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Sam Darnold Directs the Jets Downfield for a Le’Veon Bell TD

Sam Darnold leads his team 55 yards downfield to set up a Le'Veon Bell touchdown run. The Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Jets during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Luther R. Say Reply πŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¦… 🏈

ty millz Reply

I’m not a fan of either team but that would be dope if the jets win…lol

    TMM Appliance Network Reply

    may the football God’s hear u

    Gabriel Reply


    Kube Dog Reply

    One team is playing with a backup quarterback. It ain’t the Jets.

    ty millz Reply

    They actually wonπŸ‘€

Hercule Poirot Reply

They OBLITERATED THE CLOCK from 0:47 to the end of the vid

Dooky Reply

Jets win, someone is getting fired on Dallas.

    LeeTravius Mckay Reply

    Jerry not firing himself so…

    Mystery Man Reply

    Some serious looking faces on the Cowboys sidelines.

    David Lee Cruiser Reply

    Yes his name is Jason Gerrett..

    Mike Vang Reply

    I’ll wait to see Skip’s excuses this time

Glen Savage quagmire Reply

Shannon – skiipppppp ! How about them coooooowwwww boys πŸ˜‚

BravestWinter Reply

If Cowboys loose, it shows that they are a long way from winning the super bowl.

    ThreeBears Sandoval Reply

    Lmao even if they won they’re still light years away from a super bowl

Pumitri Reply

Even though I’m a patriots fan it’s nice to see Darnold back

    Epic Adventures Reply

    Pumitri this means a lot

    Pumitri Reply

    @Epic Adventures lol yh

2Keen To give a what Reply

Sam Darnold>Jameis Winston

    Mike_ Z Reply

    2Keen To give a what anyone>>>>jameis winston

Kenneth Petovic Reply


AustinSBL306 Reply

He’s in β€œMONO-POLY” mode 🀣

dee is your highness Reply

Dak gets his 40 million?

Mark Miller Reply

I think the cowboys are cursed because of the ownership!!!

bruce lau Reply

Jets win , u know someone on Dallas Cowboys is getting the slip

Kaizaro123 Reply

Let’s hear it for AMERICA’S TEAM, y’all!! 😁😁😁

    Cortez Armstrong Reply


    Thomas Cusack Reply

    @Cortez Armstrong fans like you are why we all love laughing at the Cowboys!

X_UtahRaptorZ_X Reply

Bruh…… Are the Cowboys seriously going to lose to the Jets??

    LegendaryDN Reply

    Sam is back. He carries the Jets

Mystery Man Reply

Jets outshining and out performing the Cowboys. Cowboys missing passes and chances for points.

sam hawkz Reply

Skip.. skip. Skip πŸ˜‚

LeeTravius Mckay Reply

Shannon “Dak came to my restaurant and got hot L”
Skip “hmm”
Shannon “I told you to bring that same energy on Monday Skip Bayless”

Robert Cadenas Reply

Glad to see Darnold back. I watched USC games when he played even though I’m a UH student.

Brendon P. Reply

This is how good the jets are with there starting QB healthy, clueless fans will be surprised πŸ˜‚

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