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Shayryadhd- Fortnite

Drew Brees looked sharped that first drive Jesus Christ. The special teams and defense was good too. It’s tough when you got Brees who has PIN POINT accuracy.

    Daniel Andre

    @Philip Tucker I came here just to see if Bell played, was wondering the same thing but looks like he was held out. I’m looking for a good 3rd round RB in my Dynasty league. Ive got the 3rd overall pick but since it’s a dynasty league and not just some fantasy league, where we keep our players for years, I’m going Mahomes at #3 n was looking to add a later round RB.


    Daniel Andre lost a 13 point lead at home…..
    They could have ran the ball out to avoid dat no call….. but they got the ball in overtime and brees choke!
    If you had the lead in a game and take a L……
    Thats a choke homie


    Shayryadhd- Fortnite vikings game is a choke they let diggs right in……
    And vs the rams brees choked in overtime….
    Look at the thumbnail thats a facemask on cooks that was not called

    Michaela Rose

    Yes sir

    Philip Tucker

    †RVSTY TEVSPOON† the NFL is rigged man, you gonna tell me that NO CALL was an accident? You know good and well that was intentional…

The InvictusSamaritan

31 Penalties for 270 Yards…needless to say this game was boring.


    And this is why I only watch highlights these days, if I even watch that


    It’s only preseason…

    The InvictusSamaritan

    Neso exactly, you need to let them play in preseason sometimes or else there are going to be a lot of flags.

American Sports Fan

Jets home jersies look awesome! Can’t wait to see those black jersies!!

    Seth Peters

    American Sports Fan why isn’t leveon playing still

    OSCAR and EMMY

    @Philip Tucker Thats what I am saying . It is too green . They need to have more white or black mixed in with a better design. This jersey is just like an all green pullover sweater SMH

    Philip Tucker

    Seth Peters because he, and the jets don’t want to play him preseason. They’re expected to split his carries with Montgomery, but that dude is straight dumpster juice and can’t hold on to the ball. There’s a reason he was traded from the packers

    Max Fire Fantasy Report

    black isnt one of their colors so it doesnt really make sense

    OSCAR and EMMY

    @Max Fire Fantasy Report They have a black Jersey and a black facemask. Plus they have used black as an accent color in the past

Zachary Berner

The positives no major injuries for both sides.


    That’s a good way to look at it. 👍

Quinn Encalade

No disrespect to Bridgewater. But Taysome Hill should be the backup for Brees if we’re all watching the same thing. He’s been exceptional

    Kaw Shin

    @Savage Savant yessir I meant i compare him to Russell due to his scrambling abilities. He’s nowhere near him passing wise but i think he can get there

    The Gaming Trio

    Quinn Encalade bro that’s the thing taysom hill is pretty much like backup qb rb wr and pr kr

    McDonogh Rahloh

    against 2nd and 3rd stringers.Stupid

    born 2 shit forced 2 wipe

    Taysome Hill should go to the Colts after Lucks retirement


Who else wanted them to break the penalty record and was laughing at every flag they threw


    lmao would of died, and still won the game


    Me lol

    Adam Eves

    @BrickSquad1017613 Would of died? I don’t understand what you mean. Of?


    @Adam Eves nvm… i was drunk lol

d_tha_great 504

Brees looks like he can play until he’s 50

    Green Dust

    k bert Him and overrated Alvin Chamera!!


    Calm down he’s not Brady

    d_tha_great 504

    Carlos obviously…the referees don’t play on his team

    Intercepting Fist

    @First Bell Productions Madden isn’t a good reference. Seeing how unrealistic that game is.

    First Bell Productions

    @Intercepting Fist it was a sarcastic comment of course everyone knows how unrealistic it is. But duly noted 😂

Chauncy Phillips

If hill is scrambling and throwing down field oh God..who dat!!

    Cameron Bradford

    @friendly Jew That’s not very friendly.

    E4mafia for life

    @friendly Jew jealous jew

    Kendrick Preston

    I vote hill for backup

    Fred Corona

    @Kendrick Preston I second that .

Drew Goddamn Brees

Saints special teams about to be a nightmare

    Ben Laden

    “you need to be a nightmare” Sean Payton voice

Dark Demonik

Jets got themselves a Kicker 56 yarder is dam good


Hill has been in Sean Payton system his whole career so he should be comfortable but Bridgewater ain’t no slouch though. That’s great they got a hof qb and 2 good backups. Big trade bait if necessary.

    Savage Savant

    Although it would be best for Saint’s to keep Taysom …. I think it’s best he go somewhere he can start. Being back-up wonderkid standing in the shadow of a GOAT like Brees is a unrewarding existence for someone so talented.

    Connor Bergeron

    @Savage Savant you realize Brees is gonna retire in like a year or two? After that..who would pass up the opportunity to be the starting quarterback for one of the most talented teams in the league?

    Savage Savant

    @Connor Bergeron I’m sure he’d want to be Saint’s starting QB or start most down in some position. But, when you look at how long Tom Brady been playing, only a normie would assume a QB like Brees, c/wouldn’t do the same.

    Connor Bergeron

    @Savage Savant if Taysom was smart he’d use this opportunity to learn all he can from the goat. His time will come I promise you

    Savage Savant

    @Connor Bergeron true!


Deonte Harris got on up through there 😂😂👍 💨


*Every talking head:* “Brees will be bad this season”


    Ranger x Turbo Better than tommy

    Jesse Morgan

    Brees is one of the most consistent players in NFL history


    @Jesse Morgan again, *THE* most consistent player in NFL history.

Evan H.

Taysom is probably secretly Sean’s favorite player. You can tell the guy has high football IQ and great composure & instinct

    McDonogh Rahloh

    Connor Bergeron You seem yourself too important.Enjoy the season Highlander.😁

    Evan H.

    McDonogh Rahloh to be fair you’re hanging around on a YouTube comment being condescending for no reason.. I’m not a Saints fan, doesn’t mean I’m gonna come on here and spew nonsense purely to rouse Saints fans in comments.

    If you didn’t see Taysom’s usage last year, it’s probably just cuz you don’t watch football. Which is fair, I didn’t start watching till my teenage years

    McDonogh Rahloh

    Evan H. Well people not from America really should just observe!Thanx for the reply

    Evan H.

    @McDonogh Rahloh Exactly

    Terrance Cooper

    Actually, Payton has kinda made it obvious he’s taken a special liking to Taysom

Tavon ThaTruth

Brees threw a td pass to Thomas and then him, Thomas and Kamara dipped😂 Deonte Harris had his killer preseason moment, he definitely earned his spot and I look forward to seeing him during the regular season.

    MEME of the STREAM

    Scored a TD on the first drive in just over 3 minutes then dipped lol.

Kavosseaye Music

Good Win saints Brees looked sharp and on point Taysom hill got his throwing accuracy up from last pre season and teddy needs to tighten it up just a little more he just needs to relax and play football still not gonna count you out yet #WhoDat

Tim Michael

Taysom doesn’t even look like the same guy out there on the field from previous years.

    Rene' DeBlanc

    Dude is getting actual time to develop. Last year was all about option and maybe one or two bombs. This year he will have more guarantee it.

    BoBiggHHB 3

    I remember dude was blocking punts and laying the smackdown on kickoff returns. Sean Payton really nurturing Hill into a weapon

• Breezy

Saints first drive and first defensive stand was impressive and the saints are looking SCARY….

    Connor Bergeron

    I’m so psyched for this season bro

    Jay Cee

    Saints are stacked at QB. I didn’t realize hill had such a good arm. That guy has talent he just needs a chance. To bad for him he is playing behind Drew Breez cause hill is good but he’s no breeze

    Connor Bergeron

    @Jay Cee it’s very obvious that Hill’s been working on his accuracy over the offseason. If he can keep slinging dimes like he has been he’s gonna be a SERIOUS threat

    • Breezy

    Jay Cee yeah saints QB room is the best in the nfl for sure with Lombardi as the QB coach aswell hill is like Brees a big play guy while teddy is more reserved and a game manager but saints WR are very impressive this year young big and fast definitely scary


8:39 listen closely after the break away…announcer says “TOMMY..” He almost said Tommy Lee Lewis. LOL

Indii G.

Imagine a team with just a bunch of Taysom Hills.

Super Bowl contenders

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