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Can the titans get Mariota some help ?


    It’s the other way around, Mariota is so overrated the dude misses open recievers and holds the ball for way too long

    Zomato Online


    Memestiff he’s not overrated everyone knows how bad he is

    Anthony Cabrera

    @IsmokeHiphop Live im pretty sure its clear the titans have moved on from him.. Theyre not getting him help i would imagine they want him gone. Id expect them to draft a qb this year.. Mariota is mediocre at best.. People need to stop convincing themselves mariota elite just because they want him to succeed.. Probably his last year starting in Tennessee

Shortest SB Champion QB

That Oline really missing Taylor Lewan 😂😂


    Yo Yo fr right smh this mam think he roasting and shi

    anthony gomes

    lewan is not going to make this sieve of an offensive line look good. you need 5 players to make an offensive line and as much as i admit he didnt have a good game i would have benched the entire offensive line to a man before i benched mariota. well assuming the titans had anything on the bench at O line……….which they dont.

    Ess_ Rank

    @Independence u right tho our secondary needs jesus

    Zomato Online

Joshua Polamalu

Everyone blames Mariota, I hope @titans do trade him and watch him Shine like @drewbrees did once @chargers let him go to the @saints.. this man got sacked 9 times and although he wasn’t perfect and missed some big plays, he threw for 300 yards… oline should all get fired… we quick to point to #8, Had Adoree Jackson not fumbled on the very first drive, it would have been a different game.. SMH

    IsmokeHiphop Live

    Its been 5 years bro…………Mariotta is trash….you all cant keep blaming his O=Line for 5 years now….at some point you casual fans have to face the truth he sucks.

    Kamaile Nihipali

    I was thinking the same thing – quick to judget the QB but man truly Jags just busting through the o-line – oline coordinator gotth do something different man my man Marcus – I thought he was doing the best he can – jags came out faster man.

    Joshua Polamalu

    @Gabriel Lyles 🤣🤣.. hey hes the only Samoan QB we got lol

    Zomato Online

Justin Leach

Anyone remember Browns fans saying Tennessee is a good team this year after they got blown out.

    Deshaun Wilson

    Yeah they always win to good teams but lose to bad teams

    Jawnknee Minny

    Let’s see how Titans do on 9.29. Short weeks are tough. Go Bills!

    Mad Town

    @Deshaun Wilson The Browns are a bad team.

    lavelle williams

    Y’all act like the jags didn’t go to afc and really won it year before last…. Did y’all team even make it that far in the past 3 years???

Rahim Jamal Jones

O -line looks worse than the Texans for sure !!! 🤔

    Vj Luarasi

    It’s the jags front 4 that was really good

    All Alone

    They have a top 10 offensive line

    Smashing Comet

    @Vj Luarasi
    Titans o line bad


Lol 4 and a half minutes of str8 up defense

D Bail

Browns are kicking themselves for losing to Tennessee……


Tennessee never was a good team they always go 9-7 and do nothing in playoffs either get a new QBs or rebuild

    K Will

    Not going to happen…Mariota is looking like Jake Locker with all those sack and this is just his 4th year…wont last another year..body will be shot.


    Rebuilding would be stupid. They just need to get better. Find a new OC.

    Mad Town

    @Sprax They need a new QB.


They need to just trade Mariota and rebuild or it’s gonna be another Andrew Luck situation

    anthony gomes

    they need to trade mariota and get a whole new team with the exception of 5 or 6 players some of whom are close to retirement anyway.

Dierron Dean

Josh Allen is an absolute beast

Swee Shu

4:03 Marliota even getting sacked by his own teammate

    anthony gomes

    jack conklin getting pushed backward that far by a linebacker is unacceptable. conklin is the best player on that line and seeing him get pushed around like that is disgusting.


In my football picks/predictions pool I’ve chosen the titans so much & they disappoint me 90% of the time. I really need to stop picking them.


    Me to s.m.h

Joe Conner Deck

Trade Mariota to the steelers to replace rothesburger and become champions!!!

    Harry Harris

    @Eddie Torres He is. C’mon

    IsmokeHiphop Live

    Mariotta is trash compare to Rudolph buddy.

    keti meleah

    @Mike Jones don’t be hating!! Marcus will be fine!!

    Zomato Online


Love the Oregon Ducks so it sucks seeing Mariota in this offense. Play to his strength>speed & quickness. Pick up the pace, get a scatback outta the backfield catching quick in space throws. Get the ball out quick, no holding it. Throw bfor they make their break. THEN the big play opens up 5-7 times a game.

    hahah lol

    Like they did in garbage calling was a joke.predictable

the man

Jags D-Line is no joke, and now add Josh Allen in the mix

    adison b

    the man ik that mans looking like the real deal

Jose Recio

Josh allen is insane jags defense crazy good

Pao Lee

I can’t believe 82% of Americans bet on Tennessee,just to see 10 sacks by Jax.


    People thought that Tennessee had finally turned the corner on being absolutely inconsistent and abysmal on offense.

    Even I hoped so.

    Pao Lee

    @Sprax sometimes, people just need to google the injuries list, not how the team played the last 3 or 4 games.

    When you’re taking a shit

    Pao Lee That’s because the Titans are the Jags kryptonite.

    Florida Boy23

    Damn i could of made some decent money by betting on my jags😂😂

George M

Never seen a QB so calm despite having no offensive line. Mariota must have nerves of steel. Or be on killer anti-anxiety meds.

    IsmokeHiphop Live

    Mariotta is trash nice try buddy

    keti meleah

    @IsmokeHiphop Live Marcus will be okay…he is far from being a trashy player!!!

    Florida Boy23

    I mean compared to jameis he aint tht bad

hahah lol

Titans Online is having trouble.OC is trash.marcus doing the best he can,maybe scramble a little more and hit check downs faster.they plays they called in garbage time are what they should be running.

Classic Corporation

Offensive line coach for Tennessee should be fired this morning! 🤦🏾‍♂️

    anthony gomes

    that should have been done 2 years ago actually

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