking the best cornerback that would do well against our receivers while also fitting our scheme is a banger pick.

Lathan Starnes

This makes a lot of sense to fill a position of need. They couldn’t have gotten him later if they traded back. I was hoping the Lions were going to make a terrible mistake and not take Sewell.

    David Barber

    Dallas Wanted Horn so they couldn’t hv gotten him by trading bck

    Jerrick Cole

    We all thought Detroit Lions was getting a WR, but instead, they got Penei Sewell. That the reason why the Carolina Panthers so long.

    David Barber

    @Jerrick Cole
    The reason Y what so long?


rhule is not looking too happy😂😂


    Ngl rhule looks like that in every press conference

    Wolverine Heat

    He wanted Sewell like most Panther fans

    Jerrick Cole

    @CMC ISTHEGOAT 😂😂😂😂😂

    Pears Fan Panthers fan from a Bears family

    Rhule just needs a nap after every game, draft pick, and free agency singing


Finally a solid corner for more than just 1 year since Chris Gamble!!


    @Michael prichett You must not know lol. Bradberry shut down everyone he lined up against. Including Julio, Michael Thomas, and deandre Hopkins. Study up.

    Michael prichett

    @YungRekless obviously you don’t because if you did you would know bradberry can’t handle small speedy wrs and he is only 50/50 on mike Evans julio and Thomas and on top of that if he was so shut down he would have took the franchise tag for 14 mil to stay here but he took the money to go to the giants. The only true shut down db we ever had was gamble. Bradberry doesn’t tackle all that great. Is he a solid db yes I won’t take that from him at all but shut down nah not even close. My panthers in there entire history only had 2 shut down corners and that was gamble and josh i would put bradberry in the tier below josh when Josh was in his prime here.


    @Michael prichett you must be a little kid or either just started watching football. Bradberry shadowed the opponents top receivers when he played for the panthers.

    Michael prichett

    @YungRekless if I was lil kid I wouldn’t know about Chris gamble being the best db the panthers had nor would I know bradberry didn’t shadow the wrs he went against bradberry was strictly a right side db since day 1. He doesn’t have the speed to shadow every reciever. As I stated before if Bradberry was so elite. His numbers would be better. Any wr that is big accept julio bradberry did solid work not shut down any small wr he has problems with plus he doesn’t tackle all that well he has always been solid at best not shut down elite. He wanted to be paid like a top 5 db and everyone accept the giants felt he was and the only reason the giants paid him was because gettleman was the gm that drafted him

Shane Hawk

this is who i wanted us to get

    Jerrick Cole


Jonathan Gillispie

Our defense is gonna be LETHAL

Adam Papp

With him and Donte and A.J we got 3 dog’s in the Back. Seems like we won’t make it easy for opposing offenses. Love the pick!!!!!!

    Landon Allen

    We going to strive because if Jaycee gets beat off the line chinn will be in able to help

    Q Strange

    Panthers fans got hosed badly feel bad for you guys Matt Rhule is not a good nfl coach

    Finley Jeanbatiste

    @Q Strange ok casual

    Peter Carrero

    @Q Strange troll

The Real Panther Fans

LOVE IT!!!!! Great pick guys!!!! Let’s goooooo Jaycee!!!!! Let’s square up that O-line next!!!!

The Lowk

Matt Rhule with the “Welcome to the everyone second guesses our draft picks” press conference look on his face.

Johnnie Mclean

Thieves ave…..still need to get a OT early though

    Adam Jellani

    Who did they steal?? Horn??? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Calvin Flinta

This pick really allows Chinn to fly around. We will get a starting OT on day 2. 2nd tier OTs are better than the 2nd tier CBs this year.

    Joe Shmo

    @Dustin Barlow he’s a top tier cornerback in a draft with a lot of other starting cornerbacks. The offensive tackles in this draft that weren’t Sewell were all overrated. I’ll make a note to come back to this comment thread in a year and we’ll reassess. Lol

    Ashton G

    @Joe Shmo fax

    d wade

    @Dustin Barlow bro stfu damn

    Matthew Farrelly

    Chinn is a MONSTER

    Matthew Farrelly

    @Dustin Barlow did you see what he did to Kyle Pitts and he went 4th?

Pyro Rex

This is what ive always wanted was to cover up our secondary as a true panthers fan i like what we are doing

    Jerrick Cole

    Me too

    Evan Anthony

    Me too. I never thought I’d see us take a CB top 10 or even in first round, but we did and I love it! A good secondary is so underrated. Glad to finally have a strong secondary again.

Nathaniel Newton

Good pick! A team’s 1st round draft pick needs to be a guy who can come in and make an instant impact. Congratulations Carolina, you got one.

Nick Byrd

Horn locked down Waddle, Moore, Pitts, and Marshall this past season. He can truly be a lockdown corner like we haven’t had since Norman at his peak.

    Jonathan Padilla

    Really more since Chris Gamble

    Terrence Tate

    And bradberry

    Kenny Matthews

    @Jonathan Padilla Horn reminds me of a better version of Gamble.

    James Werts

    @Kenny Matthews a more athletic Bradberry with a higher ceiling.

east res

honestly i like this pic, ofc you get excited about a flashy pick like fields, but we got darnold for a reason. and to hear them addressing 3rd down problems, as well as last two minute situations, feels great, makes me feel like they’re aware of what they actually need to work on. Defense is gonna be special this year.

    Q Strange

    Yea but scoring 9 points a game in a offensive league ain’t gonna get you nothing but another top 5 pick 🤣

Micheal Hudson

I almost passed out when the talking heads said Justin fields. I was like omg people did anyone look at our division, we need cover guys. Especially for Tampa

    Connor Hinkel


    James Werts

    Exactly and Atlanta

    Dylan Engel

    Godwin, Mike Evans, Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley, Michael Thomas??

    Arguably the toughest division for a CB to play in. Glad we got someone who can come in and help the team right away. Definitely a much needed position!

    Hoping for a couple Lineman and possibly a TE today!

    James Werts

    @Dylan Engel maybe one of those RBs from UNC if they are there as well. Lol

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