Saints vs Texans Raw On-Field Highlights | 2019 NFL Week 1 | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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The InvictusSamaritan Reply

After seeing Latavius Murray destroy our defense the past few years with the Raiders and Vikings I’m glad he’s on our side. #TayTrain

    Derrick Tyler Reply

    He looked good.

Kras 4 Reply

Damn Lutz. I knew you had a nice leg but damn. That would have been good from 65.

Batman Blood Reply

Kind of wish you would’ve added strief and McCallister calls to this instead of MNF

    Derrick Tyler Reply

    That call was hype. I enjoyed it.

Omega Supreme #9 Reply



That kick would have made it easy 60 yards!

Derrick Tyler Reply

Whoever the commentator is he deserves a raise. One of the best calls ever!!!!

Parker Gabriel Reply

Better than the super bowl.

Jerry Pore Jr. Reply

The best game ever!

rebellious & un4given Reply

We better improve quickly at the secondary position if we expect to win the Superbowl!!!! Stop leaving Eli isolated with his WR, he has to have help over the top!!!! Come on Saints dont take what i say for granted plz!!!! Apple doesnt have recovering speed like Deon Sanders or Jalen Ramsey or Ward from the Cleveland Browns. Keep Williams shadowing Eli’s backside to protect him against the deep ball bcz open field he’ll get torched at the worse time every time. Lattimore has to control the crowd with brutal sacks!!!

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