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Josue Tejada Reply

It looks like the Saints will be okay without Drew Brees

    Seattle808 Reply

    Holy crap us Hawks fans need to sit down and shut up, we got beat in every phase, the points we got were in garbage time, if Drew was playing we woulda got dusted at home by double digits. We need to realize we do not have a playoff ready team currently, the saints are a much better overall team at this point in the season, great game Who Dat nation! I’ll give credit where credit is due. Hopefully we don’t play like this in AZ next week or we’ll be sitting at .500 in last place in the NFC West

    Jason King Reply

    @Seattle808 To beat a team on the road, that has had our number for years now, WITHOUT DREW BREES, was freakin amazing and definitely not expected. Good to see there’s at least one cool 12th Man. Good luck next week bruh……WHO DAT!!!!!

    Jameer Mcgowin Reply

    @Seattle808 that’s not completely true. Seahawks still have one of the best teams in the NFC. Wilson was able to exploits the Saints’ secondary weakness multiple times. And would have beaten them if given a bit more time. They got the talent.

    Laughingman923 Reply

    @Emperor Palpatine people been saying that about the Rams for months now, even after last week.

Josue Tejada Reply

Saints O-line didn’t allow a single sack today. If they keep this up then Bridgewater will have a enough time in the pocket and not force anything

    Jared Reply

    E T Reply

    He wasn’t forcing anything…’s just check downs to Kamara……the Saints D and special teams better keep up their stellar play man sighpie

    Craig Clement Reply

    D line shut the run down too

    Shmony Panini Reply

    @DragonSlayerJDB the most mobile? Idk about that. Maybe one of the most in this league rn

    Coolquip43 Reply

    Lol have you ever watched Teddy? Dude never forces anything

Emperor Palpatine Reply

Every win the saints get before Drew Brees comes back is huge

    BigSean PD Reply

    @Bilbo Swaggens I get your confidence, however, I don’t know what it is or why, but EVERY year we always tend to lose 1 game to Tampa with the exception of the season before Winston was drafted, which we swept them then, but the second game vs them that year they lost on purpose so they can get the top draft pick because they had that game won.

    MoneyC225 Reply

    @J Stiles The other teams in the NFC South are weak, so that won’t be necessary.

    ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed Reply

    I threw you over the ledge. Sidious.

    Johnny Reply

    @J Stiles Not gonna happen. Next week is a big L.

Shandon Rolle Reply

Can we all agree as saints fans that the offense stalled last week because of penalties now and not teddy b? ⚜⚜⚜

    MrKirk94 Reply

    @King Vince we had a PR for a touchdown, and a fumble recovery for a TD. Luck has nothing to do with it. Yall waited too late to start playing good. Cant turn the ball over, have a lack of running game and expect to win. Yall just didnt play well yesterday. How many times have yall defense won yall a game because of turnovers. Same principle

    Jose Dreamz Reply

    King Vince geez you really are salty aren’t you?

    Armando Martinez Reply

    King Vince nah bro the saints were the better team u just can’t admit it ur boys don’t Knox how to the hold the ball right yea I’ll admit some of it was luck of course the other half was skills and much better than ur Seahawks loser ur just mad shut up we even stopped them on 4 downs like common hater🤦🏽‍♂️

    Joseph Clark Reply

    Penalties hurt, but Teddy didn’t look good at all. Didn’t look comfortable at all. Pocket presence was horrible and wasn’t making reads. Was locking on to his first 2 reads just about all game

    sahhhbrahhh Reply

    Nah teddy is still pretty trash

Escocivo 30 Reply

I’m proud of Teddy Bridgewatter. He really had a good game. I’m happy the Saints give him a chance to save his career.

    champ 2.5 Reply

    Thank you people act like without drew brees all is lost…

    Dodgers Fan Reply

    sam hawkz I wouldn’t say the saints played good I would say the Seahawks played bad

    sahhhbrahhh Reply

    Teddy didn’t do anything lmao. He had 177 throwing yards and that’s with Kamara putting the team on his back. Would have lost this game without the punt return and fumble TDs.

    champ 2.5 Reply

    @sahhhbrahhh yeah let me see your NFL stats… you sound like a great player what team are you on?

    sahhhbrahhh Reply

    @champ 2.5 What point are you trying to make? I’m not getting paid millions of dollars to throw a ball and he is. And to be honest I would have completed that pass at 1:55. Don’t get how anyone could look at that game and seriously say Teddy played well. lmao


We have to treat every game like we’re loosing by 20

    oreosinmymilk Reply

    They need to stop playing down to inferior opponents, they do this every year.

    the legend Reply

    @oreosinmymilk “inferior”…….riiiight.

    George Baxter Reply

    TYLER URENA because you are lol

    oreosinmymilk Reply

    @the legend Yeah the Saints without Brees are an inferior team. Saints didn’t look very good except for Kamara but we had several plays with people making idiotic rookie mistakes.

    Alexander Escatel Reply

    In this case every game should start 21-0 with them losing

BlackMamba Reply

Russel Wilson with 47 fantasy points tho…

    Josaiah Ortiz Reply

    Daniel jones got me 34 points

    André Alves Reply

    This team without wilson probably go 4-12

    Rico 2 smooth Reply

    Some of y’all suck at fantasy lol

    I am Fiebson Reply

    I benched Russel Wilson for Jameis Winston. I thought that Jameis- vs Giants was a better machtup.. FML

SeahawksneedanOline Rip Reply

Just a bad game all around for us. We were sloppy on almost all areas of the field. GG Saints, y’all earned this win.

    Jon Bangz Brown Reply

    Who Dat Baby. 💪. I was more worried about the refs. It’s refs season. 🤷‍♂️

    Alexander Escatel Reply

    It’s all part of the learning process

    sahhhbrahhh Reply

    SeahawksneedanOline Rip It was sloppy on both sides. We got pretty lucky tbh. Ggs

    Tlarge Reply

    Gg seattle

Flore Bulaon Reply

gg saints. Y’all took my hawks by surprise, hope to see Brees recover soon and maybe play against him in a playoff game 👀

    Xtreme J Reply

    That would be one hell of a game

    D The OG Reply

    You betcha

    Patrick O'Brien Reply

    Flore Bulaon u don’t want that game tho lmao

    Robert Weston Reply

    @Patrick O’Brien we play the hawks & they die

Ken Fulton {Baby Elder} Reply

I know they lost but shoutout to Russ for giving me 40 fantasy points!!!

    Isaac Lapp Reply

    Tru dat

    silvergravity3 Reply

    @LeeTravius Mckay oof

    Liam Regan Reply

    Fax I have Tyler Lockett too those boys in Seattle saved the day for me

    LucefieD Reply

    Right? I was hoping he would get that last TD even if it didn’t matter just for that reason lol.

    bob bob Reply

    and tyler lockett too

Bruce Tumblin Jr Reply

I love them White & Gold color rush uniforms ⚜️

    ALFredo Cuomo Reply

    At first I was 🤔 now I’m like 😎.

    MrFunez Productions Reply


    Demond Scott Reply

    Bruce Tumblin Jr I do too I have every color and variation except the white color rush. I even have the gold alternate Reggie bush jersey.⚜️I’m happy that the saints won.But I know our saints aren’t done!

    silvergravity3 Reply

    @Bo Horn your color rush is amazing to honestly but all the color rushes are fantastic

    Connor Morvant Reply

    Cleanest color rush uniforms in the league!

Gavin Beard Reply

Seahawks Special Teams: aight ima head out see y’all next week

GG saints good luck this season

    1cjoseph11 Reply

    Need more fans like you bro

    Gavin Beard Reply

    1cjoseph11 thx man 😂 just tired of toxicity in football comments nothing wrong with competition but dam people get so serious

Spencer G Reply

As a Vikings fan I really hope teddy keeps it up. The guy deserves another chance at a starting job in the NFL.

    freedomaintfree • 49 years ago • Reply

    @Li1190 for the same amount of money, I’d rather have Bridgewater

Chicken Spongebob Reply

Brees: *gets hurt*
Fans: saints have no offense
Kamara: well yes but actually no

    Yupman Nopeman Reply

    Wouldn’t it be reversed though?

    Well no but actually yes, right?

    silvergravity3 Reply

    @Ben Shapiro im a saints fan and yeah that meme was terrible

    Joey G Reply

    Karama runs like a oiled up dirty pig. Reeeeeeeeeee. Slippery.

    Alexander Escatel Reply

    You look like a cowboys fan lol

    Ben Shapiro Reply

    silvergravity3 Yeah I’m a Saints fan too. I wasnt talking about football i don’t know why people assumed i was a seahawks fan. There’s just no correlation

R R Reply

If Teddy plays like this in the next game I will have a ton more confidence in him.

    R R Reply

    @Y2Kelly04 I can’t wait for the game.

    Derrick Lee Reply

    Y2Kelly04 Rosen look good against Dallas I don’t believe the hype

    silvergravity3 Reply

    I don’t he didnt play that well i hope he gets better he was accurate and didnt force passes but he barely threq to wide receivers and kamara carried the offence on his back

    BigSean PD Reply

    @silvergravity3 I’m hoping i’m right about my philosophy of Teddy getting progressively better game after game.

    Dean Ladue Reply

    Didn’t do too bad considering that this was only his second start in 3 1/2 years. Other than the Carolina game last year, the last game that Bridgewater started was January ’16 wildcard game in Minnesota against these Seattle Seahawks.

Pollo Gaming Reply

Lots of bad calls on both sides and the Seahawks played like dogshit. Gg saints

    Alejandro Alvarez Reply

    @RickChavo absolutely, it was bad for my team but what a performance from him

    Douglas Chadmon Reply

    Your dumb @pollo gaming

    your computer has virus Reply

    Douglas Chadmon *you’re

    Pollo Gaming Reply

    Absolute Unit Wilson played like a god and carried the team but the rest of the team for 3 quarters played terrible

    Pollo Gaming Reply

    Douglas Chadmon how am I dumb

Jonathan King Reply

Saints in all white with the gold are the cleanest uniforms in the league, there.. i said it.

    StealthyReaper Reply

    Demond Scott I had a gold Aaron Brooks jersey but it got ruined in a flood 🙁 time to eBay another one

    Joy Voluptuousbbw Reply

    #New Orleans Saints

    Demond Scott Reply

    StealthyReaper Yeah that’s where I bought mine! In 2011 I had thought I purchased a 2010 authentic saints jersey after they won SB XXIV but NFLshop sent me the black ‘67 throwback customized with my last name.I wanted the black one with the fluer de lis on the sleeves.But I kept it because it looks nice and the gold numbers are much shinier in the sun.

    Steve-In SanDiego Reply

    The Chargers powder blues are the best. Check the archives.

    Fuzzy Tabby Reply

    Rams with the blue and white helmets are pretty tight.

Ahmed Zulfiqar Reply

Alvin Kamara is the ultimate weapon, he can make any QB look good.

    MGB Reply

    Also used Taysom Hill more, which I thought was severely lacking in LA

    The Dark Knight Reply

    His balance is unreal.

    Nik Ivanov Reply

    Kamara is an awesome player.

Breezy Brees Reply

Good work Saints⚜️ On to the Cowboys next week

    Branded McGowan Reply

    @Melvin Goldman sorta. But that same team can help themselves by streaking off a bunch of wins to put themselves in position to get a better seeding, football is such a complicated sport its the reason in any level why is so hard to win on the road, home field advantage is everything but unlike in basketball the best team don’t always win which we like about this sport in 🇺🇸!

    It's yah boyKe Reply

    JOEY N. HERNANDEZ 😂 they won’t

    BigSean PD Reply

    @ツKaoTiC don’t bet on it! I like our chances!

    Andres Garcia Reply

    JOEY N. HERNANDEZ if the Saints don’t beat them my Packers will get the job done but I also expect the Packers to be you guys as well 😂

    Marshal Parsons Reply

    @Andres Garcia I wouldn’t completely count on that.

the black guy who likes Eminem Reply

Mane I’m feeling good about next week against Dallas

    It's yah boyKe Reply

    Smashing Comet didn’t do that to dallas last year

    It's yah boyKe Reply

    Young Nola no they are not 😂.

    Marshal Parsons Reply

    @Young Nola Seahawks better than Dallas, oh please the Seahawks got knocked out of the playoffs last season by a Dallas team that had far less talent on the receiver core

    Young Nola Reply

    CTC y’all gotta come to the dome u forgot

    Young Nola Reply

    Eagles better than Dallas 😂😂😂

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