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saints are goated.

I was scared at end of the game.

Christian Lee

Defense saved us tonight. Good game.

    J Stiles

    True but definitely they could’ve flag Nola for roughing but I’m glad they didn’t call it

    aden c

    Cowboys defense saved us…we should have been blown out!


    It has to be like that until brees gets back

    Jonathan Waters

    Give credit to your officials too.

Marcelo Soprano


    Q Kellz

    Watch how tomorrow if it’s going to everyone else’s fault except for the quarterback

    Gumby OG


    Ohio state

    @Q Kellz u must be happy ur bucs put up 55 on the rams lol

Jonathan Lujohn

This is what happens when the cowboys play some actual competition 🤦🏽‍♀️

    Bryce Richardson

    Y’all offense was cold when we played y’all last year LMFAOOOO y’all lost to a backup no excuses take the L

    Gundam1313 Yjshuao

    Whoooo dat .


    @Gamevet You just salty and cant even accept a lose, saints has good defense.


    @Jd Hendrix bruh, so you couldn’t even score. You scored one td. But after couldnt reach the fg zone or anything. So your salty


    @???????? if a ball falls out, it’s the players fault. Your mad at the saints for getting the ball? You just wants your little cowgirl to go ride on the bulls and win. Accept the lost, fair and square.

Adrian Gonzalez

I’m a Cowboys fan but I always give credit where credit is due. Saints D simply shut down Elliott and they exposed Dak Prescott.

    Dustin Bartholomew

    Jonathan Waters excuses

    Orange Skies

    Exposed Dak?!


    @aden c how did you beat yourselves when the offense couldnt stop the saints defense. Shows the cowboys offense needs work.


    @Jonathan Waters you just want a win. If you played the Patriots you would still complain. Next week your playing packers and if you lose that your going to blame greenbay. You can’t accept a loss,

    Kevyn Battle

    how was dak exposed exactly ?

w j

Will lutz scored more points than the entire Dallas offense 😂😂😂😂

    Aaron Laughlin

    Lorenzo Davila how about them cowbitches

    sophisticated ignorance

    @Jamir Bingham I think he’s mad bro…

    Paul Link

    @aden c saints should’ve scored at least 1 td too so stop bringing up the argument with Austin lmao… Our defense was just too much for dak and zeke

    Shawn 504

    @aden c wait so our defense didn’t have anything to do with with those two loss fumbles and y’all top rated runner to under 50 yards, and shutting down Cooper?.Damn y’all cowgirls fans really are delusional. 😂😂

Weas Qswe

When cowboys play a good team with a good defense 😂😂😂

    Daniel Crossley

    Saints getting it done with no brees. Yup saints top team in the NFC.

    maria I

    @Meliodas stupid comment wait til the season is over, and by the way the dalls defense held saints to ) touchdowns. pretty good defense from Cowboys just saints were better just like last year when Cowboys held Saints to 10 points.

    Bryce Richardson

    In the first 3 weeks we played Texans rams and Seahawks you expect the saints to have top 10?


Lattimore had cooper on house arrest

    x Jay x Jay

    @daktothefuture 1 STFU with the Gallup excuse. The Saints were missing Brees! Every team has injuries, dummy!

    K D F Y

    Obvious PI no calls. Repeatedly. Zebras win.

    Mamta Mishra

    daktothefuture 1 yall were missing gallup?! O wow, not like we weren’t missing drew mothafuckin brees


    daktothefuture 1 still lost to a team that didn’t score a TD lmaoo u proud of that


But but but the Cowboys beat the Redskins and Dolphins.

    elastigirl is thicc

    @Bflo23 Higher rating doesnt mean outplayed, the defense shut down bridgewater, Dak played well but he had no help from offense.

    Bamz Santana

    Ryan yes Eli manning giants !!!! Shhh 🤫


    @elastigirl is thicc The $40 million per season Dink Prescott shouldn’t even put up similar stats to Bridgewater but he did. With Prescott’s talent around him, he should be able to put more points than 10 points. He $#it the bed.

    usernametaken 56

    IKR? 😂😂😂

    Young Nola

    Easy teams

Lil Dagga

Zeke got paid all that money to end up with a whopping 35 yards

    Rupesh Kaushal

    @Orly Gonzales drew already did his job long time ago, won us the SB ring and broke records, brees is only making 25 mil, thats less than kirk cousins. the way i see it, dallas is paying their RB almost what drew is making.

    X L

    Without the offensive line, neither the QB or RB amount to anything so those 2 position must protected to play.


    @Jesse James ikr, dallas cowboys fans think they are superbowl worthy, sorry cowboys you didn’t get past round 2 of the playoffs.


    @aden c your toxic, Prescott was under pressure. You dont watch the game.

    aden c

    Am going to save this thread…ill be back when the season is over….not every team the Saints is going to have a bad offensive game. Be worried because thats the only way saints win, from opp teams having many turnovers and mistakes. Good luck with yall season, saints will need it.

Kohene Moore

Skip is gone have a long day tomorrow😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 ” what’d I tell you skip?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Sam Brumfleld


    Q Kellz

    And he’s going to also blame everybody except for the quarterback it never fails

    aden c

    Shid its about time that sharpe actually gets to bump…skip been having great Mondays since last yr. Shannon owes skip the whole mountain dew warehouse betting against the cowboys.

    SmithN' Wesson

    @aden c Great Days? Who Dallas beat? Miami? Redskins?

    aden c

    @SmithN’ Wesson and ourselves…flawless night from our offense like the past couple games?…we win…our defense is what kept us in the game. But 2 things we get from tonights lost…our defense has woke up, and we cant get too confident. Well take this L and improve. Thank god it was in week 4.

Lil Dagga

If you watched this game and walked away and said “Daks Fault” you need to seek help immediately

    Orly Gonzales

    aden c so fake fault

    Chozen Kingston

    The run game wasn’t working for Dallas so when that happens the QB has to take over
    And if I’m correct I believe Dak is the QB sooooooooo🤷🏿‍♂️

    Mister Blue

    Lil Dagga it was fake fault. He could’ve proved that he doesn’t need zeke this game but he didn’t so he choked

    Mackay Creative

    Why would the idiot throw to amari cooper in a 4v1 situation then just shuttle it down the field to no one in the second attempt. As if he is creating a play, more like a situation. Saints are a championship team. Quarterback has to figure it out in a clutch scenario or JUST LOSE.

philly_ sports

Shut down Zeke = Dak is nothing

    Izaak Murillo

    The Seahawks didn’t run the ball well I think that if a team wants to succeed that they need to work as a hole. And to work as a whole they need to have a good running game AND passing game. Take one out the other will suffer without the other one you know. But hey we all think different

    The Seahawks didn't run the ball

    @Izaak Murillo Yes on paper that makes sense. But it’s not like that at all. There are teams with shitty defenses and still win games. There are teams with no running game and still win. Dak just can’t get it done without one, most QBs aren’t dependant solely on their running game to win them games, Dak is.

    Izaak Murillo

    The Seahawks didn’t run the ball true true ain’t gonna lie

    The Seahawks didn't run the ball

    @Izaak Murillo Respect, I saw your point and it made sense. I’m glad you saw mine and could say the same without anyone getting offended.

    Kevyn Battle

    @aden c that wasnt a easy pass. but yea dak usually makes those. that pass was off. it was to cobb. but dak didnt play terrible. they just didnt do much…but cowboys last season punked high powered saints offense with brees. so they had a chip

Debaser Deducer

The Saints Defense really saved them because the offense kept shooting themselves in the foot with all those penalties.

    Orly Gonzales

    “All those penalties” two holding calls isn’t gonna stop a super bowl run buddy. But maybe we n PI call is👀🤷🏻‍♂️😂🤡

    aden c

    @Orly Gonzales no but fumbles and easy dropped passes won’t either. To have that many mistakes and still only lose by 2!?…no touchdowns allowed…I honestly feel good about our defense…they were nowhere to be found these last 3 games. We have a flawless offense game, theres no way in hell we lose.

    Cool Camera

    @Orly Gonzales Wym 2 holding calls? Did you even watch the game?

    Gundam1313 Yjshuao

    The offense is adjusting relax Payton will fix it until Drew gets back trust me . If drew was there Saints win by 3 touch downs


    @aden c LOL, the sacks were turnovers? You need help

Mario S.

Give credits to the Saints. Solid defense and definitely a playoff contender.
Even Chiefs and Patriots will sputter facing Saints defense.

    aden c

    @atown 22 am trying to…i said congrats to the saints…but everyone acting the saints were just too much for us…when they know that wasnt the case…and why you worried about it?

    ABC I

    @atown 22 –Fans like him are fair weather fans and sore losers with a list of excuse’s Win or Lose. A real loser fan that even the cowboys would not want as a fan.


    Sleepy Head this sounded inspirational for some reason

    aden c

    Put it like this…i know the cowboys lost because of turnovers and costly mistakes.It wasn’t because the saints played a good game…all saints stop denying that plz. Not able to score a touchdown is not a good sign for any teams offense.


    Sleepy Head dude our defense is amazing. The front 7 helps the secondary. Our pass rush and run defense forces quick throws. For the most part our secondary holds up von bell marcus williams are exceptional safetys

Bruce Tumblin Jr

Did Ezekiel Elliot play tonight, I don’t remember hearing
his name!

    Th3Aggr3ssiv3 Cons3rvativ3

    @aden c Bruh we shut y’all down and won with our backup QB.

    Christopher Schmidt

    @aden c Last year the Cowboys “only scored” 13, but they won.

    This game the Saints had 9 penalties for 80 yards, while the cowboys had 6 for 64.
    Don’t be a sore loser. Take this loss with a little dignity, pride, and grace.

    Oh wait… I forgot. Cowboys fans have no redeeming qualities and no virtues…
    Carry on with your crying, loser.

    Glen T Long

    @aden c you’ve got to be one of the most delusional cowboys fan I’ve seen here. Go to bed, you got school remember

    aden c

    @iiCritic the difference between last yr is, the saints were on a rampage 10 straight games 10-0, Brees was having the greatest qbr in NFL history!…everyone was counting us out and saying we had no chance in hell. This here is wk 4 and even then, and cowboys were not a favorite going into the because ppl still buying into Daks qb ability and because cowboys only faced poor defensive teams. So yeah even me as a cowboys fan, was being a critical about cowboys not facing a good team. Thats the difference from last yr.

    aden c

    @Th3Aggr3ssiv3 Cons3rvativ3 12-10 is not considered a shutdown…esp if you can find a way to get into the endzone.

Daniel Seth

Ah Klein, Dimario Davis,Vonn Bell, Lattimore and Cam Jordan. Saints have a legitimate defense

    Batman Blood

    @Jaelun Scott wasn’t his assignment to. He locked down Gallup all game. LB are responsible for the TE usually.

    Joshua Douzier

    Batman Blood Gallup is still injured

    Jaelun Scott

    Eli apple will be the saints downfall, that dude is not good

Bill Bright

Another Louisiana Sunday night. Aaaaayyyeeee!

The ruling on the field,,, ⚜️Saints win. Rolling up wins Nola style now for some good crayfish gumbo!

Teddy took some awful hits to his knees. Bounced up and kept on playing through pain.

Klein punching that football 🏈 out,, outstanding!

Excellent punting, keep it up.

Men, defensively strip that ball on every tackle, and hit QB’s arm on every pass you can. Play like a pack of starving wolves and we’ll go places.

And of course I’m very proud of the conduct off the field of our team members support for the community.


    Bill Bright GG saints. We didn’t have film on Bridgewater and he’s very talented. Dak over threw the end zone which would have made us win. GG , cowboys fan


I guess Zeke wasn’t hungry, no feed me tonight, he must have ate at Dragos before the game….

    chantrice moore

    freaksamungus 🤣🤣🤣

LeeTravius Mckay

Shannon “I want you to bring that same energy on Monday Skip Bayless”

    aden c

    Finally!…shannon owes skip the whole warehouse of diet mountain dew for betting against the cowboys.

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