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Saquon Carries the Giants Downfield for a TD!

Saquon Barkley leads the Giants to their first touchdown drive on the day. The Buffalo Bills take on the New York Giants during Week 2 of the 2019 NFL season.

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BornOnTheWestCoast Reply

This guy is so talented

Da Sports Fan Reply

Cocky Bills fans: We’ll destroy the Giants
Saquon: We’ll see about that

    Anthony Desenso Reply

    They raping us

    roxanne schwenk Reply


    PHILSwIfft T Reply

    SSS_YOUR_A_BOT _ well your comment didn’t age well now did it

Thomas Tiberio Reply

The patriots just scored. Probably going to see that a lot today

Edit: I’m a dolphin fan

    SuperSoldier 994 Reply

    Yeah it’s too bad.

    Tyler Keightley Reply

    I feel bad for u guys

    _ TimeMarine Reply


    Penguins622 Reply

    You should think about moving

Sports Edits Reply

Best RB in the NFL🙌

    chris stewart Reply

    Naw Alvin kamara have you seen him in action my goodness

    NuclearElite Reply

    Sports Edits Zeke Elliot?

    Sports Edits Reply

    NuclearElite who’s that 🤡?

    Sports Edits Reply

    NuclearElite Barkley is Better than Zeke at Pretty much Everything.

    Nsane_408 Reply

    Josh Jacobs😳

Bo Borris Reply

Hes so good. Bills gunna have a long day if they don’t figure out how to stop him quick

    Graciano Alvirde Reply

    My Giants have no D, Barkley could score 28 on his own and the giants would still give up 35 points and lose.

    Doboys Stomach Reply

    Bo Borris well they figured out how to stop and the score is currently 21-7 with 6 minutes left

    Bo Borris Reply

    Doboys Stomach 6 mins left in first half. Still tons of football left. Go bills! Allen looks really good rn. I know giants defence isn’t really good but still nice to see him look comfortable

Brendan Villafane Reply

Who else had to watch this because this game wasn’t on their TV?

    Silver Is The Name Reply

    Bills vs Giants boring asf man I rather watch Antoinio Browns debut until the Saints v Rams game comes on ofc WHO DAT ⚜️

    iFrosty Reply

    @Jzach In The Redzone how do you watch streams on there

    Brendan Villafane Reply

    Silver Is The Name yeah I can’t wait to watch the saints and rams game too,but the giants and bills are like a rivalry from what happen in the super bowl.

    Slumpy Boy Reply

    @Peter Smith borderline it is but the streamers have the links to the games in the description

G 18 Reply

Imagine knowing the only good thing on the Giants offense is saquan and still getting burnt🤣🤣🤣🤣

    G 18 Reply

    @A.T X 🤦🏽‍♂️

    Isaiah Ling Reply

    MRTUPAC 28 the fact you think any of us giants fans think that makes you a moron.

    A.T X Reply

    G 18 bruh he is good

    A.T X Reply

    G 18 I didn’t say their offense was good lol I’m saying Evan Ingram is

    Isaiah Ling Reply

    A.T X Engram*

Denzel Covena Reply

Insane he can still run with that whole team on his back

Nu's Reply

Lol even if they kno he’s coming they still can’t stop him….that’s crazy.


Folks were looking at the next great Walter Payton

    Elijah Dratte Reply

    THE SPOT yes but more like Barry Sanders

    Matthew Vides Reply

    I think he plays more like Ladanian Tomlinson.

    Phil Smith Reply

    More like the first saquan barkley

Devonte powell Reply

im getting barry sanders vibes from him lol he’s going to be carrying for awhile 💀

Ifeanyi Ilonzo Reply

Now he gonna get 5 carries the rest of the game.

    Loc T Reply

    Knowing the Giants. Yeah.

    “Oh hey that worked wonderfully. Let’s stop doing that”

    nathan d Reply

    Good, save his body and hopefully someday the giants will get their heads out of their a$$.

    Dirty Worm 850 Reply


Card Man Reply

Saquon Barkley is better than Ezekiel Elliott.

    Pi Day Rocks Reply

    @itis whatitis It kind of is by a lot. Just look at the stats last year. Among qualified players, Barkley was 9th in yards/carry and Elliot was 17th. Barkley was 5th in rushing TDs and Elliot was 21st. Barkley had the 5th longest rush and Eliot was 36th. Barkley never fumbled and Elliot fumbled 6 times. Barkley led the league in scrimmage yards (yards from both rushing and receiving) despite having 30 fewer touches overall than Elliot, which just goes to show how efficient Barkley is with his runs/routes. Barkley has a much better combination of speed, athleticism and strength that allows him to create missed tackles. In fact, he led the league last year in “Yards after Contact” (YAC) with 931. The next closest player was Todd Gurley with 730 — 200 fewer yards after contact! Elliot, who had the most touches in all of football and thus the most opportunities to have YAC, was 3rd with 718. One of the biggest factors of course is also the offensive line’s ability to run-block. Cowboys ranked 8th in that category last year while the Giants ranked 29th… so Barkley did all of this with one of the worst run-blocking O-lines in the league. He is miles ahead of everyone else.

    jacobweave1231 Reply

    Last game Barkley had 11 carries for 120 yards. Zeke has 13 carries for 53 yards. And people will say oh barkley has that 59 yard run take that away. Ok? If you do, 10 carries for 61 yards. Still 6.1 yards a carry. This week: Barkley 18 carries 107 yards 1 TD. Zeke: 23 carries 111 yards 1 TD. You give Barkley 5 more carries he exceeds 111 yards. Barkley>zeke.

    JImmy Sanders Reply

    That’s why Zeke has more fantasy points right?

    jacobweave1231 Reply

    JImmy Sanders and has more domestic violence charges right?

    Darius Watson Reply

    Yes and no but he’s close to zeke he got the burst faster than zeke

JellyPlat Reply

You could just end the title at “Saquon Carries the Giants”

    Thrilling Productions Reply

    JellyPlat seriously tho

    Chico Reply


    swave158 Reply

    I don’t care what anyone says while Saquon is a great back, when it comes to run blocking the Giant’s offensive is pretty good. It in their Pass Blocking, they really need help at times. LOL 😁

    Kenneth Petovic Reply


    EnlightenedIron Reply

    pretty much…

Jose Escobar Reply

Our best player! Let’s go Big Blue! GOD bless HIS feet.

Rahim Jamal Jones Reply

Thats one helluva running back…..! Futur HoF

Gardy Philemond Reply

I hope they play him smart. This kid is the real deal.

xLCx52 Gaming Reply

I hope saquon barkley has a great year despite giants might not have one.

Condor Gaming Reply

It’s funny cuz barkely is like a souped up Barry Sanders and just like Barry the team around him sucks. He’s a real one if he stays wit the Giants after his contract is up 😂

    mritizwatitiz Reply

    max Kellerman, is that you?

    Condor Gaming Reply

    @mritizwatitiz that’s blasphemous

Benjamin Reply

Too bad this their only touchdown cuz they down 21-7 against the bills

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