Ryan Fitzpatrick meets with the media – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Don Connor Reply

This hurts……

Go Gop Reply

Go pats!

Pete Martinez Reply

Bro I don’t know what to say but fins up! Let’s go Miami we never give up

    Magic Reply

    As hard as this season is, it’s so good to see your support . Fins up!!!

    Juan Valladares Reply

    Damn straight!

TheOmiester Reply

What happened to Ryan FitzMagic?

    16 Rodriguez Reply

    @Andres Grimace He changed it to Shitspatrick

    Sports Life Reply

    What happened to our O Line

    16 Rodriguez Reply

    @Tylar Jones thanks

    Jmilljr Reply

    TheOmiester he’ll get benched halfway through only to get thrown in week 9 after Rosen gets hurt. Then he’ll win the rest of the games lol

James Hyatt Reply

Damn Shut out.

Saint Michael Reply

Ryan, do yourself a favor and retire or ask for your release. You’re AWFUL!!!

    TheBarisaxman17 Reply

    They’ve played two top-5 defenses, and guess what, we aren’t great. It will be the same in week 3 and 4 against DAL and LAC, but after our bye week, our team will look a lot less terrible playing normal teams that aren’t playoff caliber.

    Marky Mark Reply

    Not all his fault..that offensive line is real bad

    Saint Michael Reply

    TheBarisaxman17- This team isn’t going to be competitive with ANYONE this year. Jesus Christ!!! Have you watched our 1st two (2) games? We’d struggle beating Clemson 10/10 times.

    TheBarisaxman17 Reply

    @Saint Michael ive seen our two games against top 5 defenses and playoff teams. Our defense allowed less in this game than they did in the Miami Miracle game last year, the game was 13-0 in the 3rd quarter for Christ’s sake. Yes they were bad, but I don’t see them losing every game

Gaza Boi Reply

What the hell is he supposed do the moment they said he starts .. they should have knew the tank is coming

Enoch Eyim-Danquah Reply

Its time to put Rosen in, hes clearly been better than fitz since preseason game 1

    Chris Hamilton Reply

    Your sure right we have to put rosen in i can’t stand Dallas

    Marky Mark Reply

    Why? So he gets Murdered behind that horrible offensive line and it train wrecks his confidence as a young quaterback…it be a loose loose situation for Rosen right now and you can’t truly evaluate him behind this offensive line at all..

    David Ferguson Reply

    At this point I’m pretty sure that’s why they’re not starting Rosen. I mean I thought so at first but it’s obvious at this point. They’re tanking and it was pre-planned from the jump which really sucks cause I was more excited than I’ve ever been going into a season when they traded for Rosen

    Chris Hamilton Reply

    @Marky Mark what I’ve been seeing both quarterbacks are holding the ball too long in there hands they have to make quicker decision

synaptik111 Reply

Still and always will be a ‘Phins fan, but it’s gonna be a LONG season

Quentin Seals Reply

Go Dolphins

Shaggy Drummond Reply

The only way u will get better is get rid of every offensive lineman on the team. Replace them with guys that can block. I don’t think they could block Alabama or Clemson.

LA Sports Talk Champion Talk Reply

The fact this bum is still on an NFL should let you know alot… Kap cant get a job tho…. this is Terrible for my Fins… i saw all this coming when this bum got the call and came in looking like an out of shape Linemen

    Devlins10 Reply

    The fact that the team sucks is not fitz’s fault. The team and the organization is a trainwreck.

Marco 0 Reply

8 diferent teams in your carrer says it all… 2020 first overal pick here we come

Finfan 4 Finfan Reply

This must be 2017 all over again watching cutler take free money welcome to the club Fitzpatrick.

    Simple Comp Reply

    Finfan 4 Finfan cutler had no heart fitzpatrick will never give up on his team this is coming from a texans fan

Sports Life Reply

Fitz don’t have high hopes anymore the team has completely changed and now he really understands what his role is on the team. Get your check man you’re gonna retire soon anyways.

hfBlond GIRL Reply

🔚go home 😤

Devlins10 Reply

Fitz knows what’s up. The guys a grinder.

Lettuce Tomato Reply

Fitz. =benchpatrick

Vic Always Reply

THATS what QB’s who play the Pats look like afterwards….Roethlisberger’s elbow smoked….this goober looking like he went 10 rounds with Khabib LOL…Gonna be a fun year….for Pats fans LOLOL Cheers from Foxborough ….See y’all again sooooon 😉

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