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Sammy Watkins’ MONSTER Game | NFL 2019 Highlights

Sammy Watkins had himself a day with 198 yards and 3 touchdowns! The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Jacksonville Jaguars during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Nehemiah Howard

He was a good pickup for my fantasy team😊😂


    @Nehemiah Howard I bet you use Yahoo? I use EPSN app. Scoring is different


    @Nehemiah Howard but regardless, badass day for Watkins.

    Money Minded

    He was on my bench 🤬🤬🤬


Watkins wasn’t playing when he promised to be the best WR in the league this year


    SSA INVINCIBLEx this mans on my fantasy football team 😂


    When healthy he is the best. Have yall seen him at clemson. More athletic jerry rice

    Cameron DeCeglie

    Stephano what are u sayin lmao he is not even top 5 when healthy realistically he a beast but no smh

    Mike Rodick

    Lowellhawk-Fortnite me too lmao. Got like 48 points. Then Saquon got 17. Tf?


Watkins “There was some guy who was trying to guard me saying that we got robbed in the AFC championship game against the Patriots. He screamed this as I ran into the end zone”.

    Shawn Christianson



Like he was playing madden 20 with an X factor pat mahomes

Dre Pryor

Finally healthy, finally get to show how much of a monster Sammy really is. Top 5 talent when healthy.

    Dre Pryor

    -Decimate- I said talent not that he’s top 5 People forget that Sammy was looked at as a generational talent even over Odell coming outta Clemson. Now did it happen like that in the NFL naw but nobody’s knows what Sammy could’ve been if it wasn’t for injuries. We just now getting a healthy Sammy


    Exactly. Andy Reid said it best, Sammy is one of if not the best WR he’s ever seen coming out of college. When you watch him play there’s nothing he can’t do. He’s either good, great or spectacular in all areas and now that he’s healty people are gonna get a taste of reality.

    No days off

    @SSA INVINCIBLEx Exactly. Blocks well, physical, good YAC, great hands, good routes. He’s legit one of the best WR prospect in recent years. Just unlucky with injuries.


    @Dre Pryor And somehow he’s still only 26.

Jiggy Bah

The Clemson Watkins is back. He was best wr in college

    Jiggy Bah

    Bill Tuigamala duh

    Bill Tuigamala

    Jiggy Bah btw it’s watkins, WATSON played qb for clemson

    Shawn Christianson

    Bill Tuigamala Hopkins has avoided injury and probably has the best hands I’ve ever seen. But when healthy Watkins is a machine

    casino Tee

    I’ll have to say Deandre Hopkins…..


when you are a chiefs fan and sit him on the bench on your fantasy team 😓😔

    Jake From State Farm

    I feel it man. 52 points gone

    shane taylor

    i did the same but im still crushing the other guy

    The Word Walker

    Jarid same

    The Word Walker

    Jarid rip

Loyal Philly fan

This man would probably be a top 5 wr by now he’s just been injured a lot early in his career

ahdiaby01 123

Reminds me of Clemson Sammy 🤩🤩🤩


Honestly top 10 wr potential when healthy. Such a beast.


And he was on my bench! 😭😭😭

Bryce Kuhn

been saying this forever. top 5 talent easily when healthy

    Clint Brooks



This was classic clemson Sammy Watkins


Damn why did I have him in my bench in fantasy

Rusty Shackleford

Had him on my fantasy bench today. Regretting it big time now. I hope he stays healthy and he continues to put up big stats with Hill out over the next couple of weeks.

    Dixon Films

    Same smh lol

Camden Jackson

This man is gonna go crazy with Tyreek Hill hurt now.

Mathew Boboros

Godamnit buffalo..

Fabian Moye

Jalen Ramsey got juked out his shoes

    Mark Naseef

    Fabian Moye he got thrown lmfao


Watched this dude as a Clemson fan destroy souls. From a pure talent perspective he had more talent than Hopkins at Clemson. Kind of easy to tell the injuries hampered his speed a bit, but if he can stay healthy he can be a top WR easily. Question is IF he can stay healthy. That was always the question.

Leon Florence

That first TD was a throwback to the Clemson days

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