San Francisco 49ers vs. Cincinnati Bengals Week 2 NFL Game Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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mike c

Niners front 7 going to be a big factor in this game.

    49ers FAITHFUL Nj

    I hope nick bosa is good to for us sunday

    Z. R. C. films

    @49ers FAITHFUL Nj he’s good, it’s just soreness like when u heal from something and how it gets sore the first day or two you’re on it. He’ll be ready

Big Jay

Yeah, the 9ers are going to have to bring it in this game. Cincinnati looked good against Seattle and was robbed with that terrible call at the end. Also, the 9ers receivers are going to have to really step it up. At this point teams may just start doubling Kittles and forcing the other receivers to beat them!

    Z. R. C. films

    Wtf Seattle almost gave them that gave. All their points came from mistakes on the defense

    Z. R. C. films

    BTW teams been doubling kittle since last year lmao

    All about the Mula

    Z. R. C. films No 🧒 Kittle is going to forever be doubled since last year 🀣

    J Murdah

    Eat your all’s words after the game and think of me lol #whodey

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

After what the 49ers did to us I have to say 49ers win this one.

    Nemo 05

    @Ashton Carpenter same for the Bengals though

    J Murdah

    @Nemo 05 not as trash as you may think πŸ€”

    Fishing Mafia


    Kael Tyiska

    I met a lot of bucs fans that game and they are respectful and classy.

    Look at my suit

    I’m a Niners fan and I agree this guy is one in disguise πŸ˜‚ he has gone well beyond good sportsmanship

Mike Jay

Jimmy G will throw for four TD’s and my score 31-16

    Mr. Lightskin

    And no holding penalty

dylan pierz

Niners never win away on the east coast especially in 93 degree weather in Tampa. Big statement win. The 9ers are hungry and disciplined. The run game needs to be established for Jimmy to get into a rhythm, Jimmy g needs to throw the ball accurately, Jimmy needs a safety blanket other than kittle to appear. I think 49ers win this one. If they follow those three keys it’ll be a Win by double digit points. I think their offense hits a stride jimmy g throws two TDs for 250 yards. Bengals defense isn’t good I expect them to get exposed in the run by their weak LB core. 49ers 30-17.

    RK Belmont

    I heard Robbie Gould, Breida and Williams got dehydrated. I wonder how tf a Kicker gets dehydrated he is standing next to the cooler all day.

    SF Faithful17

    RK Belmont 90 degree heat with 50% humidity ain’t no joke

    49ers FAITHFUL Nj

    Seahawks ain’t the same team that they used to be it’s not the legion of boom anymore so we can see how the Bengals defense looked but come on my niners defense it’s serious and where are ready top 10 working our way to top five let’s get it faithful

    Lane Splitter

    did you just saying the niners are disciplined (or were since I’m talking about last game) after all those penalties?? lolz.


    I like this but I would say the Niners need more discipline. Clean up those penalties. People like to take a stab at Garoppolo not being accurate, but if it were not for those penalties, the score would have been a lot different being some TDs were called back. This game should be a good one.


A close game but the 49ers will win with a touchdown in OT 33-27

    King Drip

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sure

da'ved velazquez

49ers win


Hope my NINERS can get that W.


49ers Win 27-17

Merle Thies

Im going 49ers but tough game tho.


Niners 2-0 lets get that W FAITHFUL…..

Mystic Ace

49ers 37 Bengals 20 (offense has a great day)


    How are they going to put up that many more points than Seattle? They are worse at almost everything on offense.

    Mystic Ace

    Bmess55 I think they’ll clean up the penalties and plus they had multiple touchdowns called back last week and I don’t think Seattle is all that


    @Bmess55 Better TE Better OL Better RB core when healthy. You have QB and MAYBE WR

    Nemo 05

    @Bmess55 welp i guess one game defines how are offense will do the whole season , you need to actually watch football


    Nemo 05 I do? SF did not look good at all on offense against TB, and I think Cincys defense is pretty good this year. I have Cincy 20-14


Niners defense going to be top 5 by midseason if not sooner

    potato patata

    They beat the bucs, chill

    Nemo 05

    @potato patata it’s the NFL though

    SaMoEnds 415

    potato patata buccs had a top 10 or 5 offense w Bruce Arians

Alfuquon Patilla

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ nick bosa reminds me of the waterboy

Meteor Smash

49ers 26
Bengals 17


Niners win

America 81

Our Awesome Niners stayed on the East by flying from Florida straight to Cincinnati, OH & staying at a nice 5 star Hotel for the entire week hard to beleive starting your first 2 games are on the road Cincy will be tough to beat at there place but they said the same BS about the Buccaneers winning Big & look what happened lol GO Niners please come home with a 2-0 start I guarantee Levi’s stadium will be sold out πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘!!!!!!!

Zain Rahman

Wtf were those predictions??!?!?!! Can’t believe people still hating on the Niners wow. That’s like saying the dolphins will beat the patriots. These people literally don’t do any other job other than being an nfl analyst but the only thing they analyzing is tom brady’s d.

Mr. Lightskin

My Niners gotta win this game.
Bengels 17 Niners 35

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