Saints can’t count on one player to replace Michael Thomas | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Saints can’t count on one player to replace Michael Thomas | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

Saints star Michael Thomas could miss several weeks with a high ankle sprain, and Mike Florio and Chris Simms are convinced it's going to take more than one player to fill the production Thomas has every game. #NBCSports #ProFootballTalk #Saints
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Saints can't count on one player to replace Michael Thomas | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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Tre Slime Reply

He’s soft he gets all the targets only reason he’s so overrated Mike Evans is way better

    Cody Viescas Reply

    Jelani. The catch that evens had was when David was in coverage. Evens hasn’t caught a pass with Latimor covering since 2018

    Sam Brandon Reply

    What a stupid take. How is Mike Evans better/. He wasn’t even better than Mike in Mikes worst game he ever played just last game!

    Yeetninga 15 Reply

    U mean the guy who hasn’t had a catch on Lattimore since 2018

    Nate ybarra Reply

    Lmao Evans is like 3/20 catches against Lattimore. Yeah he’s way better 🤡

    Damien Stevenson Reply

    No yeah he’s overrated he only just got offensive MVP and broke a record in the same year, nothing much

TheTot Process Reply

They’re gonna need like 4 dudes to make up for Mike being out lol

    CrazySaints F4N! Reply

    No we don’t but okay

    TheTot Process Reply

    180+ targets with a 80+ catch percentage last year…. yes you will.
    Yalls run game has been a shell of itself since Mark went to Baltimore. Sanders and Smith are NOT number 1 receivers.

    TheTot Process Reply

    Every player with a higher catch percentage last year wasnt even a WR… dude is a completely different breed.

Jonathan Dee The One And Only Reply

All I know is, the Saints are gonna have to run the ball more.

    TheTot Process Reply

    @Damien Stevenson Sanders is a 1B at best. Not a true WR1 like Mike.

    Damien Stevenson Reply

    TheTot Process no one said he was Michael Thomas I’m saying that it wouldn’t be the end of the franchise since Michael Thomas got injured for a couple of weeks

    TheTot Process Reply

    @Damien Stevenson I didn’t say you did. I’m just preparing you for the reality that Sanders needs a true number 1 to take attention off of him

    Damien Stevenson Reply

    TheTot Process I honestly think he could be ready for this being with the 49ers Pittsburgh broncos and now saints

    TheTot Process Reply

    But I’ll say if Smith steps up and garners a good amount of attention then Sanders will excell and look amazing doing so but he needs Smith to step up.

cesar perez Reply

Raider Fan Here Happy We Won’t Face Him Next Week.

    Damien Stevenson Reply

    cesar perez won by luck

    cesar perez Reply

    Damien Stevenson May luck be on our side again 🤣🤣

    Shandon Rolle Reply

    @cesar perez u really bring up 2016 like that wasnt 4 years ago when our defense was historically bad lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣

    WhyU SoJelly Reply

    @Shandon Rolle Should he bring up a time when they didn’t play? Let see what excuse you come up with after this next loss.

    Shandon Rolle Reply

    @WhyU SoJelly yeah he should. And I’m not gonna need an excuse cause im a realist not a optimist like these delusional raiders fans 💀💀💀

Cody Viescas Reply

I would like to point out that Thomas only had 3 catches in week 1. I think they can get by without him for a couple weeks

Mike Moss Reply

Mike who? What is NFL?

nnjjee1 Reply

Audio is always awful, tinny. Step it up.

    Oliver Reply

    Sounds fine on my AirPods?

Chance Black Reply

Mike does not need to be replaced he just needs to heal..👍👍

Kucci Ku Reply

the disrespect to Drew man

Tyler Prince Reply

Mahomes played through a high ankle sprain. Got it week one then re injured it week 5 and 6 and kept playing until he dislocated his knee, I know it’s a different position but Mike said you don’t play through it and Mahomes did so.

    BigWes Reply

    Tyler Prince it’s a lot harder for a receiver to play through that than a qb. U need ur ankle to run routes and if it ain’t 100 percent than ur gonna struggle

sthao1 Reply

drew didnt throw to him because he criticized drew after the drew interview debacle lol

Kinsey Langley Reply

We have enough fire power to roll with while Mike is out.

P. Michael Pell Reply

Next man up… Time to shine Tre’Quan!!

Evan Fanner Reply

So should I trade Micheal Thomas for Jhilo Jones or should I decline that trade

    TheTot Process Reply

    Unrelated but what defense do you have??

    Evan Fanner Reply

    TheTot Process I have Tampa Bay and The Patriots

TenBeer TwoKnife Reply

Trade for Someone?? Thanks No one Else on the SAINTS Team can Catch a Football??

Leave a Reply: