Scangarello: ‘I know we’re going to be great, I know we’re going to score points’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Gotta put points on the board

    ray ray

    Tell that to bolles

    Damion Pinales

    We gotta get the pass-rush too wtf 2 games down and no sacks..🤨

    ray ray

    @Damion Pinales tell that to the chips , double teams , and chop blokes and a fast pass off

Begreat 7

Man I know we lost 2 games but I believe this is going to make our team stronger and the coaching staff is amazing and through all the adversity they keep pushing all respect 💉🧡💙 #broncoscountry


Just finish in the redzone, we’d be 2-0


    Pretty much, yeah. They’ll get it figured out. We’ve got the RBs to make it happen.

    ray ray

    Tell that to bolles lol

    M E

    ray ray 😂when we do get in, “holding offense #72 10 yard penalty

    ray ray

    @M E as soon as we convert a big play here comes a flag on 72

ray ray

How we top 5 in pushing down the field fast ,#1 time of possession and in plays per possession in offense but can’t score, oh yeah because garret bolles

    Brad James

    you hit the nail on the head. He’s worthless.

    Fernando !

    Dude I don’t think all 31 teams since 2012 have had worst drafts than the broncos. Oswieler, Lynch, Bolles and remember Ball lol.

    ray ray

    @Fernando ! this year and last years was probably the best drafts we had in a while

    L F

    Fernando ! Sylvester Williams was a bum too.

    Gabe A

    Fernando ! Dolphins? Doesn’t look like they’ve had good drafts for a while


We need more production in the red zone

    Weston Schmid

    Omg it sucks to watch

Jaime Rockett

Hear me bronco nation, here’s what we need to do: bench bolles, execute in red zone, offense can’t wait till 4th quarter to start playing, defense needs to get sacks. Add all this up it means victory vs green bay.



toby vigil

Anyone else though we shoulda ran it with royce up the middle on that fuller interception how bout some better play calling against the packers early not late!!!!


Thank you for getting the microphones sorted out! It’s a huge difference being able to hear the questions 👌🏼

StrayCO 303720

I got tons of faith in this team I also see a new demeanor that is good and I like Scangarello and all the coaches. We going to take it to the Packers!!


We need 7 points each drive not 3 🤦 we rely on McManus to much

    frozone frozone

    reliable fantasy kicker

Charles A Townsend

Lets get that redzone fixed. Score! Be great.

George Marc

No trick plays or passes at the goal line – that is just dumb.

Jose Namaste

No the job on offense is to score points first, don’t turn over second ! What do you mean dude?!


    In order to score the ball you can’t turn the ball over. I get what he’s saying

Lorin Lewis

This is not a coaching problem IMO. We lack talent on offense. We have one of the worst o-lines in the league , we have an old statue QB that has sits back there…throws picks…and gets sacked….a lot flacco will eventually get hurt here soon. He is to fragile to take all these hits. The broncos defense has 0 sacks in 2 gamesand 0 turnovers….lol. that seems impossible with this defense..but here we are.

The feel I get from the leaders of this team is that they generally don’t give a They are used to losing…going on 3 years of losing..and losing…and more losing. They even have a slogan for losing this year…every press conference they tell us: “We’re disappointed but not discouraged”. It’s like calling the cable company and getting the same regurgitated feedback. It’s going to be a long…long season Bronco fans.


    Not sure why you said “picks”. Flacco has only thrown one at this point. I agree this will be a long season but I do feel Fangio still has the locker room. I feel the offense is lacking experience, not talent. But I do agree that I feel all the coaches are doing fine.

Pat Mang

Holding 72 Holding 72 Holding 72 Holding 72 Holding 72 Holding 72


Yes !!! I can here questions and answers now!

Already Know

We could easily be 2-0 if we could just finish in red zone and get tds not fgs and limit turn overs n red zone

Jesse Mermella

thought NFL copy cat league this offense is playing offense from 4 years ago i see no difference RIP in Greenbay

dominic valdez

I don’t like the way he calls the plays play calling needs to be better period the players need to play better but its 2 loses on the coaching can’t happen

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