Saints vs. Jaguars Week 6 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Daniel Kim Reply

This is how many times the refs will screw up the saints

    King Markbarry Reply

    Jakyree Spencer they won idiot

    Jakyree Spencer Reply

    @King Markbarry i know i’m not a stupid pig like this guy

    Big horror fan Reply

    Sad to say but your right they always try to find a way smh

    Silver Is The Name Reply

    Daniel Kim To my fellow Saints fans – Let’s not dwell on these last 2 heartbreaking playoff losses and instead let them fuel us the Saints to be the next 2019-2020 Super Bowl champions WHO DAT ⚜️
    don’t get cocky we both know anything can happen trust me I know from experience, all we can be as Saints fans is be humble

umberellaomglol Reply

damn first one to watch

Breezy Brees Reply

Where’s my fellow Saints fans at?! Go Saints⚜️ 5-1🔥

    Sim ? Reply


    Trey Holiday Reply

    Who Dat!!

    WyattBDV Reply


    Gajeel Session Reply

    WHO DAT? D DAT! ⚜🖤💛🖤⚜

    Dooky Reply

    @Kynx You aren’t the only one

Youngboy_uzi_Kodak Reply

I love defensive games and high scoring games this was a classic dog fight

Alabaster Pringles Reply

Yep another close lose .. it’s becoming a trend for the jags SMH

CrazyRich 2 Reply

Don’t care how we win as long as we do

Luis Nolasco Garcia Reply

Who Dat⚜️⚜️

Rae Lindzey Reply

4-0 since brees went down
Many believed we would go 0-4 at this point But not us‼️‼️ Teddy letting everyone know he belongs in this league

    Beautiful Mindfulness Reply

    Maybe…. we’ll never know… he was pretty solid at San Diego

    PS4&Beer Reply

    @SuperDarius2012 He obviously isn’t a Saints fan; he clearly didn’t watch last week’s game.

    Danny Chochello Reply

    @Maurice Weathington 1 touchdown u trippin what about the 4 he had last week

    Danny Chochello Reply

    @Maurice Weathington and u sir are an idiot he threw 4 touchdowns last week

    Danny Chochello Reply

    @Maurice Weathington yea and what happens when hill gets injured then ur going to be stuck with the qb u dont like theres a reason why hill is not in there as a full time qb

Ohyeah Rocket Reply

Teddy Bridgewater and Hill holding the torch!

Justin B Reply

The saints are going to be hard to beat when Brees comes back

    Maurice Weathington Reply

    Yea because then we’ll have an offense. Right now only defense is winning these games.

    Xathoron Reply

    @Maurice Weathington saints defense is allowing a lot of points your defense is not very good

    friendly Jew Reply

    Does he even need to come back at his point?

    EMANeleVenElevEn Reply

    Brees is a choker. One of the most overrated stat padders of all time.

Lennart Jedlitschka Reply

Dang this must be one of the shortest highlight uploads ever 😀

    Maurice Weathington Reply

    Boring low scoring game.

    TraumaCenter13 Reply

    Game was boring

Fabio C Reply

3 more points and no

Bulljive half time show ✌

freelanceryuu Reply

Pope was like Geaux Saints!

the black guy who likes Eminem Reply

The New Orleans Saints have more ways to win than any team right now Sean Payton for coach of the year

    joshua santiago Reply

    What you mean like backs can win a game.. Wrs can win teddy can win?

Kyle Rodrigue Reply

Brees: *gets injured*
Defense: “wait I gotta do my job?”

John Doe Reply

Who else missed most of the game because of Sunday ticket?

    Kenneth Petovic Reply


Demoniclily Reply

Man no one can run on the saints. And latimore locking down anyone they put him on.

Su and Lu Vlogs Reply

Got the Pope on their side 😂


Defense stepping up nowadays, can’t wait when Drew come back

WyattBDV Reply

Who would’ve thought 3 years ago that in 2019 the saints defense would be winning us games

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