Saints vs Buccaneers Week 5 On-Field Video Recap | New Orleans Saints Football – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Saints vs Buccaneers Week 5 On-Field Video Recap | New Orleans Saints Football

On-field video recap with highlights from the 31-24 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in week 5 of the 2019 season. Saints quarterback went 26/34 for 314 yards and 4 touchdowns, with leading receivers with 11 catches for 182 yards and 2 scores. added 104 all-purpose yards.
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Ria_XIV Gaming

Teddy continues to bring life and hope into our team and fanbase. Loved his game today. Keep proving everyone wrong, Teddy Bear!

Connor Bergeron

Our best game of the year

Gabrielle Roussel

That hug between Bridgewater and Ginn Jr πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

    Saints Highlights History

    Gabrielle Roussel real Teddy to Teddy moment. That’s a man that loves his quarterback.


    I think I’m in love with you lol

Not A Clever Man

Teddy is making a believer out if all of us. The future looks great for him and the Saints.


πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ W H O πŸ”₯ D A T πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯


Kamara got Dem QB stats too!


That huddle chills w Brees old school

Greg Pope

Saints are a example of what we should be as humans… No matter where you from or color…we ride or die together…#family4life

    Brinklyn N Lewis, MBA


Greg Pope

Brees in the huddle getting crunk…. TBE #THEBESTEVER

Natalie Valdez

Cam Jordan, Kamara and Bridgewater ❀️❀️ I am in love

Nawlinz Kid

They keep hating … But We keep winning πŸ˜‚


Them boys havin fun out there! I obviously miss Breesus, but this has been fun watchin Teddy ball out. So happy for him. His teammates showin him a lotta love!

Steve Mack

Who dat! Good game fellas! Black n hold in the superbowl!

Kavosseaye Music

Look at drew it’s so good to see him i was so proud of the team we did our thing ❀️ #WhoDatNationBaby


2:33 What kind of tackle was that? I know you can’t guard Mike, but at least TRY to tackle him.

athanase Meziere

Brees continue to teach teddy to be our future in Bressus name πŸ™‡β€β™‚οΈπŸ™ whodat

Jeanna Bogan

I 4ever love my Saints! ! WHO DAT NATION? BLACK & GOLD SUPER BOWL 2020

piout 91

good de france

Damian Duncan

Teddy is onπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸΎ


WhoDat.stop counting out the saints teedy looking good getting better every game brees come back all man its going down you heard me

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