Saints Defense Holds Jags to Only 6 Points | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Saints Defense Holds Jags to Only 6 Points | NFL 2019 Highlights

New Orleans defense stuffed the Jags with 2 sacks and 1 interception to help get the W. The New Orleans Saints take on the Jacksonville Jaguars during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Spencer Schwab Reply

2nd comment

Loyal Philly fan Reply

Saints are looking good this season.

    Gerald Stelly Reply

    @Mike S you just want attention

    Danny Chochello Reply

    @Mike S crappy teams…dude they played seattle at home and beat them

    Danny Chochello Reply

    @Mike S ok so if u dont stop hating i will shut u down mike s and u can believe that

    Michael Medina Reply

    @Mike S crappy teams? Just looks at the Patriots schedule.

MrCrispy Reply

Each week I underestimate this defense. I can see they’re legit now. This team is definitely a super bowl contender.

    Øsiris Reply

    This team will score more points once Brees is back in Week 9 or 10.

    Bilbo Swaggens Reply

    @Øsiris facts. Drew would have been nailing receivers all day

    MrCrispy Reply

    I mean Bridgewater is getting the job done. Sure he might has as much skill or talent as trees but the kid can win games

R. Maida Reply

This defense is much better than whats on stats

    What The Hell You're doing Jerry! Reply

    Right, I think bress going down was a good thing…. Defense dont have that safe net

    lance Kelley Reply

    I agree I believe it’s a top ten unit for sure

kingdomdominionalc Reply

teddy bridgewater. big respect . 4 and 0 keep it up . happy for you

Matthew Shortle Reply

Bridgewater is getting carried by his defense.

    ethan gang Reply

    sometimes he does get carried by them

    emielaen Reply

    so what – same team – got the win

    Phillip Bergeron Reply

    The point is.. he’s not making a lot of mistakes.

    emielaen Reply

    @Phillip Bergeron very very true.

    TheDrew29 Reply

    Saints don’t need him to put up crazy numbers. They just need him to play good average games. And he’s done that.

Christopher Roberts Sr Reply

It’s a Saints defensive highlights video but yet in the thumbnail it’s a picture of their offensive line🤦‍♂️

    Gabriel D. Matthews II Reply

    No respect for the Saints whatsoever. Smh.

    Roy Thomas Reply


    Mr Grim Reply


    Willie Dunbar Reply

    Wow I just noticed that

    Romain Reply

    @Gabriel D. Matthews II We’ll sign your petition.

Pablo Wilkano Reply

The guy finally had a rookie game. That NO defense looking pretty good right now.

bruce lau Reply

Saints are looking good this season with their defense , even without Drew Brees, gotta give it to Teddy Bridgewater conducting this saints team , he’s hold down the fort for them

Too much Remy Reply

I’ve never seen the saints go all white like that before I thought the white pants had a gold lining on them

    The One Above All Reply

    I know… This is the first time they’ve had the white pants with their regular away jersey and I love the all white

    Stan Dupp Reply

    Its the Color Rush uniform and it looks great!

    Too much Remy Reply

    Stan Dupp it’s not color rush uni the color rush uni has GOLD #’s and names and the pants have a GOLD lining these joints are different. The #’s are black and the pants are blank

    Stan Dupp Reply

    Okay, I didn’t see the game and since they were white I assumed it was the color rush uniform

Julian Rodriguez Reply

Damn the Saints ain’t no joke !! They’re winning without Drew Brees and winning on the road which is damn impressive. These guys are legit and gonna be tough to be beat !!

What The Hell You're doing Jerry! Reply

Right, I think bress going down was a good thing…. Defense dont have that safe net

King Chi Reply

The one team the NFL prayed never got a defense because its all that mad genius Sean Payton needed…he can gameplan with no handicaps its over if the playoffs go through the Superdome

    Scoobdooittoo Reply

    @King Chi I agree 100%. His genius is on full display and he’s only scheming for Teddy. Can you imagine?

ethan gang Reply


G L Reply

The video is about the saints defense and they have a thumbnail of the saints offensive line.

    RandomGaming Clips Reply


Rajan Slime Reply

Marshon Lattimore is most definitely one of the best cornerbacks in the league. I hope he stays consistent though because this kid can play some football!⚜️⚜️

dominic kyle Reply

All day. Very impressive. Who are they? Who them ? Who dat is ? Oh who dat ?

Scoobdooittoo Reply

The Defense is rounding into shape. Just wait until all cylinders are firing on offense. WHO DAT!

JaquanMustDie Reply

No running back has rushed over 100yds on the saints since 2017

WyattBDV Reply

Are we just gonna ignore that the saints offense is in the thumbnail 🤦‍♂️

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