Scangarello on Titans’ defense: It’s the best secondary we’ve seen all year’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Leo Quist Reply


    Snipes Galore Forever Reply


nedar giordano Reply

The Broncos fell asleep, after the super bowl 50 victory.

    Snipes Galore Forever Reply


    Eshan Bhatt Reply

    Nah they deserved to be in the playoffs the year after. They were very good

    Jonathan Bailey Reply

    I wouldn’t say broncos fell asleep after sb 50 we lost alot of weapons since sb 50 we lost franchise qb,d cor, o cor,great d players,coaches,now we’re just rebuildn.

    nedar giordano Reply

    @Jonathan Bailey The Defense couldn’t stop the Jaguars rookie, undersized quarterback. Pathetic

    Jonathan Bailey Reply

    There’s been a few changes in the defense the d will be fine 2-4 sunday @ home vs Titans.

Steven Soco Reply

Broncos need an owner. Where are you NFL?

Steven Soco Reply

Great coach. Let’s keep the coaches and replace the front office.

    Snipes Galore Forever Reply


    Besto303 Reply

    @Snipes Galore Forever
    You stfu

    William Vang Reply

    It is not the front office it is the stupid damn coaches who has no brain to teach and use the good players.

Ronald Krikorian Reply

Where are the Broncos? 1-4. WHAT?

Darion Spencer Reply

Eman needs another 150+ yrd game 💪🏽

Abigail B Reply

I think things are headed in the right direction. They needed time to adjust. It is a whole new system, players, coaches….now if they could just get Phillip more involved in the passing game.

Brad James Reply

So, run the ball.

Ketchup303 Reply

Broncos gonna lose. Defense is gonna stink it up

William Vang Reply

Fire some stupid damn coaches and build a good team with Joe. Come on Rich open the damn book and let the offensive fly man.

david banner Reply

Man this dude really needs to get more creative, he’s good for 2 qrt’s and then he falls to sleep. Almost 2 full quarters of 3 and outs is killing our defense, if he could just put together an whole game, even 3quarters of sustainable offense would be sure wins , with the defense we have. Stop being so damn predictable after 17 points of scoring, I swear if this guy could open it up, just a little bit, we would surely be above .500!

Kaleb Hayes Reply

Titanup broncos we comin

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