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Lucien Hicks Reply

Ol’ No. 7 – still a New Orleans favorite.

Zayne Hayashi Reply

Hoping the guys on Saints recover from their injuries

    Connor Bergeron Reply

    Ikr people were getting hurt left and right in this game

    Lance Kelley Reply

    @Connor Bergeron who got hurt?

    Connor Bergeron Reply

    @Lance Kelley Ola, Biegel, and a few others. Obviously they were all backups so I can’t remember all of their names

    Bj Walthall Reply

    Connor Bergeron field conditions were terrible. hopefully those that had injuries will recover soon.

    Branded McGowan Reply

    Mostly offensive lineman but don worry there deep at that position

Chapin Wiscombe Reply

Taysom Hill can throw now. This is a problem for the rest of the league.

    Richard Partin Reply

    Guys his comment was “he can throw now.” He was as accurate as you could get. Throws were on the money! That is a problem for the league if he continues to progress.

    nick j Reply

    not very accurate

    Ryan Rucker Reply

    Do y’all idiots understand that he was a QB in college lol? He just stayed injured at BYU. Cause it doesn’t sound like some of you even know that.

    Zeus Mob Reply

    No it really isn’t…drew breeze is the quarterback and half the league doesn’t even play the saints so next time you talk use your brain first

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

this is the best preseason game only because Taysom Hill was playing.

    real recognize real Reply



    Believe Dat! 🙂

Orbitz _ Reply

It’s like Taysom hill is in high school. He plays QB, WR, RB, KR

    JW YT Reply

    4 real

    Tr3lle King Reply

    The Real Matt Haley you a writer my dude?!? I normally write my own material I been on a hiatus here lately though.

    Tebo Freestyles Reply

    I heard he drew this seasons playbook for the saints

    Steel Here Reply

    Taysom also runs track, plays basketball and he’s in the Honor Society.

Mordecai626 Reply

Taysom looked really good out there. Exciting to see what the future holds for him

    Mike Causey Reply

    Aaron doesnt look pro nothing yet

    Saint Reply

    I already know what the future holds for him…….a successor to Brees 💪😉

    Zachary Shirley Reply

    @Aaron I love Taysom but he was playing against the back up and back ups of the back ups

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

taysom hill > dak

    Shane B. Reply

    D.A.Y who?

    Shane B. Reply

    He couldn’t carry Dak’s jock

    Shane B. Reply

    D.A.Y that’s why he’s a 3rd stringer. Cause he’s better right? Oh wait “he doesn’t play with the ones.” That’s the excuse people always make

    D.A.Y Reply

    Shane B. Lmao y’all 🤡s are so easy to trigger🤣🤣


I know it’s the preseason but Taysom Hill might be our future when brees retire.

    Frank Flores Reply


    Ryan Slatstoomuch Reply

    I feel bad for bridgewater

    superbad drip Reply

    @Aaron bro you really had to use the race card ignorant af the reason people are praising hill right now is because he did way better than bridge water last game both of them did well Bridgewater doing slightly better and if you follow the saints they posted about it so being black has nothing to do with it.There are multiple black quarter backs in the league who are really good but Bridgewater isnt one of them

    Aaron Reply

    @superbad drip Man shut the hell up I heard someone at the sports bar yesterday say Bridgewater is Aaron Brooks them guys don’t make good quarterbacks, you’re stupid as hell to think everyone looks past his race and sees just another Quarterback get real. Look what they said about Deshaun Watson.

    panetero Reply

    You have a better chance at winning with a 50 yo Brees.

Legend__ 21 Reply

8:12 is exactly why I’m happy we resigned Denzel Perryman🤧💪🏾⚡

    Blueskull78 Reply

    bro how wtf, i keep on seeing ur comments in charger vids. Its actually pretty cool

    Legend__ 21 Reply

    @Blueskull78 lmao yea bro😂 ima always be here to support our chargers💪🏾⚡💯

    New Orleans Saints Reply

    Legend__ 21 but y’all still lost…😬

    edpi91 Reply

    Missed tackles, friendly fires, injury prone yeah that what the chokers need

Leo Dancor Reply

Taysom Hill vs. Chargers highlights

ashdude55 Reply

Can I just say the chargers helmet looks a million times better with that yellow facemask

    Y2Kelly504 Reply

    It do ngl

    Hays Reply

    It does but I think if crayola every time I see it

Hab Aka Reply

Who else watches the full game then comes straight here to watch the highlights.
Ps. Love Taysom Hill #WhoDatNation

    Von Tae Reply

    Lmao hell yea

    Malcolm Cross Reply

    Hab Aka me

    Branded McGowan Reply

    Who dat? Me! Tay Hill is the future 100

    Errol Waguespack Reply


Philip Tucker Reply

Taysom looked like his old BYU days

Cole Bench Reply

99% of the comments: Taysom hill
1% of the comments: Chargers blew a 17-3 lead

    Wolverine Pete Reply

    0.0001% comments: Its only a pre-season game and Saints went home with the win and the injuries.

    Olushola Ajayi Reply

    Joshua scott Well, at least we know the difference between There, THEY’RE, and Their. 🤦🏽‍♂️

    caltheking 3 Reply

    17-3 is two scores

    Bryan Brasseaux Reply

    Taysom Hill

    Remedy Reply

    Calm down its not like Taysom Hill was playing against the first team.

Kevin Ford Reply

Cardale can flick the ball 50 yards. He looks better than ever

    rudy rush Reply


    Eric Allen Reply

    I’d rather have Jones than Bridgewater any day.

Skeletal Pirate Reply

Taysom Hill drops back…
caught in the endzone by Taysom Hill!
Now to kick the extra point out come Taysom Hill.
And it’s good.
Commentary by Taysom Hill

    BigSean PD Reply

    @Skeletal Pirate this would be a good script for a commercial spot for real. LOL

    Hell Raizah Reply

    Skeletal Pirate lol 😂😂😂

    Rhey Reply

    This broadcast brought to you by, Taysom Hill, Taysom Hill, and by Taysom Hill..

    Henryk John Reply

    Last bit was the funniest dont @me 😂😂

Matthew Shortle Reply

Saints: “What position do you play?”
Taysom Hill: “Yes.”

    Connor Bergeron Reply

    “All of the above” 🤣🤣

Douglas Maddox Reply

This was the best preseason game I’ve seen in a while!! Both defenses look great both offenses look competitive and oh my God the backup quarterbacks!! Taysom Hill is a problem😳🔥🔥🔥

    Davor Ban Reply

    No mate, real problem are Teddy`s gloves

Robert Fouquet Reply

It turns out Bridgewater was very ill. Payton said he considered not playing him today but since Brees wasn’t playing he needed a second QB to play.

    Matthew Swenson Reply

    Makes sense. He looked much worse than last week.

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