Saquon Barkley Reveals His Guilty Pleasure Song 😂 | Texting with Saquon Barkley – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Lil Zippy

Barkley goat?

    Theodore Moundo





I like this video

Sam Booh

Best running back in the league and that’s that

Sebastián Allegre

Saquon 🐐

Flymoolah man 27

That’s cool, Best running back in the history of the NFL


    Not yet but he will be

    Mr. Miniguy

    in time

Big- Texas

We don’t want Dallas cowboys to advance😂😂

    Aidan Lange

    Big- Texas Were gonna win but the cowboys will lose

Hotshot 14380

Love watching these little interviews with the players. Kind of brings them down to earth in a way, I don’t just see them as football players.


I’ve never heard of the Arianna Grande but to be fair the last time I went to Starbucks was in 2003 and thought it was overrated and mediocre.

Roberto Fernandez M

Barkley es muy chingón

Stiltmans Stilt

It was funny when people who were bringing up his 100yrd rush yards games drought , they failed to mention the dolphins game was the first game Saquon got atleast 20carries all yr and he missed games during the stretch (Kinda hard to get 100yrds when u don’t play) , and favored the ankle for a few weeks after returning .
But that would be context. Can’t use that..smh

    Nash Scheber

    What’s very impressive is he can still get 1000 rushing yards if he gets 89 more .

Big Blue Elo80

The future is hopefully bright !!

Lamar Bowman

My g likes 7 rings 😂

Babysharko 564

I have a shirt of NFL of saquon Barkley 26💪💯

Theodore Moundo


Emzee Follman

If u want ppl to look up to u u gotte get Dem rings

the last of us king

Have you ever played the last of us video game

RD2 4

Sorry man I definitely disagree with his choice of music those are possibly the worst choices ever


Saqaon like this comment

william martin

We love you saquan i got your jersey for christmas

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