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Here we go AGAIN w/sound issues. Do you guys EVER read the comments?????

    Brian Brown

    Complete amateur hour. I’m a TV engineer, I’ll get your productions on point.

    Matthew Hales

    It’s her hair on her mic. Bush league production error.


    The Saints organization & NOLA have had plenty of time & resources to produce professional content (hair drag or not; the hosts are a whole other issue).

    Brian Brown

    @gigatess I agree. I also believe it wasn’t only a hair issue. That mic seemed to be getting some RF interference. The frequency likely was not checked against their shooting location. A good professional pair of Zaxon mics would automatically correct that one issue. But that may blow whatever budget they are given because it appears their production value is a complete afterthought. For a really good Pro sports team, that embarrassing.

Robert Rivera

Whining still huh

Robert Rivera

Saints lost plain and simple stop making up or inventing excuses 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Philip Scoppettuolo


    Thomas Spears

    Go Saints!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kg the great one

    @lance Kelley 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Loyal Ram

Rams won, Saints lost and still with the excuses…*smh

    28- 3

    If your backup was in I know y’all would do the same thing😂

    Loyal Ram

    28- 3 Well, we would certainly feel diminished. However, there never seems to be personal responsibility with Payton and the Saints (let alone with the fans). YOU CAN’T let bad things happening, or what you perceive to be unfair things happening, to be the excuse as to why your team lost. Payton whined and couldn’t get over the no call in the NFCCG, and the team reflected leadership. Yesterday, the Saints played on a short week and didn’t have their dome with loud fans (fair) with ref whistles (totally unfair). It’s just one of the many things that I love about Sean McVay. Dude always accepts responsibility and espouses mental toughness. Sean Payton? Not so much

    28- 3

    Sean Payton should be mad

    Loyal Ram

    28- 3 control emotions and Adapt and Overcome. Anything less is a losers mentality.

    28- 3

    It’s hard to adapt when ur best player is out

Maddox Games

I’m a saints fan, only excuse is for cam Jordan getting the td and refs blowing the play dead. And some penalties not called. Otherwise, rams won fair and square

    alfonso deleon

    Lots of respect to you and your post . hopefully our teams can battle it out for the nfc Championship again


This Seahawks fan feels your pain on all the bad calls.
Best wishes to the great Drew Brees.
See ya next week.


I’m a rams fan, so take my words with a grain of salt.

It looked to me like this saint team had no fight in them offensively once brees went down. They needed Michael Thomas or Alvin Kamara to step up but no one did. They basically packed it in like well theres no way we’re beating the rams without drew, so let’s just hope for the best next week.. very emotionally unstable locker room to just quit like that..


Jared Cook had an awful game on the offense aside and Eli Apple is terrible on the defense.

    Eugene Rollins

    Ya’ll whole defense is terrible besides Cam Jordan

Neal Broussard

Rams fans are fake fans. Must be nice to have the refs on your roster. Y’all got jokes. Never forget 13-3.

JCL Systems

“Footlocker… uh referee..” Cam is Hilarious!😂😂 He did get robbed out of a 80yrd TD tho!

LundinFCDC Johnson

Yalls audio team need some milk….whole gallon

Jacob Bradford

Out 6 weeks

Russell Wilson

Teddy’s job as backup QB is to pickup the reigns and continue the attack… Bridgewater was not ready… It’s on him!!! WHO DAT!!!

Russell Wilson

Somebody fix that Mic!!!

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