San Francisco 49ers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Week 1 Game Preview | Move the Sticks – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Heso Melo Reply

I just like saying Pornstar Jimmy

    Salvador Carrasco Reply

    Heso Melo ha ha very funny little boy

    CEN CAL Reply

    How is jimmy g a pornstar?

Zareh Kantzabedian Reply

Game Preview. Otherwise known as “Stating the Obvious.”

Rodney Harris Jr Reply

Go 49ers

ghost in the shell357 Reply

26-13 49ers over bucs

    Go Buccaneers Reply

    NickTheQuick 224 what happened last year all of you biased 49ers fans

    Trevor Marks Reply

    Go Buccaneers why are you compare last year 49ers to this year smdh see you Sunday 🤦🏾‍♂️

    N!cholas K!m Reply

    @NickTheQuick 224 See you on sunday 👋

    mikeandmars2345 Reply

    @Trevor Marks exactly

    mikeandmars2345 Reply

    @NickTheQuick 224 ok lol I will come back to your comment on Monday

StarDeku Reply

49ers: 24

Bucs: 17

TX Made Niner Reply

I feel this year our defense will be able to hold a lead. There been so many times when our offense does it’s job and scores 21+ points but we would loose last year because of no pass rush. I feel it in the air, we in this money

    N!cholas K!m Reply


    BigDiq LilClet Reply

    wed be elite if we had a #2 CB alongside sherman

    TX Made Niner Reply

    @BigDiq LilClet thats the thing that a great pass rush helps out. Our DBs wont have to cover more than 2-3 seconds. In the Harbaugh era, we had the best front 7 and yet some shoddy Corners. But because of our pass rush, it made them look elite because of how the pass rush flusters the QB into forcing errant throws and strip sacks.

MrMegaFredZeppelin Reply

49er Faithful 🙂 49ERS FOR LIFE!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!!

BigBadBrad Reply

Battle of the Bays.

Cesar Guzman Reply

Lord let the niners have a great season plz!!!! I dont like crying!!!!

    John B Reply

    We going 11-5 and heading to the playoffs this year

    James Noriega Reply

    Don’t worry, I’m sure you’re god cares a lot of the results of a football game, but… with religion anything is possible.

Meteor Smash Reply

SF 34
TB 25

Tucker the YouTuber Reply

This will be a shootout unless the Niners can dominate on the line. SF 42-38

    Jerome Green Reply

    Tucker the YouTuber lol

da'ved velazquez Reply


D23 SQUAD Reply

At least Carson played 16 games in the last two seasons but yet he’s the one called injury prone smh

    Shourik Banerjee Reply

    Garoppolo played 9 in 1 and a half seasons. Carson missed 16 games. Garoppolo missed 13 not including benchings.

Sean Bozeman Reply

Niners 27
Bucs 14

TreyJames 19 Reply

This game is the hardest one to predict so i’ll say 49ers 26 Buccaneers 23

AntmanFelix Reply

Experts think that this is the same San Francisco defense from last year. They significantly improved, particularly in the pass rush which they had none what so ever last year.

NickTheQuick 224 Reply

That Bucs defense looks like it’s gonna be much improved under Bowles and they’re still loaded on offense. If Jameis continues not forcing things and taking what the defense gives him like he showed in preseason this is a team that could sneak into the playoffs.

    Privacy First Reply

    Absolutely not. They’re in the wrong division to sneak a wild card. Against NO, Carolina, and ATL? Honestly I want the bucs to improve for sure but all 3 other teams in the division are WAY too good for them to make a run.

    mikeandmars2345 Reply

    @Privacy First exactly facts



Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos Reply

The first reason the guy gave for the 49ers feel week? I get Jimmy is supposed to be the key but what does this being his debut have to do with anything with the gameplan?

Rock Chaney Reply

GO BUCS !!! Final score predicted: BUCS 27- 13 over SF

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