Saints Postgame Show | Saints-Seahawks 2019 Week 3 | New Orleans Saints – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Saints Postgame Show | Saints-Seahawks 2019 Week 3 | New Orleans Saints

Postgame highlights, news, stats, and analysis from the New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks 2019 NFL week 3 game.
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Jason Guthrie Reply

The secondary still gave up over 400 passing yards.they still need to work on that.

    Robert Epps Reply

    @DaPinkBublé WORD! I AGREE!

    lance Kelley Reply

    It was mop up yards lol at least a 150 of them

    Jason Guthrie Reply

    @DaPinkBublé I’m a lifelong saints fan.i can say what i want.

    Pablo Wilkano Reply

    The majority of those were in garbage time playing 20 yards off the line.

    Jason Guthrie Reply

    @Pablo Wilkano they have been giving up big plays so far this season. Made some good plays but gave up a bunch.if it wasnt for the d line and linebackers the saints would be winless.even latimore is struggling this season.

Eric Marks Reply

People say the Saints can’t play outside………….How about this performance with Drew out, Teddy starting, a return for a touchdown, a defensive forced fumble returned for a TD, in the pouring freaking rain!

    Talkin Bout Nawlins Reply

    True and in that noisy shithole stadium.

Space Ghost Skaduwee's Perspective Reply

Teams are picking on our secondary. Davenport needs to be more disciplined. Kamara is something else. Overall the goats in my opinion for this week are Morstead, Kamara, Bridgewater, Saints o-line and Dline. The Cowboys are up next. Hopefully Coach Payton has a solid gameplan for them.

Shag Wellington Reply

I’m so glad somebody finally beat Seattle. Wish Breeze hadn’t been hurt. Pete Carroll is a cheater and a gum chewing hot dog. Thanks Saints. A 49er fan.

    Talkin Bout Nawlins Reply

    Thank you.much love and respectWish you guys well!

Latasha Edwards Reply

Hell yes that clock

TheGumbo504 Reply


RonJohn63 Reply

I can’t believe the Saints gave so much money to someone with an arm *weaker* than Drew Brees. 🙁

    Talkin Bout Nawlins Reply

    Keep hatin’. We love it!

basher basher Reply

The refs ONLY called holding on the Saints in the first half… even though our Dline was held like CRAZY, watch the tape

MJ Reply

BIG WIN!!! Kamara is a beast!

Nawlinz Kid Reply

To all our critics.. I got 2 words 4 ya
Who Dat⚜️

andrew hager Reply

Great Special Teams and TeddyB Win!
Kamara was beast and everyone caught some rythm
Edit*Get better Brees*

andrew hager Reply

yeah if you get 2 defensive scores chances are you will win that game

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