Saints-Rams Week 2 Hype Video | 2019 NFL | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Saints-Rams Week 2 Hype Video | 2019 NFL | New Orleans Saints

Preview the New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Rams week 2 matchup and GET HYPE with the Saints 2019 Week 2 Hype video!

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Nathan Lozeau Reply


    I take walls bitch Reply

    LETS GO 💯💯

    Nolan Smith Reply

    Us rams fans aren’t little pansys and we are gonna kick your asses

    BIRD FLOCK Reply

    @Nolan Smith hope the Rams do

    Nathan Lozeau Reply

    @Nolan Smith Who dat?

WyattBDV Reply

WHODAT! You got me hyped!!! They say we can’t recover from that no call, lets prove em wrong!

    Jerry Pore Jr. Reply

    WyattBDV Me too! Let’s do this!

    Mason Kennedy/: Reply

    WyattBDV yea me too

ConJoePesci Reply

“This is the fight of our lives and we’re gonna win. Whatever it takes!”

    CLIMAX TV Reply

    Damn right!!!!!……we need to win this to prove all the fucktards wrong


    Jerry Pore Jr. Reply


BasicHaddock4 Reply

Revenge time, NO MERCY 😤😤😤😤🔥🔥 WHO DAT

    Jerry Pore Jr. Reply

    BasicHaddock4 🏈⚜️🏈⚜️😡⚜️🏈👍🏾💯

behinddoornumber1 Reply

Demario actually looks like he looked the devil in his eyes…ain’t no thang. Who Dat?!?!!!

dudley third Reply

Let’s go who Dat baby got me hyped watching this video, cant wait for tomorrow game

javier hernandez Reply

Were gonna put a dagger threw any team that stands in our way

    Greg Nettleton Reply

    Hell yeah

    Nolan Smith Reply

    Except the Rams. We’re going to obliterate you

Julian Smith Reply

No if youre a diehard Saints fan you can’t let that call go cause I can’t get over the 1985 World series game 6 invovling my st Louis Cardinals

    Timbo Slice Reply

    Not totally true but ok

    Julian Smith Reply

    @Timbo Slice when the runner was clearly out he was ruled safe that had me scratching my head

James Wilson Reply

I’m hyped! Especially about going over there and putting a whooping on them!💯

v1ntent xll Reply

We’re gonna March on LA and pillage

Big Ben Smith Reply

Lots of people I see doubt us but shall overcome them all WHO DAT

Pranav Gandham Reply

Colin Cowherd that jerk! We can overcome anything!

Crazy Cajun Reply

This may be one of the most important games of the season…and certainly NOT the last time we play the Lambs…oops, my bad!…I mean the Rams…and we’ll f**k them up, at their own house!!

Scott Stlaey Reply

Forget last game, and be smart with how we utilize our personnel. And were back at it.
However, I’m a challenge them to have a better game than we flashes during week 1. I don’t think it can be done, because we were pretty flawless. But let’s get it.
Brees needs 2 more rings, and have you seen the start of the USC qb? I forget his name, but he threw a good game with an 85% completion rate. Js

aj Furcron Reply

No matter how we look at this, this is the new rivalry for the next few years. In the NFC. So these teams are gonna become real acquainted with each other

Drew Goddamn Brees Reply

We out to kill and destroy 16-0 to the SuperBowl

Dijanay J. Reply

We need that defense to come thru Who dat?

Greg Nettleton Reply

Come on Cameron Jordan with your bad self 🤺

Danita Smith Reply

WHODATNATION baby!!!!!!! Its US against the NFL.

Natalie Valdez Reply

Saints ❤️ you guys stole my heart years ago and made me a fan. It sucks being a Saints Fan in Rams County but I will be cheering you on, even my dogs have jerseys!

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