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A random burner Acc

Shouldve got more carries

Saquon Barkley #Beezy #26Hunnit #BreakinRecords

Only 11 carries bruh

    Sean Boyle

    @I Want Iso That is understandable, but why did he only get his 6th carry at 12:20 left in the third quarter and down 2 scores, that means that 6 of his 11 (more than half) carries came after they were down 2 scores. They could have kept the game closer if they would have fed him earlier on in the game.

Money Blaise

Bruh give him 20 carries at least I freaking lost


    Rohan Jani I’m not even tryna hear all that because Zeke has held out of all activities since January and still got more touches than Saquon so Shurmur is definitely the problem

    Money Blaise

    Neil Sarkar Ik I did but I just really wanted to win

    Detroit Trap Music

    Yea they should run him to the ground so he can get injured tearing his acl

Jeremiah higgins

Next game he need more touches and 8 need to come in

    Rayvon Velez

    @Elijah Albea what you talking about?

    Bob Haily

    Nope still an l for you


    @Elijah Albea The O was in scoring position twice and couldn’t convert. All Elis fault and Shurmur and yes, the secondary was playing 2 hand touch.


How do you give someone with 120 yards 11 carries?? Our staff is trash, all they do is call short pass plays and defensive plays that leave people wide tf open 🤦🏾‍♂️

    ever grow

    @RD2 4 hater. That’s not facts

    BB Clover 2010

    Dj Payne 10 for 60 so 6 yards per carry without his biggest run. what’s your point

Marcellus Aaron

Zeke vs Barkley is like Barry vs Emmitt


    Marcellus Aaron yeah I agree I put these 2 and Christian McCaffrey in my top 3

    SmithN' Wesson

    @Maga 2020 Baby he is stronger. Faster. More explosive and does it on one of the worst teams in the NFL 😆

    Jacob Hansby

    Marcellus Aaron look at his rookie season. This is his second season.

Juju az

Just start Daniel Jones already and get Saquon way more involved. The Giants Don’t deserve Saquon and Saquon doesn’t deserve the Giants. Smh 🤦‍♂️

    Ty Nao

    @King Napstablock Lmao no. Your offense is trash. Eli is trash. Move on you abused and used wifey

    Yo Yo

    @VitaminDevil- G need a defense to win games

    Jay Man

    Why get him more involved. They’re not gonna win anything. Why use him up when you have nothing to play for. If he gets hurt because of excess touches then you have absolutely no threat whatsoever

Anthony Cascen

He should of gotten at least 25+ carries.

anay kumar

Eli Manning is a millionaire for giving the ball to Saquan


    He was a millionaire at birth, his father was an NFL QB. But yeah…Eli should retire.

    Elijah Mitchell

    Matt no he’s a millionaire because he was drafted high from being a great college qb and winning two rings

    Nick Kinsey

    Elijah Mitchell dude shut up . He’s a millionaire cause of daddy . Stop dickriding your Qb is trash and should retire . He’s literally holding that team back

    Justin Pettit

    @Elijah Mitchell He’s a millionaire from both really. Lol.

B Walle

How TF does he only get the ball 11 TIMES!? That’s bush league coaching.


    The giants were down a lot all game

    The Keeper

    The offense only had 4 possessions in the entire first half

    Daniel Giummule

    Keep him healthy i guess 🤷‍♂️

    Pasadena Virgo

    Why waste him in a game that’s not close for fantasy points


This dude is a legend hopefully the giants surround him with talent soon

    Sean Hamlet

    Siniicx man I hope so cause its ridiculous to have his talent wasted should not have traded odell.


    They seem to have a gameplan to do the opposite of that.


    I can already tell the division is going to be fire next year. Cowboys look great, eagles got their core. Giants are rebuilding next year. Really as soon as the redskins get it together, NFC East is going to be fun for years to come.

James Mullen

Already the best RB in the NFL


o line gave him enough holes. man could’ve had 4 TDs this game. run him a lot more and especially give him the ball when in the end zone.


Only the Giants could have a hungry bonafide beast at RB foaming at the mouth and not feed him. You have a generational talent in the backfield. Use him!!!!! Saquon should’ve had at least 20 touches.


Only two things make sense trying to understand his lack of touches: Giants wanted to ease him in because he didn’t play in the preseason AND/OR they knew they weren’t going to win this game and planned on saving him some damage.

Johnny Morawski

Only had 11 carries for the day is a joke

Pat Wiggins

The only reason I wanted to watch this game was to see Barkley. Guess the Giants had other ideas

Kenzen Kong

Just out coached today and it showed with giving Barkley only 11 carries


Your best weapon and you barely used him 🤦🏿‍♂️😂

Aspis Gaming

The day they give barkley 30 carries is the day he runs for 400 yards

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